OT: Who in the World Cup do you root for now?

Submitted by Helloheisman on October 11th, 2017 at 9:44 PM
With the United States being out of the World Cup, does anyone have an alternative option at hand? Do you go based on family lineage, favorite player(s), or favorite style of play? Of course if you're a citizen or dual citizen of another country it goes without saying. This is really weird for me, as my whole life the USMNT has been in every World Cup. Me? I'm hoping my boys from the Emerald Isle can pull off an upset of epic proportions to make it through the Euro playoff. Being Irish-German, it feels to cheap to throw my hat in for Germany.



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I like when people throw around "millions".

There are 326 million in the USA. A million people is 0.3% - nothing.

The largest soccer viewership in USA history, the womens world cup was 25 million or 7% of population.

111 million watched the Superbowl, or 34%.


Couzen Rick's

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Just to play devil's advocate, I'd argue a high percentage of soccer viewers more actively engage while watching vs the viewers of the super bowl, a sizable portion of whom just have the game on in the background during a watch party while not actually watching/caring about the game itself.

That being said I'm definitely not trying to argue that more people actively watch soccer than the super bowl.


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Arguably top 2 best player in our generation.  I prefer him to others because he seems to go about his business, rarely dives and I've never witnessed a game where he fakes an injury to draw a card.  He seems like a classy player (Real Madrid fans will likely disagree) and he's delivered for his team.  I'd like to see him win one to cap off his career. Sucks Pulisic will be watching from home.  He's the best U.S. player I've seen and shows a lot of heart, unlike some of the other players on the pitch last night.  


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I agree with you on all points. I am rooting for messi in this one but I'll be keeping a close eye on all my Man City boys. Jesus Fernandinho and Ederson with Brazil, David Silva bosses games for Spain, Kompany and KDB along with Hazard and Lukaku make Belgium a very entertaining side. Aguero and Otamendi with Argentina, Gundogan and Sane for Germany, Stones, Sterling and Walker for England and Bernardo Silva with Portugal all make for a lot of games to watch.


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"Arguably top 2 best player in our generation."


The word you're looking for is "unquestionably." The word "arguably" really only applies to him when discussing his placing amongst Maradona and Pele.

Hard to understate how incredible it is that two all-time greats in Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo have risen and stayed head and shoulders above the rest together at arch-rival clubs for so long. Their talent, their performance, their impact... it's incredible. The only real disappointment is that neither has really played for a great WC side that could use their talents. Maybe Messi does something great next summer, but history is against him.


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doesn't qualify as a great WC side? Messi was thissss close to getting that ultimate prize.  Many contend that if he had won that WC, he could/should be considered the best of all time (with Pele or Maradona as the competition).

In 2006, they had the second highest odds (per oddsmakers) to win the WC and in 2010 they had the fourth highest odds.

They've always had a great WC side capable of winning it all (except maybe this year).


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Thanks for the comment, this is good healthy discussion. I'm too young to consider Pele as part of my generation.  He did most of his work in the 60s, early 70s.  Others will argue that Maradona or/and Ronaldo are better players than Messi, partially because they've won trophies at the international level.  I don't know enough about soccer to engage in those conversations.

"Maybe Messi does something great next summer, but history is against him", is all the more reason for me to root for him.  Root for the underdog, and hope that one of the greatest of all time can bring home a trophy for his country.  I assume he's a GOD in Argentina.  Is there a bigger word for him if he brings home the world cup trophy?

*btw, I always enjoy reading your posts*

Other Andrew

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But also my wife is Argentinean, which pretty much makes me Argentinean (futbolisticamente).

When they lost to Germany in 2010, it was on her 30th birthday. It was.. not the best party of her life.

I'm still not over the 2014 final. I'll never be over the 2014 final. It ranks up there with a short list of Michigan' greatest football tragedies (which I shall not name here out of courtesy to the rest of you, but yeah, I know you have your list that likely overlaps significantly with mine). Losing the final in extra time, especially after completely blowing two gifted chances (Higuain and Palacio) during the match was devastating to the fans. I cannot imagine how it felt for the players. I've lost countless hours of sleep thinking about it, and I'm just some guy. Though Messi's face when receiving the Golden Ball kinda sums it up.

Then they went on to lose two consecutive Copa America finals, both on shootouts.

They're disorganized and are not likely to perform well unless they significantly change their approach. Most of their best players are about four years too old to excel. But with Messi, they have a chance. The guy deserves it. He's going to play his heart out. I hope he wins.

Gucci Mane

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Teams I will root for in order of preferance......Mexico, Germany, Poland, France, Spain. Pretty realistic chance the winner comes from that group so yea me !