Barrett likely to commit

Submitted by ammoguy79 on December 8th, 2017 at 9:48 PM
My son goes to school with Barrett and Goss and says that Barrett is likely to pull the trigger this weekend. He doesn't run in the same circles as Goss so no real info there. Barrett is a winner and used to performing at a high level. Good get for UM in my opinion.


Deep Field Sonata

December 9th, 2017 at 10:10 AM ^

I've watched video of Joe Milton. Milton had 10 TDs, 6 INTs as a seniot. Barrett had 16 TDs and 2 INTs as a senior. Rivals just dropped Milton down 84 places because he "contniues to make poor decisions". I'm just asking, if Barrett is not going to play QB, but will be playing on defense, is Joe Milton going to be playing QB?

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December 9th, 2017 at 12:53 PM ^

Barrett is not being recruited to play QB at Michigan. The HS stats are meaningless without know system, competition level, etc... He is being recruited primarily at RB/H-back with LB / Viper a possibility. Every analyst has confirmed this including Sam Webb and Jim S.

Georgia Tech is recruiting him to play QB - so if he wants play QB he can stay home and go to GT.

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Do you know where Joe Milton is going to be playing? QB? Elsewhere? I am only bringing up stats to get some jind of reference between Barrett and Milton. The number of interceptions for Joe Milton is high, 35 TDs to 19 INTs. He also fell in Rivals ranking last week for contuing to make poor decisions". Things will not be getting easier for Milton at the college level. BIG 1o defenses will be harder than any high school defense.


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Yes, Milton is going to be playing QB. If he starts or ever plays we will have to see. But he's coming here to play QB. 

Just because Barrett has better stats right now than Milton is not meaningful in numerous ways. One, Barret is a guy who has constantly been mentioned as having positional flexibilty, Milton has not. Just bc one has doesnt mean the other would move around too. Two, HS stats often do not tell the whole story for a host of reasons (competition, teammates, future potential).

You keep saying "Things will not be getting easier for Milton at the College level" and that "Big defenses will be harder than HS defenses". You dont say. This is true for nearly every single recruit in the nation. What great insight from you there. Milton has long been described as a high-floor prospect that with good coaching could blow up. He's the lotto ticket. You sound almost like you dont want Milton.

If your trolling or just obtuse, you should cool it and enjoy the MBB comeback going on right now. 


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Why do you keep trying to make the same point in everyone of your comments?   Stats don't matter in high school that much. Potential and talent does.   It will be at least 3 plus years before he(Milton) sniffs the field,  thats a whole lot of time to get better.   

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My comment about college defenses being tougher is directed at the commenters who say Joe Milton has a lot of interceptions because Florida high school defenses are too tough---comments that I haven't seen in this board--but I'm pretty sure could be brought up here---and I've seen everywhere Milton's high in terception to TD ratio is talked about. These commenters don't stop to think BIG 10 defenses will be tougher. My biggest objection to Joe Milton committing to Michigan, is because Milton committed here because Pep Hamilton said he sees Steve McNair in him. It's good that Pep Hamilton wants to work with a kid to get the optimum out of him. But I saw Steve McNair play. He wasn't just a beast. He was a mega beast. He was one of the top dual threats in college ever, probably the best ever. From all that I've seen of Milton, he does not look anything like Steve McNair. McNair was phenominal at scrambling and rushing. He was big and very hard to take down. Milton had a total of 366 yards rushing in 3 years of starting in high scool. It is possible Milton will become a starter at Michigan. But he has a long list of things to work on. I really don't think he'll ever pass Peters, McCaffrey, and now it looks like, Patterson. And from watching Kevin Doyle, I am excited. Have you seen his deep pass accuracy? Uncanny! As for Pep Hamilton, he has not had success anywhere he has gone. When he took over as Offensive Coordinator at Stanford after Jim Harbaugh left, the offense started taking gradual steps down from the high level it had been at when Harbaugh was there. Hamilton was fired from the Inidianapolis Colts. The Cleveland Browns went from 21st in passing offense the year before Hamilton was there, to 28th in passing offense the year he was there. Michigan went from 77th in passing offense last year, to 111th in passing offense this year. I know people will say that's all on the offensive line. I'm sure part of that is true. But looking at Pep Hamilton's history, I am also certain it is part him. This is the man who thinks he sees Steve McNair in Joe Milton. Do you trust his judgement? There's rumors Jim Harbaugh is going to hire another passing game coach, under some other title than what Pep Hamilton has. My guess: if this man is hired, Pep Hamilton is going to find himself being slid to the passinger seat of running the passing game.

One more thing, you said it almost sounds like I don't want Joe Milton here. But there's no question. It's true. I don't want him at Michigan. Peters, Patterson, McCaffrey, and Doyle, I defeinitely want ALL of them at Michigan. If Patterson turns out to be as billed, Peters will lose out to him. At that poiint, I wouldn't be surprised if Peters transfers out. That is, if Patterson transfers here. But who knows, maybe Peters could beat him out.


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You are either the most confused or the most confusing person on this board.

Michael Barrett is a high school QB who is being recruited by Michigan to play RB, but he could potentially play other positions.

Joe Milton is a high school QB who is being recruited by Michigan to play QB.

If Milton busts, so be it. It really has nothing to do with Barrett, because the two wouldn't be playing the same position. Michigan will still presumably have Patterson, Peters, McCaffrey, and Doyle competing at the QB position.

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It was not intentional at all that I've posted all this about Milton. I simply asked where would it leave Milton if Barrett comes to Michigan. Barrett, apparently, is not going to be playing QB. So there is no added issues for Joe Milton. He will likely be at 4th string. There were far more replies to me than I ever expected. I had replied to those replies. But now, I'm stopping. Youre right about that being too many on Milton. Though youre not right I am confused.


Have  nice day. Maybe we'll exchange comments in the furture. :-)

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Milton was a receiver before he played at QB. But Pep Hmailton says he sees Steve McNair in him. That would seem to be an indication Hamilton wants him at QB. Though Jim Harbaugh recruited Kevin Doyle at QB four months after Milton committed. Doyle threw for 308 on De La Salle. Milton has never gone over 300 passing. In fact, he has never gone over 300 passing and rushing combined. Some think he is a dual threat. But his film, and stats, do not support that. Doyle is actually a better runner. Video of him bear that out. After watching video of Doyle I could see why Jim Harbaugh wanted him.

Link to where Milton is talked about as formerly receiver, and being compared to McNair:


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I think they feel good about all six of those guys and they are all takes, so obviously there are more transfers coming.Friday, Oweh and Frere are game changers and if Michigan gets those three and Chase this class is really good. Lets see how Michigan closes.

Bigly yuge

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Could play RB, slot WR, LB, S, or QB. I love the versatility. If he were only a RB I would question why we would have 8 scholarships RB’s on the roster. This kid has some potential at multiple positions though, so let’s wait and see.


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has been high on M's recruiting board for a long time.  He was at the satellite camp in south Georgia.

I believe he will be the most productive "RB" in Michigan's 2018 class.


December 9th, 2017 at 12:17 AM ^

He’s going to play on defense at LB with some offense sprinkled in.

In a moneyball-type approach, I think the staff is targeting some of these fast athletes w/o natural positions and think they are undervalued/a market inefficiency.