Griese vs. Brady

Submitted by MGolem on November 18th, 2010 at 12:18 AM

Let me start out by saying that maybe this is a ridiculously dumb question but I have to ask. Which makes you happier/gives you more joy/keeps you going, having a National Championship Winning QB like Brian Griese or an NFL Super Bowl Winning QB like Tom Brady graduate from/play at your school. Now before you cut me up in the bathtub and drop me in the dump Purple Gang style (Detroit 1-8-7 anyone) for this blasphemy let me say a few things that might level the playing field just a tad. First: College careers are 4 playing years long, while NFL careers can go on forever (at least Favre thinks so). Second: The NFL is followed all over the country, even in forgotten places like Montana and Alaska (I assume) whereas college fan bases consist mostly of alums, students and those who live in college-centric places like the south. Third: If you are a Lions fan or Michiganian/Michigander having a guy like Tom Brady to root for helps ease the pain of watching the Lions (although since Millen left they have started to look competent...that is so weird). Fourth: Although I am not a big live through someone else type of guy, Brady bagging Gisele has to make any Michigan Man stand up a little straighter. Fifth: Being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame is arguably the pinnacle moment in the sport, commemorating your achievements for life and Brady is a lock. Soooo...what do you all think?



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As best I could see, he tried to sell his Wisconsin tickets via the spreadsheet but his listing was deleted (whether user error or what, I don't know), so he posted a Board thread to try and sell his tickets, which was removed and he was docked thousands of points. He then melted down, hijacking threads to post FUs all over the Board, including one epic series of one-word serial comments, leaving him vulnerable to massive negs -- for a while he was losing maybe 100 points a minute and went well into negative numbers. Then all his comments disappeared and he was gone, banhammered. Since he has a long user history and he had thousands of points, I expect they'll let him back on once he cools off, assuming he wants to.


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To say he was fired up would be an understatement.  Tim negbombed him to 0.  Then he went on the epic tirade and it all fell apart from there.  It was quite entertaining until the mods layed down the banhammer and deleted everything.

I think Tim should have only docked 1000, if that.  I know he has a long history, so at least say "hey dude, rules apply to you too, use Facebook, stubhub, or craigslist if you can't sell them here" and be done with it.  If he posts it again, then lay down the law.


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When did this happen?  He had some good thoughts and was around forever.  He was a little high strung.  I was on the board yesterday but had some meetings, but I didn't notice any of this in any threads.  I checked his profile this morning.  He is still there with -10 points and no comments.  Kid had like 10k points.

Guess he really needed to sell those tickets.


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I only know about it because he hijacked my little UW-IU thread. That was at 11:54 AM. He immediately started ranting -- I remember he was at +57 points when I first noticed it, and literally a minute later (after I completed an obligatory, "No, fuck you!" reply) he was at -47. Since he didn't lose all those points in my thread, I went looking to see what was going on and found him running around throwing bombs all over the place. Ten minutes later, he and all his posts were gone.

Tim's comment in the moderator-action thread was at 11:33 AM, as follows:

2 tickets to Michigan Wisconsin. Ticket sticky. Also removed thread-making level of mgopoints, since the user basically said "I know there's a sticky thread, but I don't care because I'm a unique and special snowflake."

I'll guess the -10 is what the moderators think is fair as a starting point when he is reinstated.

I think Tim should have waited for him to post a second thread on his tickets before docking him 10,000 points or whatever it must have been. Just remove the thread, make a snarky comment in the moderator-action thread, and move on.


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Thanks Rasmus, appreciate it.  I just want to make sure I know what not to do.

I saw his ticket selling request, then I made some comments in other threads and then had some meetings.  Came back right after my meetings and didn't notice anything funny when checking thru some threads.  All this because of some tickets. 

I can't blame Tim for throwing down the hammer.  I always feel people should be given second chances.  He clearly was not a troll.  He did have some anger issues but who doesn't. 

Damn those work meetings.


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"college centric places like the south".


Griese. I would choose a NC over a good pro career any day. It is not as if Brady is particularly close to any Michiganders other than Lloyd...




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Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Arkansas do not have professional teams (I realize neither do Alaska and Montana) but they do have big time, cocktail partying/pig roastin/sun dress wearin college football, slanting their interests more in that direction. I ask the question mostly because of the Patriots vs. Colts battle coming up and the feelings of hatred I have for the Colts and all of the Manning obsessed in general.


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As a Colts/Manning-hating Patriots fan of the most zealous variety, i see we share the same sentiments.  After scheduling this game in Indy for what seems like the last 10 seasons in a row, the Pats finally get the Colts on home turf.  Can't wait for this one - especially when all of M Nation be in such a great mood after we slip by Wisky on Saturday. 



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Did anyone feel more proud of Ty Law in the early 2000s than they did Charles Woodson (Woodson was NOT productive as a corner before he moved to Green Bay)? I doubt anyone even considered it. And I'm not sure what Tom Brady bagging what ever her name has to do with Michigan.


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A-Train, you're wrong about Woodson not being productive before Green Bay:  "In his first season with Oakland, Woodson was selected as the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year by the Associated Press. He was named to the Pro Bowl and earned All-Pro recognition three consecutive times (1999-2001). "  (Wikipedia)  It's true that he battled injuries over the next couple years, but he was good in Oakland, too.


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1. Nothing to do with Michigan; 2. everything to do with the typical ego-driven athlete (and I happen to like Brady and want him to succeed); 3. hard to believe that anyone in the 21st century would even use the word to describe a human relationship.

Frankly, Brady's escapades make him look like a hormone-slave.


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Hey man, I'm pretty conservative when it comes to my viewpoint on such things too... but they are married, and have been for a few years now.  I think it's a little beyond an "escapade" by now.