Monte Kiffin is UNACCEPTABLE

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No doubt, Gerg's track record with this ridiculously young and outclassed defense has been bad, but surely another defensive coordinator could fix the problem.

Look at Monte Kiffin for example: He is widely known as one of the best DC's in all of football, and he went to USC with Lane.  Here, they also have a very young and inexperienced secondary where they have been tearing it u.... oh never mind.  They have the 4th worst pass defense in the country with USC talent.  Surely, if the "we're Michigan" argument stands, then the "we're USC" argument should be even stronger considering the recruiting of recent years.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  For everyone screaming about how "wins speak for themselves" I hope you have fun in your little shelter of comfort, knowing that a new coach could come in and give us a quick fix.

The fact of the matter is this:  

-We have one of the most statistically impressive offenses in the country, even after facing a top ten defense today

- Molk, Martin, and Denard all went down today and we still moved the ball and got some key stops.

-The last two losses have been to strong teams

-Most of you would have been thrilled with 5-2 at this point if you would have been asked in September

-You knew the defense was going to suck immensely.  Why is it suddenly a surprise?



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Only caveat . . . I want to see more focus on recruiting LB & secondary. I will blame RR somewhat for not doing a better job there. Even if you don't blame him for Demar & Turner and Cissoko, let alone Woolfolk and Warren, I still think the LB corps has been lousy. The team must have several good recruiting classes for things to really turn around.


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I posted this yesterday.  Are you aware that RichRod's first full class ('08 snake oil excepted) is in its second year (redshirt freshmen / true sophomores)?

I think it's too early to blame him for defensive recruiting.  Try again next year at this time.

At that point, I'm sure we'll slam him (justifiably) for the lack of CBs in the '09 class.  (Turner seemed destined to grow into a safety and Witty was possibly just bait for Denard.)  Not getting any DTs was bad, too.


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They really liked Witty, if he was possible bait they wouldnt have tried to get him again in the winter.  When he didnt qualify for UM standards RR gave his friend a recommendation to look into this guy and is responsible for Witty getting a school and education.


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Complaining on message boards is UNACCEPTABLE. You must all BE CONTENT and cite VALID REASONS for losing, point out we actually won (YARDAGE), refer to someone else's PRESEASON EXPECTATIONS or you are no longer a MGOBLOG MAN. 


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"You knew the defense was going to suck"

No, I expected it to be bad.  To me, suck is past bad.  Somewhere past suck is wretched.

I'm hoping for a defense that sucks right now, but they're dangerously close to being wreteched. 105/120 in total defense:


Maybe I was being overly optimistic, but the defense took a tremendous retrograde step that surprised me.   I figured the front 6 would improve some even w/ BG gone, what with Roh adding muscle along with RVB, Martin being a beast, and Ezeh and Mouton being seniors.  I figured a 2nd year with a coordinator would allow the defense to understand thier assignments better.   There was much talk in the spring about how GERG said they simplified the D and communication between players and coaches was improved.

Once Woolfolk went down I knew the D would be bad, but like I said, just how bad it is was a surprise.  The D literally can't stop anyone.  Maybe PSU.

What is genuinely frustrating is that the defense cannot compensate for any mistakes by the offense.   We have to score, every time we have the ball, or we're toast.



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And look at the last few games when are defense actually gets stops our offense decides to sputter.  up 7-0 we get another defensive stop and can't march down and score like our high powered offense should.  Iowa gets ball back and our defense can't make the stop.  same thing happened against MSU



Mi Sooner

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but, i thought that the d was better yesterday than it has been all year.  Yes, it isn't good, but all things being relative, they had their best outing for this year.  The offense and special teams let them down yesterday.  Whether it was kicking the ball out of bounds on KO's or the too nurmerous turnovers, iowa got the ball with fairly short fields too many times yesterday.


If we are going to harp on something from yesterday, it whould be the special team play, or rather, lack thereof.


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exactly when Demens was in the first 2 iowa drives, we shit all over their run attempts.. then Iowa's third drive, huge hole opens up and robinson runs for like 15 yards..


On the replay, who just stood their and got blocked? o ya Ezeh, i don't know why they took out demens, but ezeh looked pathetic


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I know this was a common belief, but for it to be accurate it presupposes, among other things, that RVB is an impact player. I've never been able to figure out why so many think he is any better than guys like Jeremy Van Alstyne or Grant Bowman or Norman Heuer. Workmanlike, serviceable, dedicated, but only very rarely will he make significant plays on his own.


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I figured after 6 games our corners would know they can't let a WR release to the inside when there's no safety help.  Especially when we have their O on their heels and we're mounting a comeback.

I figured after 3 years of "Barwisizing", 300lb 5 star recruits wouldn't get pancaked on an important FG attempt.  Is it a reverse-pancake when the DLineman blasts the blocker back on his ass?

I figured our kicker would be able to control his kicks and not sent them out of bounds at critical times.  Or ANY TIME for that matter.

I figured our head coach wouldn't try to decline a dead ball foul.

I figured our coach could possibly control his emotions and not say "FUCK" so many times that was easily picked up on TV.

Then again, I figured after 3 years we could have pulled off at least ONE upset of someone who is considered better than us.


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I am old school and have been a supporter of the program ever since a former coach in 1971 told me that I was not talented enough to play for Michigan, but that I might for one of the directional schools.  As it turns out I wasn't good enough to play there either.  I had to face the cold facts that each of us reaches a point somewhere along the line at which the desire, will and effort to do something can't overcome the lack of physical skills, or in the case of coaching the organizational, motivational and perhaps intellectual skills.

I am All In for Michigan, I always have been and always will be. There is however a level of responsibility that comes along with supporting and loving your government, company or university. That responsibility includes being able to objectively evaluate the abilities of the individuals tasked with the caretaking and performance of the entity.

I look each week for evidence that this attempt at rebuilding is producing viable, sustainable improvement. At some point blind faith and support becomes counterproductive. I believe that point has arrived.

Beyond what you see on the field consider a few numbers and see if you can objectively make the case that any level of improvement if it exists is at a pace that can reasonably be expected to achieve a reasonable positive outcome for the program.

Greg Robinson's record and defensive statistics prior to his hiring at Michigan:


1. 2005  1 - 10      372 ypg SOS = 71 Defensive Rank = 57

2. 2006  4 -  8      399 ypg SOS = 39   Defensive Rank= 107

3. 2007  2 - 10      468 ypg  SOS = 48   Defensive Rank= 111 

4. 2008  3 -  9      414 ypg   SOS=  9      Defensive Rank= 101

What was UM doing during that period?

1. 2005  7 - 5       345 ypg SOS =3  Defensive Rank = 36

2. 2006 11 - 2       268 ypg SOS =2 Defensive Rank = 10

3. 2007  9 - 4       335 ypg SOS =25 Defensive Rank  = 24

How about Since Rich Rod arrived:

4. 2008  3 - 9       366 ypg SOS =30  Defensive Rank  = 67

And Now with Rich Rod and Greg Robinson:

5. 2009  5 - 7      393 ypg SOS =83 Defensive Rank    = 82

6. 2010  5 - 2*     441 ypg SOS =15 Defensive Rank    = 105

*Thru Oct 16th

Does there ever come a point that "All in for Michigan" includes facing the hard truth that perhaps Rich Rod for whatever reason might not be a good fit for Michigan?  And what about the hiring of Greg Robinson?  Doesn't that speak to the quality of decision making? I believe that Rich Rod is the offensive genius that he has been billed. But overall this team lacks discipline and two and one half years into this process the same mistakes are being made.  Special teams are a detriment.  The defense is inconsistent at best.  Red Zone ball security is awful.  And how is it that two years in a row two talented yet very different quarterbacks start out with great promise only to each suffer apparent confidence losses entering Big Ten play?

Andy Reid says in every single presser of his Eagles, "I have to put them in a better position to succeed" as numbing as that statement becomes there is truth in the statement. Both the game against Sparty and yesterday with Iowa in the Big House had the potential to be future fortune turning points. Yet in each case, on the field personnel substitutions, game planning and the apparent lack of ability to adjust failed to put these hard working kids in "a better position to succeed."

I think it is time for a change. I believe that as an All In for Michigan guy it is my responsibility to say so.



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have had very similar seasons, at least I think they have. Both have had mobile qb's take over the starting position and have success, both defenses have flashes but neither are consistent. Even stranger is Broderick Bunkley (Starting DT) for Eagles and Mike Martin have both gone down in the last week. Both teams have coaches who have very specific offensive strategies but are not great defensive coaches.

Maize and Blue…

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they just haven't made the plays.  By the way, Gerg has two Super Bowl rings and has never lost a bowl game as a D coordinator.  Looking at his record at Syracuse is pure bull because he has a much larger body of work. 

Nice of you to bring up 2006.  That D had 3 future NFL Pro Bowlers, Woodley, Harris, and Hall plus a plethora of other players still playing in the NFL, they were experienced upperclassman and OSU torched them.  Must have been that great coordinator, eh.

BG was out of shape and a mid round pick at best when RR and staff got here and he become a stud and the 13th pick overall.  Stevie Brown was a total failure at safety and the staff improved him enough that he played well as a SR., albeit at a different position, and got drafted.


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USC's pass defense is 111th.  Monte Kiffin coaches the Dline (which is 39th in rush defense) not the secondary.  Sagarin hasn't updated his rankings yet for this weekend but USC came into this weekend 25th in strength of schedule and played his 9th ranked team, so it will be going up.  UM came in at 54th this weekend, which your SOS will go up after playing his 21st ranked team but the divide between USC's schedule and UM's is likely to grow.  

I don't think 111th ranked pass defense with <25th hardest schedule is that comparable to the 118th ranked pass defense when it comes with the 54th ranked schedule



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Anyone who disagrees is a HATER.  Rodriguez is 4-15 AL (after Lloyd, who, obviously, was a total loser) against the Big Ten, which doesn't matter because it is someone else's fault.  I mean, contrast this with Danny Hope.  Hope has the benefit of inheriting a richly talented program with a legendary local talent pool and he has had the good fortune of losing his top 2 quarterbacks, top running back, and top receiver.  Of course he is doing better than we are; he's got more to work with.  Of course Hope is only 6-4 v. the Big Ten, with a win over Ohio State.  Hope doesn't even have the sense to blame the past for his present.  Thank goodness Hope is not coaching Michigan or we would be two steps from oblivion.

Reasons to be cheerful:

Coach Rodriguez has created a new betting convention: The QB Fracture, or, In Which Quarter Will the QB Leave Because of Injury Because the Game is Tackle Football, Not Flag Football?   Everybody knows that running QBs aren't hurt as often as old-school (Lloyd-ball) QBs, and it's just a statistical anomaly that in two games against an archaic Iowa program, coached by a clown who represents the past, the QB has been knocked out of the game.  I'm sure it will go much better against Wisconsin and OSU.  Those guys are a bunch of pussies and we'll run circles around them with our 175-lb smurf QBs, especially if the weather is bad and a couple of our O-Linemen are hurt.

He's created enormous fascination with statistical excess, as his teams run wild before a) hitting the red zone; b) throwing the ball to the wrong team (in the numbers, incidentally); c) playing an FBS school not named "Indiana".  Everyone knows that it's yards between the 20's, not scoring points, that matter.  

His teams run a gazillion plays (42% more than Iowa) and it's fun because it's the number of plays, not points on the board, that matter: you just never know when the next strange screw-up will turn the ball over because a good offense doesn't have to worry about efficiency, protecting the ball, in-game adjustments.  Managing turnovers: that's Lloyd-ball, that's neanderthal football (we'll have fun with Wisconsin and OSU, fellas, when our QBs are scotch-taped together and both of those teams are playing tackle football for polls and bowls, and the wind, rain and snow are blowing, because this system is the future and they are the past!).  

His teams are proudly unconcerned with offensive efficiency: despite being the clear, dominant team on offense between the 20's, they pass for 65% of the opponents YPA, and that just shows you: his teams can pass a lot to no effect!  It's so exciting!  And Iowa's loser QB system. Why, Stanzi couldn't even ride the pine at Michigan.  We didn't even recruit him, thank you lord.  Heck he entered the game third in NCAA pass efficiency -- and raised his score to 180+.  What a joke: he only threw for 248, zero picks, and a 198+ efficiency rating.  Who cares if you don't have 400 yards?  Winning is so boring!

Special teams don't matter at all, to him, and so what! that we look like a winless high school team trying to kick off, cover a blocked field goal (hey, why coach special teams, we don't coach defense do we?), or cover the kickoffs that do manage to stay in-bounds.  Who grows up hoping to play special teams for the winningest team in college football history?  Nobody!  It's irrelevant!  We need more such special teams innovation in the Big Ten.

Defense is an especially interesting subject in respect of Coach Rodriguez, because he's shown that such old-school, hidebound concepts as backside contain, tackling with one's legs and *both* arms, while staying square and maintaining leverage, are irrelevant.  Everybody knows that it's the number of stars on a recruit's ass that determines future game success, and that's why Iowa's third-string unrecruited MIKE had 13 tackles, one pass breakup and one pick to end the game.  (He just got lucky, and it isn't that he is coached to play assignment football against a wildly erratic team that's fast fast fast in timed 40's in gym shorts -- and that's why, in five years and a grand total of two starts, he has one B10 DPOTW, and maybe another one now.)   That's why a team with one RB, who was a fourth-string strong safety 18 months ago,and a 5'9" rookie making his first start at fullback because the starter was hurt and the second string guy (who was a walk-on) quit, ran on third and 14 -- and got 15.  

Last, he ensures that no TV network will ever mic the sideline, because children and women and more children watch these games, and it's not cool to broadcast in high definition a Michigan Man who is out of control screaming F*** at his own players on national TV.  Thank goodness we have a guy like Coach Rodriguez who would never embarrass himself on national TV, and is upholding the fine football traditions of our Harvard of the Mitten State, our Mt. Olympus of 14 percent unemployment, the playground of Yost and Bo and the winningest best all-time greatest football program ever.

Nix on 4-5 years.  We need to give this guy a job for life.  If we don't, we are "pathological Michigan and Rodriguez haters."  Facts, records, the actual way the game is played and public behavior are irrelevant.  Anyone who says they are relevant is a "HATER."  And even if we don't, could we please hire another failed Big East defensive coordinator?  Defense is so Lloyd, so Bo, so beside the point.  It's not like the best tackling club in the world, in the 1980's was Michigan, which often as not beat the shit out of Iowa and Iowa's winningest coach.   It's only a matter of time before other Big Ten schools start playing flag football, too, and the conference coaching ranks are populated with Big East refugees who neither tackle, nor kick, nor cover passes, in year three of the most difficult rebuilding job in human history, nor score the most in these silly exercises called "games".  Anyone who says otherwise is a "HATER."


October 17th, 2010 at 10:46 AM ^

You're right.  Rodriguez should teach his players to lead with their helmet when tackling the opposing quarterbacks just like Ferentz does.  That's the proper technique.  Eyes to the ground and use the crown of your helmet to hit the other guy.

But then Kirk Ferentz would never do anything wrong.  He wouldn't breach a contract like that dastardly Rodriguez.  He would never have left University of Maine after just 3 years there to take a job in the NFL.  He definitely would never allow anybody in the football program to help cover up a rape.

Iowa has been a great team the last two years with a great American Hero as the quarterback.  Kirk Ferentz is a good coach, even if good people aren't always perfect.  Your defense played well enough to win.  Be happy with that.

Why do you hate Rodriguez so much?  This obsession seems a little excessive.  Did you obsessively hate him when he was at West Virginia, or did it all start when he left a school for another school?  I am honestly curious about that.


October 17th, 2010 at 12:51 PM ^


Even if you don't agree with the poster, his position was very well articulated.  While I have personally supported RichRod, I do have some concerns,  Sure we are 5-2, but in hindsight, we really didn't beat anyone you would look at and feel the victory was really meaningful.

Four turnovers yesterday, horrible special teams play, etc. etc.  Definitely frustrating.


October 17th, 2010 at 1:30 PM ^

I am about 99% sure that this is the Iowa poster from BHGP named Bellanca.  He seems to have a personal vendetta against Rodriguez, for example from this post. His post may have been articulate but much of it is meaningless.

1.  Running quarterbacks can get hurt but so can drop-back passers.  Ask Iowa fans (such as GBellanca) how their game against Northwestern went last year.  Ryan Mallet and Nick Foles were knocked out of their games yesterday.  Neither of them are running quarterbacks and they both got injured while passing from the pocket.

2. Michigan loves efficiency on offense.  They are the 15th team in the nation in pass efficiency.  That's awesome for Iowa that they are 3rd in the nation in pass efficiency, but it's not like we are last.

3. The reason why Iowa's linebacker had so many tackles is that our RBs and QBs got past their very good d-line consistently.  That is a great thing for Michigan's offense, not a bad thing.  This is not trying to say their linebackers didn't play well, because they did.

4. Special teams is pretty bad, no argument there.  Do you honestly believe that's because Rodriguez wants it to be poor?  I didn't think kickoff coverage was that bad.  Obviously the bigger problem is kicking the ball out of bounds.  At least Michigan hasn't given up any kickoff returns for touchdowns.  Iowa can't say that.

4a. Punting was actually pretty darn good today.  An average of 50 yards with 2 inside the 20.  Iowa had no punt return yardage at all.  Also, while we didn't get any good punt returns, we didn't have any drops. 

I think Rodriguez is a good coach, not one who is perfect or exempt from criticism.  Most of my point is that I don't understand why GBellanca cares so much about Rodriguez, since I think he is an Iowa fan.  I would never go on another team's message board with that long of a rant about their coach.


October 17th, 2010 at 10:15 AM ^

I think the the people who hang out here during the offseason are hardcore fans who are more knowledgeable about football and the state of the roster. When the season starts, there's an influx of more casual fans who mostly just know We Are Michigan. They don't know that on paper, 8-4 would be a good regular season finish for this team. Those people become the huge majority of posters during the season. So you get the meltdown we see after every loss. It's not that people forget the realistic preseason expectations, it's that there's a huge group of people who didn't have reasonable preseason expectations showing up.

STW P. Brabbs

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You do realize that Monte Kiffin is like 98 years old, right?  I think it's safe to say he may be coasting and living off his reputation a bit at this point.  I think he only took the job because wanted to spend some quality time with his hellspawn douchnozzle of a son.