RIP Tom Petty

Submitted by Kevin13 on October 2nd, 2017 at 3:41 PM

Just finished a tour last Monday and today died of caridac arrest..


Everyone Murders

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He was really an interesting guy, in addition to his musical gifts.  Sorry to learn of his death - and hope his family can take comfort in knowing his music touched many of us.


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Fuck me. Lost one of few Band of Brothers left yesterday. Bad start to the week.

"Malarkey....Malarkey...that's slang for bullshiat isn't it, private?!"

"Sir Yes Sir!"

"Rust on the butt plate hinge spring Private Bullshiat, revoked."



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I just saw him at the Hollywood Bowl a week ago Friday.  Put on a great show, sounded awesome and was great to the fans.  The Bowl fines performers if they go past a certain time.  He started the show by saying "They fined us $5,000 for playing past 10:30 last night.  Let's make it $10,000 tonight because we are playing to 11:00."  

Learning to Fly and Last Dance With Mary Jane . . . great, great songs.  


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I went to a show at Pine Knob in 1980 (Damn The Torpedoes tour).  I kept telling myself it was time to catch him again, but something always "came up".  Stupid.

A toast to one of the good guys.


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Glad I got to see him twice. Both great shows. When I get home the wife and I will tune up and play his songs. Same as we did with Glenn Frey helps a little. 


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Once as the headliner, years and years ago.  I think that the Fabulous Poodles were the warm-up band.

Also saw him on tour with Bob Dylan.  Petty/Heartbreakers played a warm-up set and then reappeared as Dylan's back-up band.

CBS News is reporting that he's gone.

Loved some of his really early stuff.  "I Need to Know", "Too Much Ain't Enough", "Listen to Her Heart", etc.


October 2nd, 2017 at 4:18 PM ^

Into the Great Wide Open was the first CD I ever bought. I won VH1 tickets to see him at MSG in 93 and was in the 18th row. Among the best concerts I've ever seen. Saw him play on the Wildflowers tour in 96 on a beach. He was awesome. RIP.


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with Stevie Nicks is my favorite work from Petty. Hit the angst of every teenage boy that got yanked around by 'that' girl, myself included. Plus he was singing with Stevie freeking Nicks, so there's that, too. I like a lot of his solo work, but to me, that song stands alone. RIP Tom. Sing a song for all those that arrived with you.

KC Wolve

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They have been running his stuff quite a bit on Pearl Jam radio on XM recently. It got me to flip to his station a few times as I haven’t listened to him much since I was in high school. He had some awesome songs. Wish I would have seen him live.


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Tom is one of those musicians I've always LOVED -- much like David Bowie -- but I always thought, "oh, I'll catch him next time he comes to town," but never did. And now I never will.

I'm spinning some vintage TP vinyl this evening, for sure. 


Mike Damone

October 2nd, 2017 at 4:29 PM ^

a tremendous late 70's/early 80's influence, helping Rock recover from the shitty Disco era, while keeping a New Wave edge that sounded fresh into the late 80's.

Damn it - hate losing the great ones!

Cranking "I Need To Know" on my way home tonight.

RIP, Tom Petty.


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"You wreck me baby. Yeah you break me in two."

Saw him in Pittsburgh in June. It was a bucket list concert for me. Reflecting on it now, he was saying goodbye as well as celebrating 40 years.


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Well fuck that. Shit like this is exponentially worse when there’s no warning. So glad I was able to see him play a few years back. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been this upset over a singer passing away.


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This one hits home. I know in the past year we've lost legends (Prince, Bowie,Cornell, etc) but Tom Petty was supposed to be immortal. 

He was one of those rare voices in which he could be 66 years old, and still sound the same as he did in the 70's/80's.





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As a native Michigander now translplanted Florida cracker I always felt Tom was sort of Florida's answer to Bob Seger.  BTW florida cracker isn't a race thing, just what they call native Floridans which I could never be of course but, nvm, it's just a Florida thing.


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Gone too early at 66. Seems so young these days. Was lucky enough to see him on 3 occasions, twice in really good seats at Red Rocks. Both those shows are among my top ten personally attended concerts of all time.

Funny Petty story relating to Michigan football. 10/16/2004, Michigan at Illinois. We were tailgating in a fairly cozy lot near Memorial Stadium in Champaign. Nice morning, sitting in camp chairs jamming Wildflowers on CD. Had run through all 15 tracks and looped through a second listening of "You Don't Know How It Feels." Changed discs at that point only to have a trio of Illini dudes walk up. Their alpha leader: "You killed the Petty." Me: "I can put it back on if you'd like." Him: "Please." Played it a second time all the way through.

Personal favorite song: "Don't Come Around Here No More." Great (nasty) break-up tune. Rather cathartic.

Tom was a true American legend. RIP.