The day after. Any new feelings or thoughts?

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Looking back at the game I see a lot of positives but none of those can be seen on defense. The offense played well once again and Denard did what he does. I would've liked to have seen more Hopkins, especially on that 3rd and 1 on the first drive, but that was not to be. Another huge plus was that we made our only FG attempt and Hagerup began his stranglehold on kickoff duties with a tremendous effort (love ya coach Carr).

              The defense obviously sucks not only for an FBS school but FCS as well (see UMASS). If they could have stopped PSU more often ( I think we only stopped them once??) then we would've scored three more times. The offense rocks and the defense sucks. That is as simplistic as one can make it. In other news today is Halloween and parties are plentiful with girls wearing naughty costumes. As an added bonus enjoy this awesome youtube:p>



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your reasoning seems to go as follows:

"offense = good, and hence RR is responsible; defense = band, and hence some one else must be responsible."

I thought we hired a head coach, but apparently we really hired an offensive coordinator, who cannot be held accountable for the performance of the defense. I wish we had head coach.


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We didn't have trouble scoring

I disagree.  We scored one TD on four drives in the first half and found ourselves down 31-10 after PSU took the ball in the 2nd half.  Our vaunted offense went three-and-out on the first drive, thanks in part to a poor decision on 3rd and short.

Granted, our offense did very well to get us back in the game in the 2nd half.  But you simply can't play from behind every game, not with this defense.  You literally need to score every drive.  You need to start the game with the same urgency that you showed in the 2nd half.


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There's no doubt IL will be scoring 30 or more points on our D.  I just hope the offense can step it up a bit.  IL will be keying on DROB' s running so I hope he can pass well. We really need this win at home.  I wouldn't want to put everything on trying to win against Purdue on the road. WI will probably beat us at home by 10 or more points.  I don't even want to think about the OSU game in Columbus .  I'm in favor of keeping RR for at least one more season even if we lose all our remaining games.  Though, I'm beginning to wonder if or when this defense will ever transform into a good defense. I don't really see the athletes for a great defense...may be serviceable as a mid-level b10 defense.  The offense will probably become unstoppable in the next year or two.


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Last night was possibly the most excruciatingly painful loss of the RR era. A game many, if not all, of us expected to win and we fall behind 28-10. I found myself calling for RR to be fired to get Harbaugh in here already. But today I woke up and the sun was shining and it was a great morning. 

As I sat there looking out over the hills of South Dakota I examined why I reacted last night the way I did. I came to the conclusion that I have a weird attachment to RR and his success. I want RR to succeed so badly and it literally hurts when it appears he won't. I cannot explain this attachment, but it is there. RR came in here with the fan base split, part of them never wanting him in Ann Arbor and others thrilled with the hire, the media having an agenda against him, and then practice gate. I want RR to succeed so he can tell everyone who did not believe in him to fuck off (even though that will never happen). I wanted him to succeed so that Michigan could claim that we again changed the big ten forever, by proving the spread could work.

This morning I think all of that is still possible. RR can still prove those against him wrong, the spread is working, and my attachment is still there. I am firm believer that coaches should get 5 years minimum to build a program. This allows his first recruiting class to be redshirt seniors before the final judgement comes. I still believe this. RR should be given another 2 years. Greg Robinson is not the right man for the job.

So all this too say that I am sticking with RR but not with Greg Robinson. It is nauseating to sit there and watch the defense get gashed time and again by the same damn play. Yes the defense is young but atleast attack. Hell if you make a mistake and score atleast it leaves more time for our offense to score. 


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Last nigght I wanted the whole coaching staff fired.  Rod included.  Today, I just want the entier defensive coaching staff fired.  Greg Robinson included, and Tony Gibson getting a swift kick in the nuts on his way out the door.


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I was very pessimistic last night, and I'm still pessimistic - but that little part of me that wants to believe points out that we still need to take it one week at a time, one game at a time, and finish strong. Let's not eulogize the Rich Rod era just yet.  Crazier things have happened than a 5-3 team beating another 5-3 team at home. So I'm still believing.


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No sense trying to talk people off that bandwagon. I have heard Jim's name from 4 different fans today.   When you look at what he has done there and really study how he built his coaching career to this point, you can't help but be impressed. Same with Rich and his pre-Michigan background.

It is worth remembering  that this is his year 4 and every situation is different. But it is also worth remembering that he took over a 1, not a 9 win team. In his first year, he promptly beat the best team in the country on it's home field with a 40 point underdog squad. He is also regarded as one of the more creative play callers in the Pac 10.  On and on, the more you read, the prouder you are of him.

But we have a very good coach.

Quieting the Harbaugh thing will only be accomplished by showing something more than productivity during desperate comebacks these last 4 games.  Pissed off as people seem to get when he is brought up on here, Jim Harbaugh is the shiny new sports car you long to drive convinced that your present ride is out of date.   It is human nature to want the next gadget.

After last night, people are way more justified in day dreaming a little. But no way are they wrong to think that maybe Harbaugh could do the job here.


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I know that there are some fumble problems with Hopkins, but damn, the kid doesn't get less than 3 yards. I think they need to rep him more to deal with the fumbles.


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My anger would have subsided, if I didn't wake up to the post game presser and reading Mouton saying that tired fucking excuse "we're going to watch film, find the mistakes, and correct them".  If you guys do that this week and actually correct anything it will be the first time all season.  I think when he says they watch film they just watch those old NFL Films blooper reels or some shit.


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One thing that surprised me with the bye week was that we seemed to add nothing to the game plan except actually kicking a successful field goal. I'm talking anything else that would fool our opponent. Reverses, flee flickers, option passes, fake kicks -nothing. Please don't say we are saving those for OSU.


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That 3rd and 20 or whatever it was... that Mcgloin, AKA Dan Marino completed... broke me. I am not going to get angry or frustrated anymore... no good comes from it. Yelling at the tv the last few weeks, has not helped this team improve. Either the team rallies and saves RR, or we will have a new HC. I am just going to root for the team, because like all of  you... I love Michigan. I will hope for the best, and see what happens.


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I'm in a really weird place.  I was at the game last night, and was really taken aback by the aggressiveness of the FIRE RR fans.  I don't know how I feel about anything right now, but the "We want Harbaugh!" chant eminating from the Michigan section in which I stood in the third quarter was absolutely in poor taste. The long drive back to Detroit gave me a lot of time to think things over, but I really don't feel any better.  I want so badly for this to work out, but I am certain that there are components to this that are inherently broken, and at some point that has to fall on the head coach.  In short, it all just really makes my stomach hurt.  We've been through so very much these past three years that we're becoming a little shell-shocked. I thought I'd feel better today, but I don't, and I don't know what will make me feel better.

I'm back home now passing out candy and the kids are digging my block M pumpkin, so there's that.  Hang in there guys.