Former M players tweet during OSU

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Former Wolverines tweet on Game


Several former Michigan players used Twitter to express themselves during the 37-7 loss to Ohio State. Among those who tweeted were Jay Feely, Jamie Morris, Jonathan Goodwin, Steve Breaston and Desmond Howard. Feely, Breaston and former U-M players Alan Branch and Gabe Watson -- all currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals -- apparently watched the game together.

• @jayfeely: @SBreaston15, Branch, Gabe Watson all if us are beside ourselves watching this shell of what Michigan used to be.

• @JMorris23: We are the Best Big East in the Big Ten....... Bar none!!!

• @jgoody76: This just got even more disgusting. Is it time for a change?

• @SBreaston15: Yikes! Smh

• @desmond_howard As a Wolverine who NEVER lost 2 the Buckeyes, I think U should worry less about a tie and MORE about the product on the field. #wrongfocus



Its a shame our former players are out there saying this, but I guess I get it.



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"We haven't beaten a team in the B10, with a winning record in three years."

OK, but this stat can be misleading.  For example, this year there are precisely 3 teams in the Big Ten with a winning conference record - Wisconsin, OSU and MSU.  Those teams are currently ranked #4, #6 and #7, respectively, are all extraordinarily senior-laden teams, and Wisconsin and MSU have their best teams in decades.  We all recognize that Michigan is not currently a top ten team, and were not expected to be this year.  Should RR be fired for not doing something that nobody thought we would be doing this year?


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say anything about firing RR? he stated some facts that make the coach look bad and people snap back instantly.. it's not RR's fault..he should get 2 more years!


Heres a fact for you. If we were a good team and beat those 3.. none of them would break the top 10 ..MSU  and Wsconsin would be around #20 teams...


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And where did I say that he should get 2 more years?  We didn't have the horses to win when RR arrived.  He is neither blameless in the current state of the team, nor is he completely to blame.  Anybody saying otherwise is mistaken.

So, with regard to your "fact" - if we had beaten those three top-ten teams then we probably also would have beaten mediocre Iowa and PSU teams.  Holy crap, we should be undefeated!  RR should definitely go for taking this can't-miss national championship team to a 7-5 record.  The way they play it almost looks like we have a first year starter at QB and a ton of freshmen in the secondary . . . 


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but if Jay Feely wants to help the program, he can come back and give a kicking camp to our kickers.  Same goes for Desmond with our punt and kick returners.  If they want to see something change so freaking bad then come back and mentor some of these kids in the off-season and help make the program great again.  If they are gonna keep their knowledge to themselves and sit back and criticize then they're not much better than some of the posters on the board here.


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I am really getting tired of this shit from our explayers.

For all the talk about "Michigan Man" and the "Michigan Family" our explayers are setting a wonderful example for our fans.

I don't take much too seriously, but I love my family, and I love the University of Michigan. Everyone has problems in their family and everyone can relate to having family members that have let you down. So what do you do during that time?

Do you do what you can to help them succeed? Do you facilitate a positive environment for them? Or, do you voice your displeasure for kin and your enemies alike to hear?

The route some of our family members are taking is disturbing.


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And this is what I was talking about. Desmond is in the media now and has a stage and what is he doing? Taking shots etc.

Yes we are down, we have a young team and we won 7 games. But its time to rally not fall apart. Rich is our coach and the buck should stop there so I get the backlash on him. But somebody needs to step and ask how do we get better?


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and i am not trying to say that they should feel one way or another.

but if you are in a position of influence, air the criticism and displeasure behind closed doors. go speak to brandon, or reduce your donation...whatever you think you need to do.

no matter what you think, the end goal is for michigan to get better. if brandon thinks it's a new guy that will get it done then so be i.,  for now RR is the guy and until someone says otherwise people within the UofM family should do everything in their power to support our coaches and players.

guys that gave a lot to the program should understand more than anyone that our current players, who are also giving a lot, need the backing of former players. i'd like to see those explayers voice their displeasure to the faces of mike martin, denard, kovacs, and the other hundred good kids we have come to know on this team.

if we expect our players to; perform on the field, succeed in the classroom, be good citicizens, and represent the university well otherwise then I don't see why we can't expects our explayers to support the university in public.


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and you are better suited to say what they should or should not say, tweet, do, etc? Maybe they think that the best thing for the program is to facilitate a change. OR maybe they got caught up in the heat of another ass kicking like most of us? Whatever the reason, some middle age twit doesn't have the right to question their loyalty bc he bought a Michigan sweater or tickets. 


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players and they are just as displeased and have felt "shutout" of the family lately.  They are Bo's players.  You can't point fingers at the players who helped built the tradition of excellence and success when they see their Alma Mater slide to this level.  If hs kids looking at colleges truly ignore the tradition and history of the schools they are looking at and care only about the recent past, then this staff is likely relegated to 3-star recruits with a smattering of a 4-star here and there.  The few exceptions notwithstanding, that won't get it done in the BigTen; hence, the Spielman comment, " a bunch of backups at Indiana."


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speaking out when you feel things are taking a wrong turn.  The Michigan team that the ex-players watched yesterday is a far cry from what they were when they went to Columbus.  If they didn't care at all, which is a greater travesty, then they would say and do nothing.  Call it what you will, but this program is slipping and bordering on a ND type path.  ND has not been relevant for 15 years.


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I was yelling some harsh things at my TV around 2:00 PM that I regretted around 9:00 PM. That loss brought out a lot of anger. Fortunately, I don't have ten thousand followers. Those guys should think before they tweet, but I bet even the most staunch Rodriguez supporter was sending rage-texts to friends every time a Buckeye flashed his cute little 'O' gloves.


November 28th, 2010 at 11:38 AM ^

It's ok for the players to raise flags.  We are who we are until we get over the hump.  We all expect better.  This is truth.  But let's not do anything irrational as we move forward.  Let's make sure we build on what's in place.

Hopefully, we'll look back and say this was the bottom.


November 28th, 2010 at 11:50 AM ^

As much as I supported Rodriguez and what he was trying to do, the passage of time and the results on the field make me think the radical  route we took away from  playing winning football was unnecessary.

That is probably the crux of this. You can be interesting. It is cool. It beats boring. But you better win.


November 28th, 2010 at 4:55 PM ^

I think this is a normal state of affairs for a bunch of whiny people who don't understand the reality of the situation.

In other words, a number of people who played college football at Michigan understand the reality of running a college football program less than you, a random internet guy.  Right.


November 28th, 2010 at 11:51 AM ^

Haha, when this team isn't playing underclassemen at the majority of positions and wins 10 games next year with still a lot of experience to be gained they'll be right back on the bandwagon.  And I will laugh at them. 

Or the D and ST could suck it up again and we go 7-5 and RR gets fired.  Either way I don't think the former players have any clue whats going on in AA, they just see M being overmatched two weeks in a row and are frustrated about it just like we all are.  Unfortunately their ignorance isn't going to help us win and get the caliber of recruits that they were and that we need to compete with OSU.


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If they dont support our team....they aren't Michigan Men. our players are out there playing their hearts out. Rich Rod has handled himself with class throughout this. He has maintained disclipline with the players, not allowing any "show boating" or off field issues....he is the definition of a Michigan Man.  Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super J

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The only tweet I would respect if it came out is if Braylon came out and tweeted "Roundtree's lack of focus on saturday shows he is not yet worthy of #1 jersey."

That would be the truth.

Nick Sparks

November 28th, 2010 at 1:33 PM ^

Were any of these guys incredibly consistent or dependable as freshmen and sophomores?

You can take an all-star team of former wolverines as underclassmen and they'd probably lose to that buckeye team as well.

Judging these kids before they have a chance to grow up is kind of dick.

I'm willing to bet that a senior Roundtree doesn't drop those passes and that a senior Denard doesn't go his entire college career without a w against the bucks

Just my 2

Super J

November 29th, 2010 at 1:45 AM ^

When you announce to the world you want the #1 jersey you don't get to drop passes and still be in contention.  Yes he has more time to earn it but, it wont be wearing it next year.

Braylon missed the easy catches that didn't mean much.  He stepped up when the team needed him to do so.  That is why he had the #1 jersey.


November 28th, 2010 at 2:07 PM ^

These guys all played football at Michigan and we are just fans. They have something invested in this program and surely know their football. I feel like if they were frustrated before they probably kept it to themselves or at least spoke of it privately amongst each other. If they are so frustrated now that they will make their frustrations public, it really must be time for a change. Steve Breaston is one of the best players to put on a Winged Helmet and if he feels this way, man I have a hard time arguing against him.