Jarrett Patterson decommits from ASU

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Will visit Michigan this weekend


Also Dan Enos has met with coach Harbaugh about a coaching position.  


This weekend is going to be great! Go Blue!



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Not worthy of a new thread, but any new news on Jedd!!!???  Staying at UCLA looking for head coaching position.  I know its unliekly and nera impossible he'll come back here with two Co-OCord. already....


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I thought he was a good coach.... Thats about it, he turned two average careers into NFL rostered WR's.  Seemed the play calling and passing was much more creative than what we watched this year, maybe some of that is due to personal.  My post wasn't necessarily a declaration of my want for Jedd back at Michigan more so I am curious to see where he goes next if anywhere.


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with Jedd.  He was with Okorn in 2016 and pretty much same results.  Jedd didn't coach Oline which was one of the biggest problems this year.  I think Jedd is a very good OC, just don't believe he was the reason Michigan regressed on offense. Michigan regressed on offense because of lack of depth at QB and being very young.


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While great news and I wish nothing but the best for this young man, where are all the studs who should be flocking to Michigan!?


Reality is there is a direct correlation between recruit rankings and quality of team, as long as we are pulling in 1 Top 100 Player (who may be exiting the class) to OSU's 10, we are in trouble.  We may win he occasional game, but until we recruit with Bama and OSU, playoff and BIG titles every year are just a pipe dream...

Perkis-Size Me

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That's bullshit, pal. 

Do you remember Dantonio going into Columbus two years ago with a backup QB, along with a team full of kids that guys like Meyer and Harbaugh never even gave a first thought to recruiting, and smacking around arguably the best team OSU has had in years? Talent is a big help for sure, but developing that talent, maximizing the strengths of your team and putting that talent in the best position to win games is far more important. 

Sure, MSU got bitch-slapped in the playoffs. But they at least made it. So your argument of playoffs and Big Ten titles being a pipe dream w/o recruiting like OSU and Bama is ridiculous. 


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Ok Pal, tell me which team is it that competes for National Championships and BIG titles almost every year...Dantonio 3 star army or Meyers 5 star army??  One example, one year of MSU hitting on A LOT of underrated recruits does not make a pattern.  Bama and OSU being at the top or at least top 5 of recruiting the last 10-15 years has led to what 5 or 6 national championships, many more appearances, haven't had a playoff were one wasn't included yet, but hey Pal, you got it right that one year, 2015, that one time lol….Dantonio is a great coach so is Harbaugh, so its not out of the realm of possibilities that we over achieve occasionally, but no one wants that here.  Michigan didn't hire Harbaugh and pay him 8 mil a year to occasionally achieve, he was brought in here to mold Michigan into a national powerhouse again, and again, its been proven there is a director correlation between recruiting success and on field success.


For you argument you would have bene much better served arguing for Oklahoma, but even then Baker Mayfield was a transfer soooo….


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Dan's a good guy.  A spartan but a good guy.  I have known him since high school.  I think he's a good coach but what do I know - I am just an unfrozen caveman lawyer and your ways frighten me.


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...but that kind of fizzled out at CMU.  Sometimes history & track records aren't good predictors of the future.  Does anyone here remember Gary Moeller's 3-year stint at Illinois and what happened afterwards?  I do. 

Enos was a very successful player and coach at MSU and I like the idea of bringing in a home-grown coach who is well respected in the state.  I have to believe he would be very good at recruiting Michigan and Ohio.


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DIdn't want to start a topic about this but has Shea Patterson been approved to start right away? I was under the impression that him wanting to transfer was conditional upon that.


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DIdn't want to start a topic about this but has Shea Patterson been approved to play right away? I was under the impression that him wanting to transfer was conditional upon that.


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i was selected as juror for a trial that the city of EL had against Enos when he was in school at msu.  the judge asked me if there was any reason that i couldn't be a fair juror.  i responded that i held some ill will against enos since his sparties beat UM that year.  that got a little laugh from the crowd. the judge let me off the hook anyway, since i was also stll a student at UM and it would affect my class attendance.