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predict the score of M-BGSU game correctly to receive the high honor of THE KNOWLEDGE's PROTEGE OF THE WEEK


Pointers to the game:

  • Michigan will win
  • The BG Pins suck






September 24th, 2010 at 12:53 PM ^

you are being sarcastic, because only a troll or pathological-sky-is-falling-let's-displace-my-personal-issues-onto-college-football-to-justify-my-lack-of-self-worth asshat thinks that BG is going to score 8 TD's against our defense.

It's one thing to be disappointed in the product on the field and demand improvement, it's another to become consumed by a lack of self-confidence that manifests itself in laughably childish end-of-days scenarios.

Anyone who plays organized sports knows that emotion plays a big part in winning, and our guys obviously came out with a lack of intensity/focus last week.  I talked to Craig Roh after the UMass game and he was very upset and disappointed at what happened.  Our defense may not be great, but they are a bunch of intelligent, motivated athletes who want to represent UM as best they can.

Assuming that UMass was not only the norm, but the first in a step of cascade of weekly collapse to the point that BG scores 8 TDs displays the following:

- A lack of 'big picture' perspective on the nature of high-level competitive athletics

- A lack of understanding re: the roles emotion/mindset play in determining an outcome

- Belligerent belief that our defensive players, coaches & scheme patently 'suck' and are incapable of playing any defense, making any improvements or making any adjustments

- No understanding of BG's team and current personnel issues and how they present an undeniably more favorable matchup for our young defense

- An apparent fixation/desire to 'hedge one's bets' and assume the worst, rather than hope for the best and potentially feel disappointment

- No real emotional investment, faith or excitement about a team of young men working 40+ hours a week to improve other than a desire to 'bask in the reflected glory' of their success and cut them down when they fail

If you were being sarcastic, or just being a 'Dix' for the sake of being 'Dix', disregard this post and apply it to the real asshats who DO feel this way.

If this is your actual opinion, even though you select UM to win, I think most people would prefer you go root for another team rather than assuage your craving for reflected glory as a piss-in-the-punchbowl negative fan.


With all the love of the Universe, even when we disagree-


Blue 8198

September 24th, 2010 at 1:23 PM ^

49 - 12 Michigan

No field goals by M, maybe a few by BGSU.  Also, while not trying to run up the score, Tate and Devin want to show what they can do in the second half.