Michigan Offers Julian Barnett, with a Twist?

Submitted by Youngharbaugh4 on January 12th, 2018 at 6:33 PM

The dead period is over, and one offer to go out today was for 2019 4Star in-state ATH/WR Julian Barnett out of Bellville (Same school of 5 star Devontae Dobbs). This is an interesting offer because of how long it took for the staff to extend it. Because of the slow play on michigans part and Barnetts lack of camping, he ended up committing to MSU. But, the twist in this offer was from Pass game coordinator Pep Hamilton who was the coach that offered him. Given the rumors of Pep possibly heading to the NFL, it would seem odd for him to be out recruiting. In the links below are 2 (VIP) twitter posts from Sam Webb. Although they are paywalled, the titles themselves are interesting enough, and provide a decent amount of information. 



Per Sam Webb



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I don't think everyone should be ripping on Pep so early. He runs an advance scheme, at least with the routes, so maybe it will be infinitely better year two once the players have another year to adjust. If the offensive line and RBs can shore up protections,l and grow under Drevno's scheme, WR refine routes with a new dedicated coach, and Patterson/Peters can be smart decision makers, the talent is there on offense to make a monumental jump. Now if next year is also awful, burn it all down, but it might be too early to be writing it all off at this point.


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I understand simplifying the concepts, but what if the advanced concepts put them ahead this year? Are you willing to trade a chance to be elite this year for a mediocre season last year? I understand it doesn't matter if the team isn't miles ahead this year, but let's just say they are.... I would take the change and go all in for the chance to be elite. If it fails again, it is time for wholesale changes on offense.


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Against Ohio. The very first play of the game was one of the best plays called, ever! Guess what happened? Our player was overthrown. There wasn’t a DB in the surrounding zip code. Some people ask for people to be fired and wouldn’t know that person, if they were standing next to them! Fall Guy, much?


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That’s a point made for affect. There are some other stats also. They’re called consecutive starts on the o-line. Let me know if you can recite the starting line during the Outback Bowl. I’ll wait. Plus I️ don’t need to defend him. I️ can post facts, without doing that! I’m doing well in life and his well being doesn’t depend on my assessment or opine, as to how he did or didn’t do his job. But I️ think you’re under the impression, that your opine, matters! Rotf


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You criticize harshly for people who are confident that pep is a weak link but you are just as confident that he is great. Should we criticize you equally for being so knowledgeable that pep is awesome regardless of this season's results on the field? You clearly act as if you know more than the rest here regarding this topic.

Coach Carr Camp

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He runs an advanced scheme? SC players specifically noted how it took 2 series to pick up our route combinations because they were so simple. When a coordinator comes in your not supposed to just toss the first year out the window. When its a whole new staff, then you understand looking off in year one. But when your coming in to just work on passing game and it gets dramatically worse then something you're doing is not working.  


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It seems like college coaches tend to do their jobs right up until the end, whether that end is accepting another position or being removed from their duties. That part doesn't strike me as odd at all. 

Belleville is the town right next door to me, and it does seem to occasionally produce some talent - Ian Gold and Kris Jenkins plus a few others. For those that don't know, Lloyd Carr was an assistant coach in Belleville in the early 1970s.


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About time that all that noise about the 'Pipeline 9' meant something again. None of our commits (even in '19) are from those kids schools. I don't think until this we even offered any kid from any of them.

Which isn't much of a pipeline.

I did some quick 247 searches but nothing exhaustive. I hope I am wrong about this.


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While this may change,He said he hasn’t heard Pep has an NFL offer.sam said Pep was involved with questioning new offensive coach. He did say, though, that there may be a possibility of an nfl offer coming to Pep, but nothing on the table currently.

Reading in between the lines, It sounds like JH is likely to keep Pep around. He did sign a 3year contract


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Based on the structure I expect at least half of PepDrev to stay. 

If there was a chance Enos would be OC this year I would expect a lower first year salary in the OC provision (assuming offset language in his Arkansas contract, of course). Enos made $750k for 2017 and was set to make $800k in '18; if his buyout was for either of those numbers I'd expect M to come in below and let Arkansas pay the bulk of it. 

Mr Miggle

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if there is an offset clause. $150K was as low as they could go for a position coach, equal to what Brian Smith was making. How low can you go for an OC when you have position coaches making over $500K and have three $1M assistants? That's something the legal department would be expected to review.


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Assuming the approximate market value included other schools and not just Michigan salaries, I would expect them to come out with a number lower than $750k if there was a chance he'd be OC this year.  

The Michigan football budget is abundent but there's precedent that they'll let the other guy pay when they can. Fisch made $200k with passing game coordinator title his first year when he had the Jags offset in play. 

Mr Miggle

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going to have a title like Jedd had. Their contracts were both drawn up by the same legal department. I suppose Arkansas might be more inclined to challenge a lowball figure than an NFL team. The fact that Fisch got a $500K raise with no promotion the year after the Jags stopped paying him shouldn't escape their notice. Can you pay a full OC substantially less?

I don't see why you put the $750K clause in there if there was no chance he'd be the OC. I think it's likely that he will be. One clue is hiring one of his former assistant coaches. Another is hiring his S&C staff. Yet another is his experience level. He looks like someone who should have a role in play calling as long as Harbaugh sticks with his regular approach. 

Just calling him a position coach but giving him some play calling responsibility is a shady practice. I'll assume that's not the plan.


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I think Enos ends up the OC. The contract just makes me think it happens next year.

Interesting note on the partial offset trend. If that's not the case, on the hypothetical "what number could Michigan give him while he still gets offset $" front, there are several B1G OCs who make $500k or less so I think that would be a reasonable comp for a legal department to make the case for. Here's a salaries list that's not perfect but it was interesting to skim for me; at a glance it's more profitable to be a top DC than a top OC.

Mr Miggle

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Often quite a bit more money.

If I'm working for Arkansas, I'd look at schools with similar salary pools for assistant coaches as being more relevant than other BIG schools. If I'm Michigan, I'm looking at the lower numbers.

I see that Enos got a raise and an extension last year. He was due to make $850K this year and $900K in 2019. So it looks like Arkansas will be kicking in some money no matter what.




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I think he stays.. I also would think having Pep as the OC, and Drev OL coach, instead of three coaches trying to run the offense together smh it’s too much confusion. Living in Indy Pep wasn’t too bad from what i saw as the OC for the colts when Andrew Luck was at his best but that’s just my opinion.

Stringer Bell

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Pep is a nonentity as a recruiter, so this seems like a case where Michigan is just doing the bare minimum so they can say they tried.  But it is looking increasingly like Pep and Drevno will be back, which will place a hard ceiling on what we can accomplish next year.  Really strange that Harbaugh, the guy with the reputation of winning at all costs, is unwilling to fire his underperforming friends.  I wonder if Stanford Harbaugh would've put up with an offensive performance like the one we had this year.


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He might not have had the grades before, and now he does after last semester. I think Michigan asks for transcripts before offering.