Austin White thread: completely unacceptable

Submitted by Brian on August 20th, 2010 at 2:22 AM

I have neg-bombed 4 people with 1000 or 500 point penalties as a result of posts made that said Austin White was/is a "lazy prick," a "diva," and other gems. DO NOT INSULT MICHIGAN ATHLETES, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW A GODDAMN THING.

This is everyone's last warning. Further offenses are one-strike bans.



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As can be noticed by this post being a reply to someone else, you might pick up on the hint that several posts might be missing from this thread, especially to those handles registered to addresses. If something doesn't make sense, that is why.


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This was sorely needed.  Jumping the gun before something like that is verified could end up hurting someone who is still on the team and working his ass off.  As I started to read the thread (until I got tired of it), my first thought was "what if we just got punked?"  Not to mention that I have heard from a "reliable source" that his parents read mgb daily.

It's like one of my favorite signs:

"Please do not pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling."

CO Blue

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I appreciate the effort to stifle the bashing of student athletes. I would further appreciate it if language that denigrates anyone based on sexual orientation, gender, age, race, or is supportive of any other "ism,"  was moderated as well. I love this blog because the vast majority of the comments made are thoughtful, intelligent, and well (enough) informed (or at least amusing and only slightly offensive to people who are sensible). My thanks to everyone who makes these contributions.  

P.s. all these damn rumors are making it hard to sleep at night!


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The Tate transfer rumor threads turned into a misogynistic straw man attack.  The JT Turner stuff got bad.  People have called Will Campbell and Tate fat and lazy without any support evidence. And people said some pretty blasphemous things about Angry MIchigan Corner Hating God in the wake of Woolfolk's injury.


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Not everyone on the board is really a Michigan fan, and not every Michigan fan deserves to be one.

If you see somebody fall and injure themselves, and your first inclination is to laugh, before you even know if they're alright, you need to grow up before you get anywhere near Ann Arbor, people.


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We're limiting overly critical and personal comments to realms of information of which we actually KNOW stuff?

Oh, shit.  This is a bigger change than the point policy.


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When I went to bed, it was all, "Too bad, kid. Hope you find luck somewhere", which is what it should be. I don't even want to know who was responsible for that hate in. That's just SAD.


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This was an absolute debacle of a post.

1. Tried to post.

2. Thought I had posted in the wrong place; edited it.

3. Realized I had posted it in the right place in the first place; tried to re-edit.

4. Was already beaten to the joke.


On top of all this, I just realized I posted on my friend's account rather than my own (he was using my computer last night). I'm going to post below this, as Mongoose. Kindly direct any negs for this shitshow of a post to that account.


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Austin Jaxon is a prime example of a Michigan man.  All about hid bidness and all of that... please respect him and everey thing he does.  Even if he makes the decision to transfer to a differe t team.


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visiting this board for a while now and one of the things I like is for the most part discussions are fact based and not personal attacks.  I have stayed out of commenting on the players coming and going because I find it unfair to judge someone else not knowing what their situation is. 

I dont know if this is the right or wrong approach, but I do know I would not have wanted to the world to judge my every decision when I was 18 years old.  I realize these kids are getting an amazing opportunity. I just believe we can let our love for the school blind us to the fact that in many cases, they really are kids--away from home for the first time and in some cases being challenged in ways they probably never have been.  Youth and stress don't always lead ideal decsion making,

I will get off my soapbox and return to lurking.  Just something to remember or think about.


August 20th, 2010 at 8:44 AM ^

This definitely needed to be said/done.  There is nothing worse than a bunch of adults (or kids for that matter) bashing a kid in college when they know nothing about their situation as a whole.  It is too easy for all of us to be a critic behind a keyboard.


August 20th, 2010 at 9:06 AM ^

Speculation arises on player asking for transfer.

Board has a few posts that are subsequently deleted because nothing is confirmed.

Confirmation comes in from several sources known to be insiders.

Post is made with name redacted just to be sure.

Name is released. Austin White is transferring. Lack of desire cited.

Several posters wish him well where he goes.

Several posters berate players perceived to have bad work ethic. It gets... derogatory, in ways this board hasn't seen.

News appears that Austin White is rethinking his decision and may ask to be let back on the team instead of transferring. 

More derogatory posts of a particularly volatile nature appear, especially, "We don't want him back" posts, with lots of insults thrown in.

Brian and the other mods unleash holy hailstorm of JUSTICE.