MSU Snowflakes

Submitted by MGlobules on September 30th, 2017 at 7:20 PM

This will be your repository for thoughts about how MSU looked today, and how the game will play out next week. Of special interest: whether Lewerke and his various receivers are likely to have much success against our D. 



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 another thing , iowa is really one of the weirdest teams in college football. i read where purdues qb, blough, threw for almost 500 yards against them last year. they beat rutgers 14-7 get blown out by psu and florida in the bowl game. but beat michigan! makes no sense.


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his boyos hitting hard at the outset, but count on Michigan to be very well prepared for this matchup. Lewerke will have no time in the pocket, has no real backs to rely on, and will get walloped when he tries to run. Meanwhile, Harbaugh will run plenty of plays that make O'Korn look good. Michigan in a walk. 


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that game is going to hang on for along time. i even find myself thinking, if sparty can win a game like that anything is possible. and yet no matter how bad michigan wanted to win during those dark years, sparty still was able to spank michigan. it is going to take more then msu just wanting to win to  stay in this game.


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The only thing that might make me worried is the rivalry factor which can make games close when they shouldn't be. That said, I don't see how State is gonna move the ball on us. As long as we resemble second half Purdue on offense we will be golden.


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They want to play the game in a small space and chew up the clock.

I am sure Bush and company will bring a level of speed and tenacity that will overwhelm MSU, but can our O move the ball and score on a regular basis. We need some big chunk plays to turn the game into a rout.

Bigly yuge

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MSU always pulls out all of the stops against us. I would take that +17 and take it to the bank. Iowa is not a bad team, MSU just beat them. I expect a game similar to last year. MSU will come out and try to pound it down our throats. They’ll stay in the game for awhile, then our wolverines will wear them down.


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An additional thought just came to me: MSU is lucky that they have such an awesome, experienced, automatic field goal kicker. That's always nice to have against a stingy defense like Michigan.

It sure would be really unfortunate if he were something like a freshman who's 2/3 on the year with a long of 40, and a very short miss in their most recent game. That wouldn't bode well, would it?


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Sparty will plan on shutting the run game down and making O'Korn or Speight win the game. Can the O-Line give them time they need to play clean? No turnovers and we win by 14....I dont think Lewerke can beat us with that offense. 


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Solomon. Get the immovable objects in the game and force MSU to test the edges where the UM speed will be advantageous.

I want to see JOK from frosh year at Houston with the darts down the seams and deep to push the horrible MSU secondary.

I really think the only chance for MSU is a turnover fest by UM or the officials allowing a ton of holding by MSU (both OL and DBs).


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They'll play tough and with passion. They are not the tire fire they were last year. But I have not seen them play remotely to the level necessary to beat Michigan this year, and on the road that's a tall order to ask for a team that is basically a scrambling QB and luck.