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Just in case people wanted to listen to it before/if it gets put on the main page.


See if you can identify the exact moment where Brian strokes out because Ed and Craig have no clue what they're blathering on about.



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We need to change our culture.  We need to stop thinking and acting like we're an elite top tier college football program.  Wisconson, Oregon in the past, Stanford to some degree and a few other programs recruit and gameplan around a specific identity that they have created that takes adavantage of their strenghts and creates a competitive advantage allowing them to punch highter than their "tier".  Michigan wont adapt or find a consistent identity or level of success until they can accept they can't just say "we're Michigan" and expect to win. There entire brand revolves around this and needs to change.  Clemson has that "chip" on their shoulder underdog attitude.  MSU has their disrespekt.  What's our brand?  


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You make a great point. Except for the first word - "We," The culture change needs to come from within the AD. I dont disagree that fans have a part to play, yet I think they need direction and leadership from the program. Unless you have some suggestions as to how we as fans can change the culture? (serious question). 


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No I meant we as if I was part of the program as a fan.  Like " I hope we win this week".  It's a dumb usage of we.  My bad.  But yes the change must come from the top inside MI.   It might go beyond the football team though which would make it harder for the football team to take on a different identiy than the one pushed heavily by the university.


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I don't think anyone with influence at Michigan (at least in basketball) believes "we are Michigan" is enough.  That's a fan-driven expectation.

And Michigan has tried to adapt.  They brought in freaking Rich "Spreadfather" Rodriguez, and a bunch of fans got angry because he wanted to do something else and he lost too much when transitioning Michigan into that type of program and he was fired.  So then they wanted Hoke and he came in talking all about old Michigan and "this is Michigan fergodsakes!" and people loved it until he lost a bunch of games.  So they go after Harbaugh, he brings in a lot of great recruits and wins a fair number of games in his first 2 years, and then he struggles with a very young team and unfortunate injuries and it's all "nobody adapts at Michigan and we are screwed!" even though we've seen changes on the staff both this offseason and in previous years.  The AD and the staff absolutely feel like they are trying to adapt to changes in college football, and sometimes your attempts fail.  But it's a good thing they ignore people like us, since we are fickle, illogical, and more times than not wrong.


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That's where I'm at. The fans and players have been talking the talk for a decade with nothing to show for it. How about earning a place at the big boy table rather than acting entitled to it. Those who stay will not be champions unless they make themselves champions. Stop talking about the past. Earn it now.


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Even OSU is taking pity on us. They stated just this regarding attitude and culture. UM has to flip the script that it's been pushing that it is some holier than thou place and become the underdog. They said we need the "little brother" attitude.

I agree. This program has played with a flatness for far too long. I've been waiting for them to develop an edge and attitude and saw glimpses last season against Florida and OSU but that was about it.

For some reason teams like Bama and OSU are still able to keep their fire even though they win a shitload of games. Michigan football needs to play for something instead of playing like it's an intermural team.

Michigan Arrogance

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Did anyone read that article by Gregg henson about the staff friction? I'm beyond concerned that Harbaugh lost his ability to ID great coaches who can recurit, teach and scheme/Coordinate a game - especially WRT to Drevno/Pep/QBcoaching/Coordinating the offense.

Maybe some paralasis by analysis in combination with the best guys moving on and JH not being able to ID the best option to replace them.

The offinse took a dive as the year went on, from the OL to the QB to recruiting by Nov-Feb.