Fitzgerald Remains Day-To-Day

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[mod edit: Original Poster wondered if Toussaint was out for season due to sloppy FreeP referencing. Per an article Sunday, Michigan has cited he is day-to-day]

Print article above has quotes from Rich Rod talking about injuries and how he's never had so many season ending ones. He then lists the season ending injuries and the players name is in parenthesis. Well he says one is a torn shoulder and Fitz Toussaint is listed as the player. He's not out for the season right? I thought he was kind of week to week or day to day at this point. Did I miss something? If I am totally wrong  please delete this mods. I just thought it wasn't that serious. Maybe Snyder is misprinting.

Would be a bummer.



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But I don't think a player can take a medical redshirt that would grant a 6th year until AFTER the 5th year, and is usually not granted unless two years were lost due to injury.  I could be reading the rule wrong (someone correct me if that's the case), but I don't think Fitz can qualify.


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You apply for the sixth year after your fifth year, but the second injury does not have to have occurred in the fifth year.  In sum, any player who misses two seasons due to injury can apply after five years are over to get the sixth year.


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Regardless, nobody should count on him being a contributor this year. I really feel bad for the kid, considering he lost all of last year with the broken collarbone and the knee this year. He makes Brandon Minor look unbreakable.


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who has torn theirs repeatedly, if he's listed day-to-day i would hazard to guess he's popped his shoulder out 1-2 times in practice(s). to avoid tearing further ligaments and pulling the "stuff" within the cuff completely off the bone (yay Cancun 2004!), he's being given time to heal. again, this is just a guess based upon my own physical experience.


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It's a bummer if he's out, but he was going to miss most of the season, we knew that. Give him time to heal and none of these are injuries that should keep him out down the road. He still has 3 years left, and Shaw will be gone for 2 of them.


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Yes I am...I'm basing this what I've every video/highlights/article I've found on them). Besides he's got 66 yards and a TD on those two carries. Toussain'ts had two carries, and they were both freaking amazing, Shaw's had many more carries, and one (maybe two) have been that good.


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If Shaw had the ball on those two plays it would have been 1 play for 66 yards and a TD because that hole was 4 yards wide and he wouldn't have been caught from behind. I'm not saying Shaw is better, I'm saying that many of the big runs that our RBs have are because of the blocking by the other 9 guys and this particular run came against probably the worst defense we've faced this year.


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get the kid a medical redshirt, he still has 4 years starting next year and he becomes the 2nd back in this class with D. Hart essentially!   We are done on Offense, aside from perhaps an OL by the name of Bryant and a super by the name of Sammy Watkins, and we got get some effin Defense.  if the class gets to 22 commits, that means 11 more - 9 are Defense!



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it was poor citing on the part of the writer

Redshirt tailback Fitz Toussaint remains out with his rotator cuff injury but doesn't appear to need surgery. The Wolverines hope he'll return after the bye. 

from freep article entitled "U-M's defense had trouble stopping plays it expected"