Chip Kelly to UCLA?

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Not a huge Colin fan.  However over the years he has nailed multiple west coast stories, and early.  He's a USC homer who said today #alittlebirdie told him Chip Kelly returns to the PAC __ and takes over a team full of talent in Pasadena.  Couple things..

Does this mean we get Jed back? I know the rumor is out he badly wants to be a head coach, but to be passed up again would make me want to leave...

Any chance we get back in The DTR and Brevin Jordan sweepstakes?

Does TENN move quick, fire Butch, and go after Kelly as well, or do they settle for Les Miles, or Brohm? or other?

Same question in regards to Nebraska, do they move along quicker and go all in for Kelly, or sit back and wait for Scott Frost or Les, or other?





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To go there. I don't see Chip going to Omaha. The Pac 12 would be more exciting. On the return of Jed that would be great as well. He shouldn't have left. 


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Trev Alberts moved UNO up to D-1 in 2010 but eliminated football as part of the move.  Speculation is he got his marching orders from Lincoln.

Always struck me as weird.  It felt like UNL was literally scared of a FCS program 60 miles to the northeast taking some of their fans/resources.

Nebraska's not a big state, but it's bizarre that isolated D-2 Chadron State is the 2nd-best NCAA football program in the state.


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D-1 is a different animal than D-2 even if you're just an also-ran in the FCS. If UNO believes it is D-1 quality everywhere else it is a logical move, and dropping the money/resource sink that is football is also logical. Maximizes resources for sports they can actually compete in. Besides, hockey is their flagship.

Lincoln may have had a preference, but I doubt they cared enough about a lower level team to exert any influence over it. If EMU dropped football, it wouldn't be because Michigan was concerned about a neighbor draining resources. Nebraska can't be much different.


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Fisch was Passing Game  Coordinator when Okorn passed for 59 yds last year.  Fisch was passing game Coordinator in Iowa too.  Our passing game went in tank after Speight's injury.  The guy just has not been the same.  I like Jedd Fisch, but this year has ZERO to do with him leaving.  I think Harbaugh has been, is,and will always be the QB guy. Pep is every bit the Passing Game Coordinator  that Fisch is. 


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I don't see Jed coming back.  He has a OC position so not sure why he'd leave that to come back to the position he just left (unless we got rid of Drevno and Pep to give him full control).  If he wants a HC job, he'll leave UCLA for a head coach job.

Meh, don't pay attention enough to other teams commits to care about that right now.

I'd be shocked if Kelly went to Tennessee (especially if UCLA is an option), although they'd be crazy not to pursue him.

Frost is going to Nebraska.


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Chip Kelly gets mentioned everytime there is a coaching search. Just like Jon Gruden. Colin is not saying Chip to UCLA, he says he expects rumors. You don't have to be Nostradamus to predict that.



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I can see Chip out there again. Defense seems to be optional out west for the most part. I would think DTR would stay because he would fit in well with Chip Kelly and his offense imo. I think TN would make a push for Brohm and Nebraska will def go after Frost because he played there.


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Mora is not getting fired.  Go look at this contract.  No way UCLA pays him out and then hires Kelly.  No way.  UCLA does not have the money to dedicate to that. 

uncle leo

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The University of California, Los Angeles has the money to buy out a contract and sign another big one? A school that reported a 6.7 billion dollar budget last year and a 4 billion dollar endowement in 2017? One of the biggest universities in the world? 

This isn't Hope College. UCLA would fork over that money in an instant if a big name wanted to come take over.


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There zero chance any of UCLA's endowment funds or state appropriation goes toward Mora's buyout ($11 million!?!?). Don't think their AD runs much of a surplus, either. 

If UCLA's boosters want Mora gone, they're going to have to find the money themselves. (And don't most of them care much more about basketball than football.)


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a lot of these buyouts at public universities are funded with private money, I believe. If David Geffen or someone wanted to make it happen, they could.  I'm not aware of a big-money UCLA sports booster like a T Boone or Phil Knight for UCLA though.  Maybe they'll get a consortium of boosters.


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It's not that simple. It's a state school and although the University may have a large endowment, the athletic department is not a huge self funded entity in terms of cash reserves. 

You'd likely need approval from third parties who have an education first bias before you could dig into the general fund for Chip Kelly type money.

Money has always been a consideration for UCLA football. Big difference between them and USC.


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They have lots of alums and a fair number of fans.  Most in a wealthy part of America.

It's really weird that UCLA has been basically irrelevant for the entire 21st Century.  They have a lot of structural advantages for success in football.  They shouldn't be going 7-5 every single year.


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There have been various proposals over the years to buld a stadium in Westwood.  The land is theoretically there (Drake Field).  The locals are very politically opposed though.  And that part of LA has some exceptionally powerful and wealthy locals.

That said, if you have to play off-campus ...... the Rose Bowl is a hell of a beautiful venue to play at.  

I guess UCLA theoretically could consider moving to Inglewood and the Rams new stadium.  That's closer (as the bird flies) to Westwood than Pasadena is --- but also involves the 405.  


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and does not fill up.  It's rarely more than half full because it is such a pain to get out there from Westwood (and the general sports apathy/better entertainment options in LA).

On the other hand, you play your home games in the Rose Bowl and you go to school at an elite public university in Los Angeles.  Recruiting has not been the problem at UCLA.  They've had top 20 classes the past four years, which is about what Clemson has done and it's as consistent as any school outside the top 5-7 powerhouses.

Coaching is just mediocre to bad, especially on defense.