Former M players tweet during OSU

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Former Wolverines tweet on Game


Several former Michigan players used Twitter to express themselves during the 37-7 loss to Ohio State. Among those who tweeted were Jay Feely, Jamie Morris, Jonathan Goodwin, Steve Breaston and Desmond Howard. Feely, Breaston and former U-M players Alan Branch and Gabe Watson -- all currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals -- apparently watched the game together.

• @jayfeely: @SBreaston15, Branch, Gabe Watson all if us are beside ourselves watching this shell of what Michigan used to be.

• @JMorris23: We are the Best Big East in the Big Ten....... Bar none!!!

• @jgoody76: This just got even more disgusting. Is it time for a change?

• @SBreaston15: Yikes! Smh

• @desmond_howard As a Wolverine who NEVER lost 2 the Buckeyes, I think U should worry less about a tie and MORE about the product on the field. #wrongfocus



Its a shame our former players are out there saying this, but I guess I get it.



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Desmond is entitled to his opinion, but he has not been in RR's camp since almost the beginning of RR's tenure. And I am not criticizing him for his opinion. He is knowledgeable (more so than me), but it is at the end of the day just his opinion.


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What did they say that could be construed as kicking us while we are down? I didn't think they said anything that could be categorized as unfair or malevolent. In fact,  I would say our performance yesterday was more of a kick in the gut to them than the other way around.

They are the ones that have literally bled and sweat for the school, sacrificing their bodies and becoming heroes to so many of us. Probably more than us, they expect greatness both on and off the field. If they want to express concern about the direction of the program, I will listen with all ears!


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that many who support Michigan feel, only perhaps more so because they played.  We are proud to be Michigan grads, and Michigan football contributes to that feeling.  I think the former players have, with the occasional exception, been extremely supportive, or at least restrained, about Rodriquez over the past couple of years.


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Former players publicly speaking out?  Hopefully we don't see the dreaded "They need to STFU!" come out for this thread.  These guys are showing what many of said for a long time now...It's ok to note problems with the team we all love. 

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Let's clarify terms here, sport.

The former players have every "right" to say any goddamned thing they want.  And then be held accountable for what they say.  It's a great, big, free-speech world.

The former players are not, I'd suggest, "entitled" to say whatever they want.  Ordinarily, absent a gift, you have to pay for "entitlement."  The current team, the current coaches; they have put in the work this season, they know what the progression has been.  They are "entitled."

One more thing:    All of this information was, you should know, pulled from  I don't care one way or another about positng Free Press content.  It's fine by me.  I like the OP and what he has done, personally.  (+1 for you, Wolverine 1987.)  But just remember that this tiny selection of 4-5 Tweets was selected by a Free Press staffer.  Edited, as it were, to Freep specifications. 

We, or at least I, have no idea what Twitter-feeds were examined.  Wanna bet that some low-level sports staffer worked for several hours to pluck the few most inflammatory Tweets he could find in the entire blogosphere, from the most recognizable names that might appeal to readers?  


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... sport.

Ordinarily, absent a gift, you have to pay for "entitlement." (Source: Section 1)

No, by definition, you do not pay for entitlements:

An entitlement is a guarantee of access to benefits based on established rights or by legislation. (Source: Wikipedia)


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These tweets were from the horses mouth and unchanged.  Each of those tweets showed up around the start of the 3rd qtr yesterday.  I was a little heartbroken that the former players were actually calling for a change out in the open like that.  I believe they have the right to say what they want but as former players and potential boosters to the program, there is a time and place to hang your alma mater out to dry.  I was happy to see that Braylon didn't float something out there derogatory to the program.  He and his family did go see the movie "Faster" yesterday though for all those interested.  I did see a few of our very own contributors to the board dance on the edge of the OP listed tweets.

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I never meant to imply that the Freep edited the content of the Tweets.  That would be an outrageous and inconceivable act of linguistic vandalism, so in the case of the Freep we probably have to be clearer about that.

No; what I meant to suggest was that of all the Tweets, from all the "former players," in all the gin-joints -- the Freep staff picked these five.


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There is no way in hell the desmond just happened to wear a red freaking tie way.  He is NOT happy with the program right now, and hasn't really been subtle about it either.

I'm not totally sure where i am about the coach for next year, but one great thing about a new coach would be ditching all this M hate in the media, and get some of these former guys back on board a bit.


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just because they are pissed and voice their opinion, doesn't make them traitors from the program.  it would be great to have all these recent  players on board, and be vocal in their support.  herbie is a tuos slappy, and everyone knows that.  desmond is our face in the major media, and it sucks that he isn't outwardly supportive


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I know Desmond isn't thrilled about losing.  But, I think on gamday he actually was one of the people advocating that a coach needs 4-5 years to get his players and system in place.  I think Herbie disagreed with him.  I may be wrong, I did do alot of drinking so everything but the score of the Game is fuzzy.


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It wasn't your drinking. Desmond stated, although not specifically, that a coach needed to have his players in place, with experience, before he could be judged on how well, or not well, his program and system would be.

I have no problem with people criticizing aspects of the program that are definitively within RR's control. The special teams is one area that needs addressing. The only part of the special teams that seemed to improve over the course of the season was punting(yesterday can be overlooked as our punter was held out). The FG kicking never got better, and one could say, was never very good since he's been here. The return games should be much better than they are, given the speedy athletes we have.

I do, however, have a problem with people dumping on RR as a coach when the offense has improved, and has the potential to be tops not only in the B10, but nationally as well. I do have a problem with people dumping on RR as a coach when the defense, which has had to start inexperienced and non-recruited players because of injuries and transfers(which no one should necessarily hold over RR's head since none of us know the real reasons for the transfers), and the non-improvement of other players on the team while other players in the same positions have improved(Campbell vs Martin and RVB). I do have a problem when people are dumping on RR for those things, and then pulling a ND fan favorite in believing that bringing in the latest, greatest "hot" coach will magically solve all of the team's ills, completely discounting the real progress of the team and the potential, under RR to be a dominant program again in cfb for years to come.

The defense, as shown by the first half yesterday, will be better with more depth and experience. The offense, as shown by it's ability to move the ball on everyone this season, including some of the best B10 defenses, will be one of the better offenses in all of cfb when the youthful mistakes are no longer made. Given both of those, and with the recruiting that will allow us to "reload" and not "rebuild", we WILL be a top team for quite a while. I'd rather give the coach the BOD this season, given the flashes of brilliance the team has shown at times, rather than 'Hope" that bringing in another coach, whether it's Harbaugh or anyone else, can turn the team completely around in a year. That is the ND fan's viewpoint. They want it all, right now, without having to work towards greatness.

To all those who wish to make a change now, think of this:  With RR, we could have a very, very good team next year, based on O and D improvement and resemble what Oregon's team is this year, or.........the team doesn't improve like it's thought to(although stats from O during RR's tenure tell otherwise) and we end up nearly the same as this year.


We take Harbaugh, if he would come, and we end up nearly in the same boat as we've been the past 3 years due to changing O philosophy, and maybe he has the same issues with the D that RR has had with transfers, injuries and players not developing. Then, if we are still a middling B10 team after 3 years of Harbaugh, what do we do then? Remember, RR had a history of turning programs into very good teams too before he came here, so to say that the same issues couldn't plague Harbaugh, as did RR, is not looking at things very objectively.

My dad always told me that, "the grass isn't always greener". What that means is that what can look good, doesn't always mean that it will be.


November 28th, 2010 at 12:53 PM ^

Thanks.  At one point this morning, I was getting ready to go to work, thought it was Monday.  I agree with most of what you said.  I don't think we know how long it would take for Harbaugh to turn things around.  You are certainly correct about the grass is greener statement. 

I just don't think it's Harbaugh or bust.  I want to get it right this time if we do let Coach Rod go.  I always thought he should get 4 years, the faith was shaken yesterday though.  As for Harbaugh, no matter what people say, I think he is a excellent coach, I just can't stand him outside of football.


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the last 3 years, I want a coach who our opponents can't stand, because of the way his team plays and how he kicks their butts on the field.  The state of the program now is at an all time low.  We haven't beaten a team in the B10, with a winning record in three years.  I absolutely HATE the way now Sparty fans spout off about how they want "RR around for many years to come" and how Buckeye fans have gotten to the point of "feeling sorry" about the state of our program. 

I was "All in" for coach RR for the last 3 years.  I have been more involved and excited about the direction of our program the last couple of years, since I was a student at Mich back in 90'.  But my faith in his ability to lead this program out of this mess, has been slowly beaten out of me.

I want a program who is respected (and feared) by our opponents, for the way they play the game.  It is going to take a significant amount of change in attitude / philosophy and performance next year, if RR is that guy. 

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is to be at Spartan Stadium next year, after a very big Michigan win, standing at the North end of their stadium where players and coaches exit, and loudly asking all of the Spartan coaches, very much up close and personal, if that was a win that they were 'happy to see Rich Rod get, so that he'd be kept around for the future.'

I guess we just have different goals and dreams.

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Especially in the context of Rich Rodriguez, wherein we've had alums like Mike Rosenberg concocting a story to turn us in to the NCAA;

Where we've seen Board-Certified Specialists in Selfishness like former Wolverine Braylon Edwards take potshots at Rodriguez in the press;

And where we've had thousands upon thousands of so-called fans join in the torch-and-pitchfork parade led by the media.

It's really ironic -- you don't seem to see that the current position of the press has been, that they have made Rich Rodriguez's job as difficult as they possibly could make it, and now they are criticizing him for not having done better at that job. 

I didn't start the shit with the MSU assistant coach(es).  Just like James Rogers didn't start the shit with Chris Spielman over Jordan Kovacs.


November 28th, 2010 at 4:11 PM ^

I know you hate the Freep.  Your feelings are very clear there.  They have, at times, merited your scorn.

All I can say is that at some point, you'll need to drop the "media is out to get him" stuff or you're going to lose your mind.  The media isn't leading the "parade"; RichRod is.  If he beat (or even came close to beating) quality competition, the media wouldn't be able to write the story they do now.  It's not their fault that our defense is terrible, our special teams a nightmare and our offense unable to score against the big boys.  


November 29th, 2010 at 7:55 AM ^

My dream is to see Michigan PWN MSU again and Rich gives us that best chance. It is too bad you RR supporters with RR fans. FYI RR != RR fan. We just realize there are many variables that have led to the current situation and dumping the HC is not the best course of action. 


November 28th, 2010 at 3:18 PM ^

that Illinois was 5-3 at the time we beat them this season.  However, to be fair, I think the point of the post is that Michigan has failed to beat a B10 team that has had a winning B10 record during RR's tenure.  In 2008, neither Wisconsin nor Minnesota finished with winning B10 records; last year Indiana did not finish with a winning B10 record; and this year Illinois finished with a 4-4 record in the B10 -- that's the best  B10 record of any of the B10 teams that RR has beaten.  The stat that gives me the shakes is that during the last 3 years Mark D'Antonio has 2 B10 wins at Michigan Stadium.  RR has 3.