Fitzgerald Remains Day-To-Day

Submitted by GVBlue86 on October 12th, 2010 at 4:05 PM

[mod edit: Original Poster wondered if Toussaint was out for season due to sloppy FreeP referencing. Per an article Sunday, Michigan has cited he is day-to-day]

Print article above has quotes from Rich Rod talking about injuries and how he's never had so many season ending ones. He then lists the season ending injuries and the players name is in parenthesis. Well he says one is a torn shoulder and Fitz Toussaint is listed as the player. He's not out for the season right? I thought he was kind of week to week or day to day at this point. Did I miss something? If I am totally wrong  please delete this mods. I just thought it wasn't that serious. Maybe Snyder is misprinting.

Would be a bummer.