More good news: DeJulius continues to score lots of points

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2018 PG David DeJuilus is looking like a possible Mr. Basketball this year at East English Village. Scored 41 points last night against a solid Detroit Public Safety (I have no idea about the school's name, don't ask). He scored 49 tonight against Chicago Orr, the IL 2A defending state champs, and one of the favorites to win the Chicago Public League title this year. Orr features multiple D1 talents. Edit: to clarify, IL 2A would be like a class C in MI, so think Flint Beecher. But easily one of the best teams in the state, regardless of class. The Sun Times did a really long piece on them last year, if you're interested in urban hoops/school issues.…



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This is great news. The recruiting is finally catching up. And Beilein is recruiting differently. While it isn't all "one and dones," He is definitely recruiting bigger classes, and expecting guys not to all stay 4 years . . . either they don't measure up and transfer out, or they exceed expectations and leave early. Regardless of why they leave, Beilein is getting more guys coming in, and that makes a different for depth.


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His recruiting philosophy. Not a complete change, but the minor changes he's made have seemed to help tremendously. Also, he's seemed to hire some great assistants as our defense is very impressive this year. Dangerous this year, as well as next.


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If you got to choose one of them to come back, which one would it be and why? I would choose Wagner because it gives Castleton another year to get ready and allows Teske to continue to get better. I’m still not certain about Davis and his future. As far as Matthews, I like him but I could see plenty of other talent offsetting his departure. Matthews really needs to get quicker with his moves and work on his dribbling. He takes these long, deliberate steps towards the basket and it often lets either his defender or another to catch up. I know it’s a product of not playing much the last few years but he makes himself smaller a lot of times on his drives then he has to. I’d be happy to have both back and figure it out!


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I'd say Wagner just because as of now he's the better player. Today showed that, he can win a rivalry game against a top 5 team on the road for you.

That being said Matthews has the higher upside. His athletic ability makes him an entirely different caliber prospect. Given another offseason to develop, after he's played a year, and he could be miles better.

There's a better chance Matthews comes back, and I also think wing could be thin next year if he goes. Wing minus MAAR and Matthews scares me more than center without Wagner mainly because of Teske.


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Now that I think more about it. If Wagner leaves we can still play Teske and when he’s out we could play a bigger lineup across the board with Livers, Johns and Iggy on the inside. Maybe Castleton or Davis fill in. Without Matthews and MAAR we are asking an awful lot of freshman to score from the wing minus Poole. I think it may be better for Matthews to come back if I had the choice between the two.

Craptain Crunch

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I'll be a believer when these kids are dropping those numbers in a Michigan Wolverine and officially a college player. Otherwise, their awesome efforts in HS is great but not prevalent at this point in time. 


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and Mo will be a borderline 1st rounder IMO. He loves UM enough to come back to make a NC run IMO.

They could both be back.

That would leave Watson or Davis as the odd man out. Watson has some game but isn't getting any minutes -- he might want to seek playing time eldewhere. Davis gives UM some depth on the front line.

This could one helluva team next year,


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This would be my totally uninformed guess at this point as well, but who knows for sure. Given the number of talented guys coming in, it does seem like somebody might make the call to head somewhere they might get more PT.


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Derrick Walton to him, and not just basketball skill wise. He is a very hard worker and a great leader. Very excited for his future.