Late games open thread

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Northwestern just had a punt return negated on a garbage personal foul call



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I know it's a football thread, but does anyone have a stream for the basketball game? I can't find one. Also Bama looks not absolutely terrifying.


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To be fair to their fans, most of them felt the same way about Riley’s hiring as most of our fan base did about Hoke. Kind of a WTH? moment. They got what the AD paid for. Nebraska will move on next season and go for a big name or a legacy move like Frost. Either way, they’ll be better off. It’s a tough job though, I really don’t know who will want the job since they’re lacking talent and don’t have the recruiting cache they possessed in the 80’s and 90’s. That said...everyone said the same thing about Michigan before Jim arrived.


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There are lots of teams that overachieve given their recruiting and coaching. Nebraska's most analogous school is Washington. Look at Washingto three years ago and Washington today. They may have a ceiling of not being top-5 elite, but they can win their conference. Washington also has to recruit people from two states south.

And really, Nebraska can be Wisconsin, not like thy have anything in WI that Nebraska lacks


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After many years, they are facing the same reality many here have long realized. Any great institution has many advantages accrued over the decades of excellence, but those benefits are not permanent and are not the key factors of their past success. It is the quality of the people involved. 

It is scary that we've seen them go through the same pattern.

We tried an innovative genius (and I still believe RR is an offensive football genius just like Clark Shaughnessy was for the T formation) who unfortunately was not a complete coach.

We had an AD who despite playing under Bo didn't seem to really understand what Bo was about and what the team was about.

We had a very nice guy who understood the social and community role of the HC but just wasn't a HC at the level needed.

Finally we were darn lucky to have an interim AD whose business experience was about building up businesses and not flipping and stripping businesses. He saw what was needed and went out and hired the best fit HC available. He did this all quietly.

Good luck to them. Met a family that came here years ago on that Taylor Martinez team and they explained that the Cornhuskers are the only sporting entity in the state. Here was the Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings. Out there it is a long winter, spring and summer.


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Say what you will about both Notre Dame and Miami, "In The Air Tonight" was not a bad lead-in for the game on ABC, including of course the footage from 1988 and "Catholics Vs. Convicts". 


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it all kinda goes under how their dominance ended because well unsurprisingly it turned out the whole thing was built on a house of cards of blatant cheating and 'lack of institutional control' as a lifestyle choice.

For all the crap NC, Baylor, Tennesee and ND got for some of their antics surrounding player misconduct..Miami set the tone for all of that and yet somehow people think it's kinda cool in the way documentaries about 80s gangsta rap are cool.


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for dozens of recruiting violations - two years into the Schnellenberger era.

When people say he revolutionized recruiting, it wasn't because he had found some clean way to do it. I will admit that cheating in recruiting in the late 70s and early 80s was flagrant and almost everyone was doing it, so this wasn't yet setting them apart from their competitors.


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I've travelled to other stadiums lately and I know this is hardly an unbiased opinion, but:

1. The Big House is really special. The sight lines are really good and you have a unique experience of sitting in a classic stadium. Less appreciated but more so is that the whole build and appearance of the stadium is well thought out. Say what you will about the athletic coaching hires of Bill Martin, but that man does know his building and construction.  

2. Every place and every team have their own hype videos and their musical traditions. The Michigan Marching Band has very good volume and clarity.

3. The other places have as many ad placements as a Michael Bay movie. With apologies to these local firms for using them as an example, but I'm glad not to see an ad for Zingerman's, Meijer's, etc. 

4. We do not have regular fireworks and I'm ok with that.


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That theme ABC uses for college football now is so lame. It's just a 3 second jingle that's repeated. The only difference is a key change.

In the 90's and early 2000's, the themes they used pumped you up for some college football. ESPN's 90s theme was epic too.