OT: 2019 in-state OT Anthony Bradford commits to LSU

Submitted by Magnus on May 9th, 2018 at 8:36 PM

Muskegon offensive tackle Anthony Bradford committed to LSU after an official visit to Baton Rouge. Michigan never offered him, but he's a 4-star, the #28 OT, and #276 overall. He's also the #7 player in the state.


I'm not trying to stir up the debate about in-state recruiting, but I just think it's noteworthy that a 4-star within the state was not offered and ended up committing to a big-time school like LSU.



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It's not revisionist history.  It is possible to be about where you're projected and expected to be while at the same time being disappointed in results.  Things could always be better, but there were too many factors to overcome last season combined with some coaching ineptness IMO.  Doesn't mean this year won't be better but still not good enough in the eyes of many.


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Do YOU get that? Do you understand that one concept? It’s not that hard. Plus is it against the law to be a homer? Talking about Harbaugh everyday is tiresome. Never has anything positive to say and then just makes crap up! It’s nauseating. Double-tongued! He says I can’t remember the last time we’ve signed a top 100 recruit and then recalls exactly when they committed. Yeah he’s a great person here and an objective troll from never never land.


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I realize that, but both committed at last year's BBQ or immediately afterwards if I recall correctly, and UM hasn't landed a top 100 recruit since. Not sure how many commitments that spans but I'd bet it's quite a few. And I mean, who knows if we even hang onto Herron. He's saying all the right things, but is he doing so as to not burn any bridges in the event he doesn't get accepted to Stanford? He was also a 5 star recruit when he committed and his ranking has plummeted quite a bit since, and based on his recent camp performances, I wouldn't be shocked to see it slip even more.


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I work with his mom and he had no desire to be in the north due to the cold. It was a battle between Bama and LSU all the way with LSU in the lead obviously.
Good luck to him.


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I guess I understand why some people hate cold. But why anyone wants to live in a blisteringingly hot, humid swamp - a climate that gets worse by the year - is beyond me. 


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I live in South Louisiana and only miss Michigan during football season, and I'll make a trip or two every year to visit family and go the the Big House.

I love the warm weather but always get a laugh when my aunts and uncles visit down here in the summer, listening to them complain endlessly. I'm the same when I visit Northville in the winter lol


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Sounds like LSU got a good one, but as others have said, UM wasn’t the right fit and LSU sounds like it is. Hope he kicks some Crimson butt.


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It's almost like people haven't picked up on the fact that Michigan recruits certain types of athletes, and if those students don't fit that player/person type, they don't offer them, regardless of where they are located or how good they are.


I mean, you would think that people would have picked up on this kind of thing by now. But some people are not very good at pattern recognition.


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Well if there is anyone to believe about the status of the sky, it would be you "SkyPanther." We should all be able to calm down now. Thank you for the update. I only hope it isn't too late!


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It’s not noteworthy at all. This staff does their own evaluations. Obviously, they evaluated the kid and didn’t want him on the team. Where a recruiting site ranks a kid has absolutely zero impact on the staff evaluations and ultimately has zero say in how good the kid actually is. Now some teams/coaches recruit with rankings in mind. Others do their own scouting and evaluations.


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Then immediately and I do mean immediately, pulled the trigger for LSU. Insiders say that kids hear stuff. We’ve been voted somewhere in an invisible poll and some posters have reported that kids feel that we’re too harsh. So when they go on their first road game at any university other than Michigan they’ll be treated like Royalty! Blueyd!


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On a side note, it’s amazing the amount of football talent Muskegon High School puts out. I live near other “urban” high schools in Kalamazoo and they don’t produce jack squat for football.