OT - Friday Night Hockey Tickets

Submitted by RyGuy on November 21st, 2017 at 12:49 PM

Hey folks!


My dad and are are looking to go to the hockey game on Friday night before The Game, but tickets are all sold out. A few tickets are on sale for $50+ each on StubHub, but my dad is stingy and I'm a poor grad student. Does anyone have two tickets they would sell to a fellow MGoBlogger for a little cheaper than that?


(If this isn't a desperate enough situation to warrant a blog post, apologies.)





November 21st, 2017 at 2:23 PM ^

Look at the Username: "Wolverine Devotee's Girlfriend"

My MGoBlog veteran status leads me to believe we have a "Wolverine Devotee Devotee" situation on our hands.

(Although I am ashamed to even suggest that, because that guy's execution was flawless compared to this rookie).