Was Lloyd all in for Michigan?

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Bo to Mo, Mo to Lloyd, Lloyd to RR......BEEEEEEEEEEP!  That's when it falls apart!  Look at the line of Michigan coaches from to Bo to RR.  All these coaches have one thing in common except one!  3 of the 4 aformention abrieviations above was given a program pretty well equipped.  In fact one of them garnerned a national championship with the players recruited by MO!  But where did "champion" leave the program?  In utter shambles!  Ok, Carr fans, lets all get fired up and yell and scream and moan!  "Lloyd is a great guy", "Lloyd is a class act"....Lloyd was someone who new he was done coaching Michigan football in 2005 when we went 7-5 and lost to UN in whatever bowl that was.  Lloyd stopped recruiting!  Look it up smart guys!  Mallet, Warren......???????????  Great class Lloyd!  A buddy and I talked this over tonight!  You want someone to blame, do not blame rich rod, blame Lloyd!  He was bitter, he was sour, and he was angry that he did not get JoePa treatment.  As far as I am concerned the only names in Michigan football that deserves JoePa treatment are Yost, Crisler, and Schembachler!  Carr left this program in the toilet!  He knew he didnt recruit, and bailed like Pete Carrol did......Smite all you want stone age Michigan fans but look up the facts!  Michigans issues with TALENT is hiding behind a mythical, nieve fans desperate effort to hang on to BO!  This is CARR's fault! 



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A house divided will never stand.


I simply hate the division in our fans right now.  When they need us most this Saturday, half of the fans in that stadium are going to boo when Rich Rod's name is announced, probably 1/4 will stay on the fence and do nothing, and 1/8 won't cheer out of fear.  The last 1/8 will be too busy talking on their cell phones or discussing something that has nothing to do with football.


Lets quit trying to find someone to blame.  There are plenty of reasons for the why's and how Michigan is where it is.  Surprisingly, alot of it can be found right here in this blog.


Just cheer for Michigan like you always have.


PS If you're going to the game this Saturday just to spend 3 hours bitching about RR, please just stay home and give your ticket to someone who will really appreciate how amazing it is to be in that  stadium cheering on the maize and blue.  (I'm talking to you old dude who sits 2 rows in front me.  Yes, you, please shut up)



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We tailgate on the row of cars directly in front of Chrysler and next to where the Victors Walk occurs.  I'm guessing the team (and even Rich) will get loud support from at least that group next Saturday.  Or at least I will.


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1. Punctuation and paragraph breaks are your friends.  Even at 4 a.m., after a crushing loss to a seemingly inferior team.  Especially with hallowed words like, say, Schembechler.

2. Spell-checking (or proofreading) is, too.

3. At what point do we move away from the "Lloyd left the cupboard bare" meme?  If you argue that he left us with no offensive talent, I would counter that RR has done his best to rectify that.  And even succeeded, to a point.

Lloyd shares some of the blame.  And so does Rod.  You can support the coach, but I suspect apologists are going to start losing support in these parts over the next week.

And now that my eyes have stopped bleeding, I'll call it a night.


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the Seniors and 5th year Senior who aren't on the field playing, because we have none, are out of the program.


Thats when  Carr can no longer be partially culpable in this defensive mess.  Its been pointed out many times what a complete miss his last two recruiting classes were on defense.


Its not the whole problem, but it is a big part of it.


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all the seniors and 5th year senoirs are out of the program (except Woolfolk). RichRod plays a roll in the fact that he recruited defensive players who could not qualify academically. Do you think he would have been better off recruiting players who might actually be on the team right now? Have you noticed that every year the defense has less Lloyd Carr recruits, and every year the defense is a little worse. I submit to you that the 2008 and the 2009 defense would have been sufficient to win last night.


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Designer drugs that play off our fears. I knew after state got smashed and notre dame became notre dame, I knew it would end bad for us. That's just how it works right now. Embrace the pain your foes have felt. It won't last long.


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His 27 years of  coaching at Michigan were merely a clever ruse to bring us down.  1997 national championship was all part of his plan for having our defense suck in 2010.


ND Sux

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Sick and tired of the Lloyd bashers on this board.  Lloyd owes me nothing.  He kept the program clean, maintained the bowl streak, won a conference championship every third year or so, and oh by the way a NC.  He was a great influence on thousands of young men, and REMAINS a pillar of the community.  Ask any of his players about Lloyd the coach, or Lloyd the man.  Then kindly go fuck yourself and buy some ND stuff.   

The cupboard was hardly bare.  It WAS bare with respect to players RR needed to run HIS style of offense.  That's not Lloyd's fault.  It's not like Martin told Lloyd to start recruiting dual-threat QB's back in 2006 in anticipation of the change.  Ryan Mallet was the highest rated recruit EVER landed at Michigan, at ANY position.  The D had plenty of top athletes - go back and check your 2007 M Football Preview Mag.  BG graduated, Warren left early, there were other early departures and injuries (TW).  Arrington left early after the Florida gem. 

Lloyd owes me NOTHING as a fan, but I see you're still getting some use out of him as a scapegoat. 


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Perceptions can shift fast with two wins and these next two games are very winnable.  We're talking a full third of the season still to play.   The coaching situation will be reviewed after the full body of work is in for this season. 

These guys are playing really hard and want to do well.   Love to see them make a bowl.


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Lloyd was a good coach and his players loved him. But in order to fully understand and measure him as a coach you need to look at Michigan following the 2000 season, that is when the vast majority of the Moeller talent had it's last year. It's 2001 if you are counting the 1995 Gary Moeller class redshirts. Once you remove the Moeller talent, Lloyd doesn't look better. Michigan football from 2002 on is not what it should have been.

Bando Calrissian

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Come.  On.  Not what it should have been?

Are you forgetting the 8 New Years Day bowl games Lloyd Carr coached in after the 2000 season, including 3 Rose Bowls?  A sniff away from the national championship in 2006?

Stop throwing Lloyd under the bus to justify Rich Rodriguez.  The original post is bad enough, but takes like this are even worse.

Bando Calrissian

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If we're going to play that game to determine how great a coach was, how many bowl games did Bo win?  

I'm guessing you were one of those people who were constantly trying to shove Lloyd Carr out the door because routinely winning 9+ games a year wasn't good enough.  I'm just trying to rectify how these same people now are staunchly defending a coach who can't routinely win 6 or 7. 

A better question is how many bowl games has Rich Rodriguez won? 

ND Sux

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Let's see.  In 2006 we went into Columbus #2 playing against #1 Suckeyes.  Yes we lost, but in one of the best UM / OSU games I can recall.  Our guys played well and only lost by three on the road.  Then yes we lost the Rose Bowl to a very good USC team.  Point is we were within shouting distance of the NC without a single Moeller player on the roster.   


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In answer to your question: Yes, Lloyd Brady was all in for Michigan. Not only did he travel to Happy Valley to get his usual front row seat but he looked terribly sad with how we were playing.  That was the Lloyd you were referring to, right?


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In no way am I taking a shot at coach Rodriguez, but lets go back to when coach Carr announced he would be stepping down...

Had Michigan hired/promoted someone from within, and the offensive scheme remained the same, there is a VERY good chance that in 2008 (3-9) we would have been playing with Manningham, Arrington, Mallett, Boren.......  Now I'm not saying we'd be world beaters but 7-5 or 8-4 plus a bowl game would have been very attainable, likewise in 2009 I feel that with a Junior QB in Mallett we once again wouldn't have dominated anything but probably finished in the 8-4 range...

So were we missing some talent?  Yes. But was it enough to shoot us down to 8 wins over 2 years?  Not necessarily.  It was combined with the new offense installed with way way way too many new players.

I don't think coach Carr mailed anything in...  Maybe he realized himself that he just wasn't getting it done recruiting over his last  two seasons and knew he should be stepping down.

So what it comes down to, is getting through a few more 8-4 seasons before everything would have blown up in our face (probably right about this season). Or seeing where we are at right now.  Our offense is very very good, with a quarterback who has only started 8 games.  Our defense will get better, whether its scheme or players, it will get better and our offense is improving.

No need to blame Carr, no need to blame Rodriguez.  Lets get a couple more wins and win a bowl game and keep improving on this for next season!