How would you defend against Denard?

Submitted by canzior on September 17th, 2010 at 10:54 AM

Trevor Matich is skeptical of Denard.  He says he “knows” how to stop him.  He must be smarter than Randy Edsall and Brian Kelly.  I get it’s early and I agree with not trusting him to be consistently this good through the Big 10 schedule until he sees more…but to come out and say I know how to stop him?  That’s absurd.  His brilliant idea is to bring the containment up to prevent him from getting long runs.  If containment is safeties, then he must be a retard to contain with his safeties at the line.  If his contain is lb’s, then who covers the 5th wr/te?  What about the back out of the backfield?  I think we are going to hear a lot of “smart-guys” give their elementary opinions on how to stop Denard.

That being said…if you coached against him, how would you attack Michigan’s offense?



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Unless a team has big time personnel in the front seven to whip our line, I read that they almost have to give up on their normal base defense, go with more dbs, and do man on the outside.  Leaves more guys to attack the line and create havoc.

I guess they would take everyone else and just try to overwhelm the running lanes along the line?

We'd annhilate teams that tried that through the air, but so far the ground is clearly our strength.  Death by guillotine, lethal injection or hanging?

The teams that will really do better against us are the ones with butt kickers in the front 7.


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All a scrape exchange is going to do this year is give Denard the option of cutting back into the mammoth holes the line has been producing or going one on one with a linebacker.  I will take Denard on that matchup nine out of ten times.  Teams are going to have to have their fastest nickel back in the game at all times to "spy" on Denard.  That, of course, will help create other mismatches.

Personally, I think there is no stopping this offense with Denard.  I recommend hoping for divine intervention, but on Saturday, Touchdown Jesus and the prayers of every Catholic in the country (except those from Ann Arbor or UM) couldn't stop Denard. 

If the defense can find a way to become even average against the "big boys," there isn't any team on the schedule that Michigan can't beat this year.  This is not a prediction of 13-0, but I think they will surprise a couple of teams this year.  I hope one of them is in Columbus.


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So I guess D's should just pack up and let him score.  Scrape exchange will work with the right personel because these "huge cutback" lanes you speak of won't exist against the better D lines/fronts. The offense is good but not unstoppable, come on man.  Catholic hopes and prayers held the "unstoppable O" to 28 points, 7 of which were on a 90 yard run.  If ND's defense with multiple turnovers by their O can hold UM to 28 points, I will venture to say that they will have games held to less this year.  So...yeah, not "unstoppable".  Great so far?  Without a doubt.


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If Trevor Matich knew how to stop Denard then he would probably have a different job other then sitting in a chair reading from a teleprompter stats that have been already been prepared for him by ESPN nerds.  Matich -- You don't know anything, you have never done anything, therefore your opinions do not matter.


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if i had solid corners and safeties, i'd man up on the receivers, bring everyone else up and force him to throw the ball.  i would never have my DE crack down on the tb and give denard a chance to blow up.  i would take my chances that the tailbacks could be contained.


fortunately i don't know how many schools have this type of talent-tOSU probably but who else?