Help - What game should i buy Madden 11 or NCAA 11? (PS3)

Submitted by VinnieMac25 on August 24th, 2010 at 9:03 PM

Hey not sure which one to buy, been loyal to Madden for years.  Just downloaded the demo for NCAA 2011.   Went pretty well I was Miami and won 14-3 on varsity over OSU. 
Seems like the gameplay is pretty smooth, and graphics are better then i remember the old ones to be.  I loved playing that 3-3-5 defense and smothering pryor too!  Just curious as to what everyones opinion is.  I know some of you have xbox.  FWIW have not tried the demo to Madden. 



August 24th, 2010 at 9:11 PM ^

I bought both games, and I really don't play madden other than for the online franchise with a group of people I know. NCAA is just more fun, IME. NCAA 11 improved the online dynasty so that you can manage your team on a website away from your PS3 or XBOX. That is a pretty awesome addition. Madden has mostly the same improvements as NCAA other than that. Same locomotion engine in both games. Madden probably runs a little smoother and also has slightly better graphics, but I just love NCAA. It might have to do a little bit with the fact that I like college football better than the NFL, but I think NCAA Football 11 is more enjoyable than Madden.


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This year I'd go with NCAA 11, with all the improvements, I've heard it's pretty much the better game.  So unless your  just wicked more into NFL than college ball I'd go with NCAA 11.



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Buy Madden 10 if you don't already have it. Madden 11 has so many bugs in it that my buddy sent his copy back to EA after a week - virtually unplayable and I've heard similar stories from others. NCAA11, well, the nut and fiesty weasel basically said not to buy it - its not very well done. Other schools can't recruit balanced teams (like having no QBs and 16 WRs and no DL but 8 CBs) which basically ruins the gameplay.

Plus, at this point you can get madden 10 for like $10.


August 25th, 2010 at 9:16 AM ^

You sir are an idiot.

Madden was excellent last year - and its innovations helped drive NCAA to be excellent this year.

Rule of thumb: Every year either Madden or NCAA stands out as a much better product.  This year, it's NCAA.  Madden is still good though - getting some unfavorable reviews from people out there wanting more.


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but I would have to give a slight nod to Madden over NCAA.  I really like the fact that in Madden they took away the sprint button, and players' movements are all based on their ratings.  Also really like the new "Strategy Pad" feature, which is a much easier and better way of calling your offensive/defensive audibles, line shifts, and such.  I usually like NCAA better, and am a WAY bigger college football fan than NFL, so that is just testament to how well done Madden 11 is.


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Haven't played new NCAA yet, but there's been plenty of things in Madden that I've felt were fixed several NCAA versions ago. Kick returning and unrealistic tackle breaking have been atrocious. I feel like it's NCAA 08 when I get a kick off slightly outside the hashes in that I can just get to the outside and it's an auto-touchdown.

My biggest gripe with Madden is that counters and play action do nothing for you. In the NCAA franchise, if you run right 3 times, a counter or play action pass slightly alters the way the defense responds, either sucking the safeties or linebackers in on the fake. In Madden, it does nothing. Sure, the pros respond to those plays faster, but to have no affect seems ridiculous.

I will say the zone blocking on Madden has worked out much better for me. It's about the only plus I've seen over NCAA '10


August 25th, 2010 at 3:20 AM ^

I have both as well. NCAA 11 and Madden 11 both have equally frustrating things happening.

First, NCAA...

If you dont have your sliders set, Denard is not faster then a DE, I'm serious. He will get caught trying to get around the end. Injuries and fumbles are ridiculous, first game I played, I lost my starting QB, starting RB, both for the year, both in the first series. The drops are terrible, either WR or CB. It makes you want to throw your controller through the TV. Dynasty is so broken, all teams become like B-'s or C's after like 5 years. Im sure there is more, just cant remember.


The middle of the field is so wide open, you can run a zone, drop back to the middle, and they will just find the open spot, usually the first quarter I cant stop the computer at all, and I am used to it, so it doesnt make me angry anymore. If you throw a pick and they return it, Gus Johnson will say the offense just scored in 1 play, kinda annoying, it was a pick or fumble return, kickoff return, things like that. I had a guy drop a ball on a critical third down today, and the players on MY team jumped up and chest bumped each other, like they were on defense and made the stop, haha, I was pissed about that. WR's seem to break a ton of tackles on you, but you cant really break them, I crushed Donald Drive today, two guys, they both just fell off him and he took it to the house.

If I had to choose, I'd pick them both. I switch up between both games, I like in Madden how running actually works, and its not just run as fast as you can to the outside like in NCAA. I like how on a slant in Madden, they actually can create seperation and get inside the CB, unlike ROBO CB in NCAA who seems to be running the EXACT same route you are. I dont like the speed of Madden, it seems real slow, and NCAA seems faster, but there are a ton more teams in NCAA (obviously) and funner plays and offenses to run. I mean, you can only win the National Championship with Michigan so many times in a row right?


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This is a very good perspective. 

I would add:

1) There is a patch to fix the NCAA Dynasty issues, so download it

2) I recently played Madden (All Pro level) and the final score was 70-63.  I have never seen the computer being able to score at will so much in my life (and me do the same). 

3) Although they are on the same plane this year, the innovations / jump NCAA has made makes it the better product to pick up in my opinion.  Madden is still good. 


August 25th, 2010 at 9:40 AM ^

ok thanks everyone, you helped a lot.  Pretty sure i will buy NCAA 11 i am more a college fan.  Did notice the drops NinjaDMM.  And Big Boutros NHL 11 is a must with the new improvements.  I have Madden 10 so that should do my fix as well!


August 25th, 2010 at 9:53 AM ^

if you change your in-game settings to conservative catching - you won't drop as many passes. If you don't recruit 8 CB's then you'll be fine. Blaming the cpu for your dumb recruiting is pretty funny to me. Here is the reason you need to get NCAA - They added the banner touch to the begining of UM home games. If you don't go to home games, this might seem stupid, but it's the closest thing to being there I've ever experienced....

Madden's running game is incredibly unrealistic and you are forced to pass all day to be successful. If you want realism, go with NCAA 11. If you want to chuck and duck all day - go with Madden. They are both good games, but I am way more into NCAA so that would be my advice.


August 25th, 2010 at 10:44 AM ^

started a dynasty with San Jose St.  I lasted two seasons before taking the Michigan Job.

That's the only time I've ever NOT been UM.. and looking back on it.. the goal was to get the UM job.. so why not just start there?