February 12th, 2018 at 10:28 PM ^

had for you when you were picking fights with everyone last week?    

Trouble Believing You re: MBA. Please Post it

2.  if you think you are doing 'quite well' in life, you have some significant self-awareness issues.  you have a hole in your character the size of the big house.  

3.  i and one of my brothers are 4th generation michigan grads.  two nieces are 5th generation.  tell me how michigan isn't my school, what am i missing.

4.  i, grandpa/al bundy, challenge you to a charity bout - you can pick the style of fighting: boxing, kick-boxing, MMA, even wrestling or sumo if you'd like, but those last two are probably not very good for any spectators.  we have the mgocommunity bet money and the winner gets to choose what charity the money goes to such as the humane society, red cross, whatever.  per google, there are at least 3 boxing gyms and 4 MMA gyms in ann arbor.  head gear and mouth guards, you can pick how many ounces you want the gloves.  i suggest we have the bout on a football weekend, so folks will be around to attend and contribute..

if you win, i'll never comment on another thing you say.  in the exceptionally unlikely event that i prevail, you never comment on mgoblog again.  period.  

i can only assume you fight weekly or even daily, so this challenge from a pathetic old man is possibly too boring for you to take seriously.  be that as it may, if you are interested let me know and i can post an OP on the board to guage others interest.  i haven't trained seriously in years and although i am at an age that training injuries are a significant possibility, it could be a great goal to have.  i would try my best to get in shape. 


your pal, grandpa al bundy (picture from decades ago)



Image result for al bundy


February 13th, 2018 at 8:16 AM ^

Haha. His posting history is:

  • Calling someone a "loser"
  • Calling someone "grandpa"
  • Political discussion including insults
  • "+1"
  • Calling for Jay Harbaugh to be fired
  • A series of insults toward me and XtraMelanin
  • "Pete Carroll?"

That's literally all it was for probably 15 comments before I stopped scrolling. The internet is such an interesting place.

His Dudeness

February 13th, 2018 at 8:49 AM ^

Hahahah you went full on "fight me bro!" And I am the one point neutered. Lol. That's fantastic. Well done, mods.

I'm not fighting anyone. I'm not a child. Plus my fiancee is a lawyer and when I stomp your face off I will land in jail. I know the rules. No bueno. Plus I live like 1,000 miles from AA and only get back for game days.

This place is too much. Magnus on his high horse talking down to everyone. Stupid M-live creatures scuttering around. A person calling me a clown for saying Calvin College is conservative? They pray before classes! They expell students for drinking on campus!

Anyway, always enjoyed this place. It's been a good run. Im falling on the sword here. So it goes.


February 13th, 2018 at 9:47 AM ^

I went there and they don't pray before classes.  They don't expell students for getting caught drinking unless it's a repeat offense over and over.  The faculty is indredibly liberal.   


Since when is praying considered "conservative" anyway?


Cornerstone on the other hand...  


February 13th, 2018 at 11:14 AM ^

second, we would follow amateur rules, figure the appropriate number and length of rounds, utilize a ref, basically a one-bout golden gloves/MMA tournament.  a good fight is fun and it would be something specific for both of us to train for.  the logistics are easy too.  heck, you can pick the style of fighting, the place in AA, and what size gloves we use.  every gym i've ever trained at had liability waivers, too.  so while you may 'date' a lawyer i actually am a lawyer so that excuse is not a big deal either.

if you read my posts closer you will note that i also mention it would be best to have it on a football weekend - so that would certainly take care of your 1.000 mile away excuse.  let me know what games you are going to and we can plan from there. 

any more excuses or have i covered them all?  

i'll add one other thing:  nearly everyone i've ever fought in my life, and particularly those that i would expect to see again, put an end to any sniping, posturing and borish behavior and lent itself to genuine respect.   of course not always true when playing hockey or bouncing, but it really does tend to happen.  i think the mgocommunity would enjoy it and we'd raise some money for a good cause.  i won't bug you about this again though unless you say 'yes''. i emphasize, this is meant for fun and charity, not some ominous threat. 

p.s.  still waiting on you to answer the other questions in my original post.




February 12th, 2018 at 11:10 PM ^

Investor's Business Daily is not the ideal place for deciding what's scientifically valid and what isn't. it's true that the government's push for a low-fat diet missed much of the mark on sugar and carbs. But citing to a single study in 2010 does not mean that a diet high in animal protein and fats is in any way a healthy option as opposed to a plant-based diet with focus on vegetables, fruits, nuts, non-animal proteins, etc.



February 12th, 2018 at 11:56 PM ^

There were a couple of bball threads (seeding and rankings) on the board today and they've been cleared out by:

1) Golf in Scottsdale

2) Some robot dog video

3) Something about the Polish Holocaust?

and 4) A study about nutrition.

Why? I realize these (some of them) are interesting topics, but to go Reddit or something, right?


February 13th, 2018 at 7:52 AM ^

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February 12th, 2018 at 11:57 PM ^

I have to disagree with JH.  Humans are not designed to drink milk.  We are the only animals that continue to drink milk after infancy.  What's even weirder is that we drink milk of other animals.  A cows milk is designed to turn a newborn calf into a 400lb cow in one year.  

Also, it isn't healthy for human consumption as it contains a shit ton of pointless fat, cholesterol and calories.  Oh yeah, it also contains hormnones, feces, antibiotics and pus.  Pasteurizing helps but it doesn't sweep it clean.

Try almond milk the next time you're craving cow pus.  IMO it tastes better and is definitely a lot healthier.  




February 13th, 2018 at 1:47 AM ^

we were ever "meant" to drink cow's milk (only human milk in childhood), i.e for most of human history we did not drink cow's milk and thus were not evolving to handle it.

I don't think you're correct about most humans being lactose intolerant, but it is common and indicative that a lot of cultures didn't evolve to drink milk.  For those that did/have been domesticating cows for a long time, cow's milk isn't bad, per se (for people perfectly tolerance of it).

To the poster above you, it's not true that cow's milk contains a bunch of "pointless" fat, cholesterol and calories.  That's precisely what's been debunked. The fat in whole milk is healthy, especially the omega-3 fatty acids.  There's calcium and vitamins and other nutrients that are important (sure, they can be had from other foods too).  And to the point about hormones, antibiotics and feces, well yeah, that's not how we drank milk for hundreds of years and you can, you know, buy organic, grassfed milk.

Also, almond milk is the biggest sham in current nutrition (and for the record, I still drink it because my wife likes it and buys it).  It's crushed up almonds mixed with water and then marked up like 1000 times.  Also, if OP is complaining about pointless calories, most almond milk is sweetened, which is a terrible thing to do (at least get the unsweetened stuff).



February 13th, 2018 at 5:56 AM ^

"We are the only animals that continue to drink milk after infancy.  What's even weirder is that we drink milk of other animals."

I always find these types of arguments funny. The "We are the only animals that {insert health factoid}" things are silly. We're the only animals who are typing on computers right now. We're the only animals who cook our meat instead of eating it raw. We're the only animals that have the ability to harvest other animals' milk and keep it fresh.

Everything we do on a daily basis, aside from breathing and sleeping and drinking water, we're the only animals capable of doing it.

So the next time you think about visiting the doctor or reading a book, remember: You probably shouldn't be doing it, because no other animals can.


February 13th, 2018 at 10:27 AM ^

We're not "meant" to drink milk... in the same way we're not "meant" to walk upright.


It's an evolved adaptation.


Prior to large scale herding (~12,000 years ago) when everyone was a hunter-gatherer - everyone was lactose intolerant.


Humans from certain cultures evolved the ability to digest lactose for the same reason we gain most adaptations - because they provide an advantage.


Dairy provided both another food source, and a storable food source (cheese). That was an evolutionary advantage. Were it not, large scale lactose tolerance would not exist.

Rufus X

February 13th, 2018 at 9:57 AM ^

...leave it to the Google PhD's on this blog to suck the fun out of a harmless post on Coach Harbaugh penchant for protein.

Drink milk or don't drink milk, everyone, and enjoy - I could not care less what you think about it.  Whether we are biologically programmed to do so just isn't that interesting, and your latest google search is unlikely to change my mind. I like milk. I like beer. I like cheetos. I am pretty sure that my ancestors in the bush of Africa were not originally consuming any of these. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy it - and if you happen to be lactose intolerant or IPA intolerant or whatever, then enjoy your almond milk and gluten free beer. Cheers!  But I really don't need you preaching to me about the anthropological implications of my personal choices. Let me eat my fat-free fruit-on-the-bottom uber-processed yogurt in peace.  Sheesh.


February 13th, 2018 at 9:50 AM ^

People always talk about science as if any finding by any scientist is absolute and therefore you can't question it.  Everything from nutrition to climate change and the big bang.  Science involves the process of challenging, not merely accepting the theories and statements made by scientists.