Harbaugh rips poor facilities at Purdue

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Harbaugh -- will do for visiting team "standard of care for the visitors" on multiple levels.....this is coming off Purdue game...

— angelique (@chengelis) September 25, 2017

Harbaugh "gamesmanship that is not sportsmanlike....locker rooms too small" no ac, no heat

— angelique (@chengelis) September 25, 2017

Harbaugh -- "gamesmanship should cease at the line of health and safety for the players"

— angelique (@chengelis) September 25, 2017

Harbaugh says it's not just Purdue, but he's absolutely blasting Ross Ade facilities. Said training table looked like it was from 1920s.

— Matt Pargoff (@MaizeBlueNews) September 25, 2017

Harbaugh wishes he had taken a picture of injury table at Purdue.
"I mean, it looked it was from the '20s," had rips/tears

— Adam Biggers (@AdamBiggers81) September 25, 2017

Urban Meyer agrees that that "Absolutely" there should be a standard for visiting locker room facilities etc. for programs in Big Ten.

— Tim May (@TIM_MAYsports) September 25, 2017

Purdue owes @CoachJim4UM an apology. This is embarrassing.

— Hammer & Rails (@HammerAndRails) September 25, 2017


Perkis-Size Me

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Good for Harbaugh on calling the situation for what it is. An embarrassment. Purdue is a Big Ten school. They're not the SCLSU Mud Dogs. Can't tell me it's not in the budget to have some fucking A/C running through the building. Had someone feinted or worse, even gotten a heat stroke, that's all on Purdue. 

If it was accidental and the A/C unit just went out, then so be it. Bad timing but it happens. Just get someone out there to fix it. If it was a deliberate attempt to give Michigan a disadvantage, then I hope the AD is getting his ass out to a press conference right now to issue Michigan a public apology. 

An act like that, if it was deliberate, is just downright classless and despicable. Bush league shit. If you have to resort to pettiness like that, you don't belong on the same field as your opponent. 


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Check out the books by Jon Falk. It was one of the many tasks he had during his team. Being sure the visiting team had the basic things one would expect - it isn't a hotel but it isn't some bush league stuff like this - otherwise we'll be back to the days, when the team will suit up at the hotel, and then go to the game, and then go back to the hotel to change. It is simply embarassing for Purdue - modern facilities often have multiple uses and so having decent lockerrooms would be a plus.

Consider that Michigan Stadium has hosted multiple international friendly matches between some of the greatest soccer clubs in the world - Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, etc. Michigan was always praised for the good facilities, and professional set up - they just wish we had a wider natural turf field - if we did it would be a certain that if the World Cup returns to the US, Ann Arbor would get a look for a game.

The medical issue is the most troubling. Even little kid leagues have rules stipulating some type of medical personnel be present at a game, usually a nurse, NP, PA or doctor. And somehow these teams nearly all comply. That Purdue can't figure out how to do this is pretty embarassing. 

I get the whole "we've always done ok doing this since 19xx" argument, but times change. Kids today who tear up a knee aren't looking at a lifelong limp or even ending their careers. So, it is not unreasonable that there are some basic minimum standard.

Purdue visits here in 2020.  


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Before the renovations in the early 2000s, Michigans locker rooms -- home and away -- were dreadful, and if I remember correctly, didn't have AC. I could be wrong, but they were hotter than hell. And they were cramped. Freshmen had to sit in the showers to get out of the way during the halftime talk.

But times change, like you said. No excuse nowadays. Purdue seems like they are 20 years behind, and they've done it intentionally.


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Purdue intends to upgrade the visitor locker room in the future.

No excuse not to have A/C, ventilation, clean and serviceable bathrooms, medical tables and equipment

Article about Purdue University's intentions to upgrade its football facilities and comments by Athletic Director Mike Bobinski:LInk: http://www.jconline.com/story/sports/2017/07/14/more-purdue-football-facility-projects-upcoming/479847001/

Completed Projects:

1. $65M football performance facility (DONE, opened in August)

2. New stadium lights (DONE, finished in August)


1. South end zone project ($300M)

2. An updated game day locker room inside Ross-Ade Stadium for Purdue football team ($2 to $4M dollars)

Once the performance facility opens, the football team will vacate their current locker room on the first floor of the Brees Academic Performance Center. That area will be converted into a new and improved academic space.

The Boilermakers currently use an area underneath the east side of Ross-Ade Stadium during pregame and halftime.

Looking long term, the newly created game day locker room will be converted into the visiting team locker room once the south end zone project is completed.

While we want to make it functional, we don’t want to make it overly nice,” Bobinski said, laughing.

“We want to create a space that works and accommodates our team.”



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Speight was subjected to a dangerous and illegal hit. Referees need to be held criminally liable for NOT doing their jobs and citing infractions this egregious. Football is dangerous....but in instances like this where the safety of players is breached,Referees who fail to do their jobs and uphold rules should force some type of liability. They will stop missing these calls then. These refs allowed for Speight to be injured on a hit in which the guilty party should have been tossed from the game.


September 25th, 2017 at 3:36 PM ^

What is the refs job? Uphold rules correct? So if they fail to do this in a fashion that results in players bring injured...potentially seriously...how is this ridiculous. If a ref is found to miss multiple targeting calls....thus allowing defenders to play overly aggressive in fashion...subsequently resulting in a player being hurt....how is this a ridiculous suggestion? The refs job is literally to ensure a safe and legal playing environment. Agregious failure to do so should absolutely result in some type of accountability up to and including criminal if they're found to be derelict in their duty.....which is literally safety.

Michology 101

September 25th, 2017 at 4:17 PM ^

Come on, now. I mean, we would have a lot of good referees quitting and some people who would make good referees deciding not to even take those jobs if they could face possible criminal charges.

It's tough enough to find good college football referees as it is.

Michigan Made

September 25th, 2017 at 5:32 PM ^

Setup Review monitors covering various camera angles at different parts of the field to check on infractions. if they were smart NCAA and the NFL would be getting ahead of this thing quickly. Big Ten has some of the worst officiating in the country. the conference makes plenty of money to be paying these refs, or rehiring better ones, to make the game much safer. no one's immune to lawsuits with regard two brain damage..


September 25th, 2017 at 4:23 PM ^

I'd say the refs are upholding the standards of the league that employs them. If they are showing a pattern consistent enough to punish with criminal action I'd assume you could sue the B1G for allowing that ref to Continue to work games.



September 25th, 2017 at 3:41 PM ^

The verdict was that ultimately the player committing the infraction would be liable....unless there was an established in game or historical trend of such dereliction of upholding the rules, resulting in concussions or player injuries. So if we are looking at an isolated incident....the avoidance of medical culpability is there. However, two events could realistically result in a logical case against a referee who allows "gameflow" counter to the rules and safety of the game to take place. In the event that this "gameflow" results in a player injury...particularly a significant one....if not flagged and cited and agregious in nature.....yes....the referee could become liable. The result could be linked back to his or her inability to provide a safe field of play. In this instance....missing that dangerous, play is over....back of the head targeting call on Speight is agregious and deserved of penalty and accountability. Hard to argue otherwise.

Michigan Made

September 25th, 2017 at 5:20 PM ^

about the Shane Morris hit and subsequent concussion in the Minnesota game. Complete helmet to Chin hit. But all the screaming was at Dave Brandon instead of the officiating and the player who hit Morris. yeah Brandon deserved what he got because of how he handled it but very little was in the press about the player who did it or the officiating during it. Anything questionable should be reviewed regardless of an official's call. hiring a few official per game to be watching for in the backfield . Even after the fact, he received a concussion they should have been looking through that film to see who caused it and whether or not it was an infraction. after the game if need be. You're talking about the neurological effects of concussions lasting for years and getting worse as you get older . It doesn't take much to damage the pituitary gland. Unfortunately because they don't review without an official throwing a flag you're going to have more injuries with games played against teams like the cheap shot Boilermakers.


September 25th, 2017 at 5:23 PM ^

Your attorney has the right idea. It's hard to hold someone (ref) liable for something someone else did (player). That's not hard to argue at all.

I think the ref should have to answer to the league, but not the Court. What could he have done to prevent the hit?

That said, I agree the hit was filthy and he should have been flagged at a minimum and probably tossed.

SF Wolverine

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pink locker room -- OK.  Stuff that affects health and well-being of athletes before, during and after game is unsat.  Be nice to have a commissioer with cojones who could issue a one-paragraph edict to that effect this afternoon.  Purdue embarrased itself, and if they one save themselves, Delaney should do it for them.


September 25th, 2017 at 2:06 PM ^

Makes me wonder why some places are hard to play in. I hope Harbaugh continues this verbal protest. Hell, if entire teams can sit out the national anthem maybe our team should just get dressed and taped on the field in protest of unsatisfactory conditions. Embarrass these half ass athletic departments and their lack of respect and attention to detail. I bet all of their respective offices have AC. Bastards...


September 25th, 2017 at 2:04 PM ^

There should be some facet of the B1G governing body .....non-partisan that inspects facilities to ensure no foul play or substandard environment is provided to Any visiting team in any stadium. The players don't receive any money yet the stadiums rake in millions per game......the money to at least ensure the players are subjected to piss and shit infested bathrooms is not much to ask. Simple air conditioning in 2017 should be a damn given. Disgusted with the B1G and it's sorry ass "brass" for their continued lack of monitoring officiating and conditions such as this. Complete amateur hour. Shameful.


September 25th, 2017 at 2:30 PM ^

I found multiple sources saying they built a new 'nicer' locker room for visitors in 1985 and at least then Notre Dame coach Gerry Faust mentioned that locker rom had air conditioning.

Did he remember it wrongly or what happened to that A/C since 1985?


September 25th, 2017 at 2:50 PM ^

The latter may be true, but it feels odd.  Purdue's hosted plenty of September day games before (including one vs. Cincinnati that I was at in 2016 - sunny and 85 that day.  Not quite as hot as Saturday but certainly close).  That issue seemingly would have come up before.

If the A/C is broken ... yes, Purdue needs to find a way to fix that before the game.  The hoops arena is right there, even use that as a "locker room for today" if absolutely necessary.  It's fundamentally unfair for one team to have A/C and the other team not to.

As for a small locker room ... that's part of playing on the road - you don't have the same "creature comforts" as at home.  I don't think that falls under the "fundamentally unfair" bucket.


September 25th, 2017 at 3:28 PM ^

if Purdue hasn't had A/C there for 30 years ...... it's just odd it's never come up prior.

Seems like a "known issue" that would have gotten on Jim Delany's radar at some point during his 28-year reign as commissioner.  ("Hey Morgan Burke, it's Jim Delany.  Spend $10,000 and find a way to air condition that visitors locker room, or else I'll need to take action myself.  We have standards here in the Big Ten.  Good bye.")

Frieze Memorial

September 25th, 2017 at 2:44 PM ^

I've always thought this stupid stuff probably has the reverse effect most of the time.  Michigan was pissed when they came out, was that really your intent, Purdue?

The Visitor's locker room at Michigan Stadium should be like my great-aunt's house: lots of overstuffed armchairs and TVs that only get the Hallmark Channel.  Put out a bunch of tiny cookies and petit fours with some nice lukewarm tea.  In the center: a huge mural of an apple-cheeked boy thieving a pie off an old pull-cart.  A bowl of ten-year-old hard candy would be a nice touch. 

I never walked out of there with any anger or energy, mostly just stupefied malaise.


September 25th, 2017 at 3:01 PM ^

just saw him and that no nothing blonde he has on his show, and of coarse they both agree that harbaugh is stupid and has no right complaining about it because, who does he think he is? she went as far as to say if he doesn`t like it he should contribute money to getting them fixed.