Coach Beilein Can Focus Just About Basketball Tomorrow

Submitted by WorldwideTJRob on April 1st, 2018 at 5:48 PM
One thing of note about tomorrow...Coach B mentioned on Rome earlier in the year that he would do things differently if he ever got back to the championship game. Mainly because he had so many obligations with Trey(National Player of the Year) on the Sunday in between the Final in 2013. Now he has no such things to take time away from the team’s preperation, and actually the opponent has to deal with that now because Jalen Brunson is the POY. Hopefully all this leads to a good result for the Maize & Blue!



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Ehhh, seriously doubt that was an issue in  2013, and I doubt it will be an issue for Villanova tomorrow. You had two evenly matched teams and the game flipped on a couple iffy calls. If we had come out and gotten boatraced maybe you can say there were distractions.


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Both statements could be true.  It could be that all the POY hoopla was an unwelcome waste of Beilein's time, but in the rest of the time he had, he got as much prep in as he could.  "Could" is the key word here.

Suppose Beilein was awake for 18 hours that Sunday, and the POY stuff forced him to use up two hours posing for pictures with Burke and whatnot.  He and the staff may have done an awesome job with the other 16 hours, but having 18 hours instead of 16 to use for game prep could have been useful.



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If JB says it was a distraction, that’s enough for me. It may have just added stress to hos life in terms of demands on his time. Did anyone say it cost them points? I think not.
Just nice to have one less distraction I’m sure.
But really - if you say it’s bullshit what the fuck does JB know!?
After all, he’s just the man who lived the actual experience and you... well you are... you’re... oh never mind, nobody gives a rats ass who you are!


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I'm rooting for Michigan tomorrow, and I hope we can win. That would be really cool and would make me happy; but regardless of the result, this team has surpassed all expectations and I couldn't be more proud of these guys. Go Blue!

Mich fan in AZ

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No matter what happens, what a season and what a ride this year! Still, I want one more win. I feel like it's coming and our defense will give our offense just enough of a chance and they will be looser too. GO BLUE!!!


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I was reading Beilein's Wikipedia page when I stumbled across this little factoid: the coach that John Beilein replaced at WVU was none other than Dan Dakich. {insert mind blown gif here}
Dakich was coaching Bowling Green when he accepted the WVU job. He found out there were recruiting irregularities and tried to get WVU to up his salary. They declined. 8 days later he went back to BGSU. After that happened, WVU hired squeaky clean Beilein to clean up their program. And now you know, the rest of the story.
Imagine if Dakich had taken that job. I doubt Beilein ends up here. I will forever be grateful that Dakich was a greedy bastard. J/K.
Years later, Dan's son ends up playing for Beilein. Crazy.


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I can not think of a BBall Nat Champ game ‘92, ‘93, ‘13 or OSU football game in the past 15 years where I didn’t have a sinking feeling we were going to lose. Doesn’t feel like that this time. This team oozes confidence and can win in so many different ways. Beilein seems more confident and prepared this time. I expect a win tomorrow night. Beilein deserves it and these players deserve it.