Griese vs. Brady

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Let me start out by saying that maybe this is a ridiculously dumb question but I have to ask. Which makes you happier/gives you more joy/keeps you going, having a National Championship Winning QB like Brian Griese or an NFL Super Bowl Winning QB like Tom Brady graduate from/play at your school. Now before you cut me up in the bathtub and drop me in the dump Purple Gang style (Detroit 1-8-7 anyone) for this blasphemy let me say a few things that might level the playing field just a tad. First: College careers are 4 playing years long, while NFL careers can go on forever (at least Favre thinks so). Second: The NFL is followed all over the country, even in forgotten places like Montana and Alaska (I assume) whereas college fan bases consist mostly of alums, students and those who live in college-centric places like the south. Third: If you are a Lions fan or Michiganian/Michigander having a guy like Tom Brady to root for helps ease the pain of watching the Lions (although since Millen left they have started to look competent...that is so weird). Fourth: Although I am not a big live through someone else type of guy, Brady bagging Gisele has to make any Michigan Man stand up a little straighter. Fifth: Being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame is arguably the pinnacle moment in the sport, commemorating your achievements for life and Brady is a lock. Soooo...what do you all think?



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Brady is having a hell of a career but Griese was very underrated as a QB. I always wondered what would have happened if Lovie Smith had woken up and let him play in the SB over Grossman.


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Griese = National Champion

Griese has never shown any negative vibes towards the school.

Brady = great NFL quarterback

Brady has major chip on his shoulder towards Michigan.

Griese wins in a landslide.

Bill in Birmingham

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What exactly is Brady's chip on his shoulder? If you're talking about Coach Carr giving Henson his promised minutes when Brady was clearly better, I don't blame Brady for feeling let down about that, but I have never seen him be overt about that. Is there something else you're referring to?


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Brady said like in 07 that he still taped Michigan Replay and it was the first thing he watched when he got home from his game on Sunday. I haven't seen any evidence of him holding a grudge against Coach Carr or Michigan. I have heard him compliment the competition at the school at QB and how it made everyone better.

Surely his experience served as a motivator towards his pro success too.  He is known as one of the most dilligent workers in the league.

It is funny to think that Brady might get negged like crazy by many on this board because he recently described seasons where Michigan isn't beating OSU as a "waste".


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Disagree with OP regarding TB having a major chip on his shoulder against UM.  He donates an autographed item every year to the Kineseology Dept Pat Maloy Scholarship Auction - Brady's autograph is virtually impossible to get, he doen't do them as a rule.  He's made it very clear (read his book) that the competition with Henson at Michigan and how he came through that mentally was the major contributor to his professional success and he appreciates how LC handled him when he was frustrated by it.  He was a part of the "reunion" down in Miami last December when LC was there to watch the Henne-Brady battle as Mr Ross' guest, up in the box after the game with all the UM alum players on Pats & Fins.  Tom Brady carries no chips on his shoulder against UM - let's get that fantasy debunked immediately.



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Well, we know YOUR vote. But I'm not sure just for what. I get the what makes you happier/gives you more joy/keeps you going part but. . . having one or the other of these two graduate from my school???

I'd say that Brady keeps the fires lit, but I wouldn't give away that championship for Brady, or anything. I was living in San Francisco, traipsing down to the same tiny Little Italy bar filled with other M grads each week to watch, and completely in love with that team. Lloyd was my Abraham Lincoln, the coolest coach in America. And I was insanely proud of my Michigan degree and roots. 


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So I'll go with that one.

But I'm all for the greater glory of Brady. I'd like to have the greatest QB of all time play at our school.  Can do anything but help recruiting, which will lead to more of the first thing.