Chip Kelly to UCLA?

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Not a huge Colin fan.  However over the years he has nailed multiple west coast stories, and early.  He's a USC homer who said today #alittlebirdie told him Chip Kelly returns to the PAC __ and takes over a team full of talent in Pasadena.  Couple things..

Does this mean we get Jed back? I know the rumor is out he badly wants to be a head coach, but to be passed up again would make me want to leave...

Any chance we get back in The DTR and Brevin Jordan sweepstakes?

Does TENN move quick, fire Butch, and go after Kelly as well, or do they settle for Les Miles, or Brohm? or other?

Same question in regards to Nebraska, do they move along quicker and go all in for Kelly, or sit back and wait for Scott Frost or Les, or other?





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Chip Kelley is or will be at UCLA, Arizona or ASU next year. But Arizona and ASU ( I was there this weekend for the Washington game ) both are doing better and are young. Kelley at UCLA would be. Nightmare for USC and they know it!

Keep an eye out for Utah coach as well, he may be making a move.


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Question: is Brohm the kind of guy who would pull a Todd Graham and go "One & Done" at a school?  

I don't know much about the guy, except he seems like a heck of a coach.  

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Does he have the cache right now to pull that kind of move off, or to where a "higher up" school would want him that badly to give him a shot after one year? 

I think if he was going to make that kind of move this year, he would've had to go and beat Michigan or Wisconsin when he had the chance. There's not really any marquee games left for him to make that kind of statement this year.

He's definitely got Purdue trending upward and he'll get a big boy job before too long, unless he wins out, grabs a solid bowl bid and beats a decent SEC/ACC team. Which is plausible considering how weak the last half of their schdule is. But I think most schools will prefer to wait another year on him before they make a move. Unless you've got a school that is really desperate and is willing to take a chance on him. 


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We know how partial Chip Kelly is to the west coast. Look at his draft picks at Philly. Mostly PAC-12 guys. I know UCLA doesn't have the same football expectations as USC but I think they're tired of scavenging for 7-6 records with a bevy of NFL talent and one of best qbs in cfb. Chip Kelly created one of the best cultures I've ever seen a program in cfb have when he was at Oregon.

Now you're telling me with the resources they have at UCLA in terms of recruiting and bringing in DTR, I think they would take cfb by storm with this guy. Make it happen UCLA, not like you're not already a pain in the ass to recruit against.

Now time for an unpopular opinion. USC should be jumping on the Kelly bandwagon before UCLA does. Believe me, there's nothing I've seen to suggest once Darnold leaves USC that they'll ever be more than 9-4 Washington, Oregon and Stanford cannon fodder. I'm just saying it won't happen, but if USC wants to b USC of old, Chip Kelly is your guy.

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Wouldn't surprise me at all if he went to UCLA. West Coast school in an area and conference he knows very well, he's got a lot of recruiting connections there and he wouldn't have to go further than 150 miles in either direction to recruit and field a damn good football team. UCLA already has a lot of talent to begin with so he could win pretty quickly. 

He'd have a QB coming in next year who can run his offense from Day 1, and while UCLA likely wouldn't put up with any seedy shit that would damage the school's reputation, I don't think they'd have much issue with turning the program completely over to him and giving him the total control he wants.


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Bad example.  Hope is among the richest colleges in the state.  They have incredible facilities, including a new student center and a science center that is second to none in the state, regardless of division or size of school.  Their sciences are only eclipsed in prestige by U-M among state schools.

As for athletics, Hope is one of the elite D3 programs in the country.  And their facilities are superior to most D2 schools and many D1 schools.  They have had a D3 national championship in at least one sport every year for many years. 

There are a lot of $$$ on the west side of the state and a lot of it has flowed over to Hope.  Next time you throw out a name to illustrate a point, know what you are talking about.

Go Flying Dutchmen!

BTW, O'Korn is the worst starting QB at Michigan since Rich Hewlett.  (we are all still trying to figure out that Bo move)



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there are so many things wrong with this statement.

First, check Hope's endowment, it lags far behind its Great Lakes College Association peers, and is 3rd or 4th in the MIAA.

Second, Elite D3?, not really,  very good, but elite?

Third,   No they have not won a national championship every year for many years.  They've won 3 team championships.  Two in basketball, one in volleyball.  You may count club hockey if you wish.

Fourth, Hope has great facilities NOW, but for many years they had some of the worst in their own league and didn't have their own basketball or football facilities. 


but you're dead on with the sciences.


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that Hope College is the number two science school in the state? And that it's facilities are second to none, not even UM and it's billions of dollars or recent constuction in the sciences.  Michigan has facilities that support individual science disciplines (Life Sciences, Chemistry, Biology, etc) that are each larger and in some cases newer than the entire Schaap Science Center at Hope.

I find these claims very hard to believe.  I could be wrong, but this sounds like a Hope alum talking up Hope.


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Hope may have a quality D-3 athletic department, but it is still D-3. It is a small school whose athletic department doesn't produce a profit. They are not spending millions of dollars to buy out coaching contracts.

Nothing wrong with the example. It's a small school on state that most people have heard of. It's a fine illustration.

Mpfnfu Ford

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Makes way more sense than any of the nonsense about him taking a fishbowl gig in the SEC. Guy doesn't like dealing with boosters or having to deal with outside media pressure. UCLA is the perfect gig for a guy like that, because it's in this huge market where UCLA football isn't even in the top 5 sports the local media covers/population cares about. 


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Read my comment again.  I didn't say they won national championshps.  I said they hosted national championships because of their excellent facilties.


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I just read my initial comment and I did word it incorrectly.  It does read that they won championships.  I meant to say they hosted championships.  My bad.

Water on the brain.  Still wet from MSU game.  lol



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I don't see Kelly taking the Tennessee job. Assuming all programs in the SEC East operate at maximum capacity, Tenn is third at best to Georgia and Florida. Throw in an annual crossover with Alabama that you are destined to lose each year as long as Saban is there. That's 3 games a year facing off against teams with much higher ceilings. Don't forget about South Carolina that probably has the same ceiling as Tenn (7-9 wins most years, occasional playoff run during a special year) along with a marquee non conference game every so often and that's 3-5 games per year that Tenn could easily lose.

Normally, this wouldn't deter a coach from taking a job. However, the Tenn fanbase wants the current coach out and he's just won 9 games in back to back seasons, which Tenn hasn't done since Fulmer. So if 9 wins is not good enough, the next coach has to exceed that most of the time. That means beating one of Georgia, Florida, and Alabama every year. That isn't happening as long as Saban is at Alabama. Georgia is trending up big time under Smart and eventually Florida will hire the right coach.

Now compare Tenn to UCLA. You are second fiddle to USC, but you still should be able to build the second most talented roster in the PAC 12. There is far less media/fan scrutiny at UCLA so you can suffer through the occasional down year without worrying about getting fired. Lastly, Los Angeles is by far the best place to live in the country if you can afford it and he'll be getting at least $5MM a year to chill in Manhattan Beach.

I would rank Nebraska second on this list. Of the three, you're probably set up to win the most in Lincoln but recruiting is going to be difficult and you have the same media/fan pressure as you do at Tenn.


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The equation is well-known available coach + underachieving name brand school in a big market that may soon look for a coach. His 'little birdie' may well be his own mind.

The thing with UCLA is that it's not a football school and it's not some flagship state university in a Southern or Midwestern state. There's not some army of outraged, football-above-all-else Boss Hog boosters there demanding they go and hire the biggest name available.

Kelly could end up there because it would be a pretty good environment for what he's trying to do, he's got experience in the Pac and recruiting California. At the surface it's a sensible idea - and that's probably why if I was a media personality trying to generate publicity it's the sort of rumor I'd fabricate.



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I feel like he could do better than UCLA. Everyone seems to think they should be better than they are, but they've never really had sustained football success and don't appear to care that much even when good.


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UCLA is a fine school, a beautiful campus and apathetic fan base.  They are more into basketball and a distant second to USC football. Surprised that Mora is not doing better.  The offense is good, but the defense is 119th.  Should be better with all the West Coast talent.


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He just tosses out stuff.

Bill Moos to Nebraska from Washington State may be the domino that starts everything moving. After spending like a drunken sailor at WSU, he may buy out Riley and go looking. Meanwhile, who wants to work with Leach?