Harbaugh rips poor facilities at Purdue

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Harbaugh -- will do for visiting team "standard of care for the visitors" on multiple levels.....this is coming off Purdue game...

— angelique (@chengelis) September 25, 2017

Harbaugh "gamesmanship that is not sportsmanlike....locker rooms too small" no ac, no heat

— angelique (@chengelis) September 25, 2017

Harbaugh -- "gamesmanship should cease at the line of health and safety for the players"

— angelique (@chengelis) September 25, 2017

Harbaugh says it's not just Purdue, but he's absolutely blasting Ross Ade facilities. Said training table looked like it was from 1920s.

— Matt Pargoff (@MaizeBlueNews) September 25, 2017

Harbaugh wishes he had taken a picture of injury table at Purdue.
"I mean, it looked it was from the '20s," had rips/tears

— Adam Biggers (@AdamBiggers81) September 25, 2017

Urban Meyer agrees that that "Absolutely" there should be a standard for visiting locker room facilities etc. for programs in Big Ten.

— Tim May (@TIM_MAYsports) September 25, 2017

Purdue owes @CoachJim4UM an apology. This is embarrassing.

— Hammer & Rails (@HammerAndRails) September 25, 2017



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Tangentially related - was a little thrown off that Speight had to leave the stadium to get his examination and x-rays.

Feel like there is a full list of updates the stadium needs related to player health.


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from football games and direct them for design and development of a visiting team locker room at that high school level football stadium they play in.

Perhaps a few graduate level engineering students could design the locker room in a directed study course.

Fort Wayne Blue

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About 5 of us went to the game.  Pre-game we hung out watching players run on and off the field for warm ups and then stood around to see the team afterwards as they got on their busses. Here's what I noticed:

  1. FIrst, the locker rooms is an actual, stand alone building just outside of the stadium. I was surprised by how tiny it was. 
  2. Several players were standing outside of the building in the shade. 
  3. There was a big ice box, like you'd see at a gas station to put bags of ice in, right outside their locker room.
  4. The way that the horse-shoe stadum was set up was a bit weird. There used to be small bleachers in the open end, but now its kinda set up like a beer garden. But on either side of the beer garden were entrances into the stadium, and the only way people could get to their seats were the same entrances the players used. When the players entered the field, they literally had to stop fans from entering the building. I almost got stuck in these lines as they closed down the entrance just before kickoff....there hundreds of people who didn't get to their seats until mid-first quarter.
  5. It was hot. There was an announcement over the PA that Purdue had 4 watering stations around the building, for free. My brother went just before kickoff to fill up a water bottle and it was empty.
  6. they announced that if somebody was having a heat related emergency to look for people in yellow shirts for help.....
  7. After the game, a few hundered of us waited outside the locker room building for the players to come out to get on the busses. There wasn't a rope line or any security presence outside the stadium gates....and the players, coaches, and staff wandered through us to get on the busses. It led to a bunch of cool high-fives and great picture opportunities, but seemed a bit sketch for security sake.
  8. As we were walking back to our cars, we walked by the officials all getting into their cars. Just in a random parking lot.


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What you describe there literally resembles what my high school was like.... and my high school had a sub-par athletics park to put it politely. 

Separate and small building for a locker room, empty water coolers, officials getting into their cars in a random parking lot near the field. Brought me back to my HS soccer days. Absolutely embarassing this is a D1 university in the B1G. 


September 25th, 2017 at 3:23 PM ^

very high school-ish.

Their old south end zone bleachers ------ I don't know how those things weren't condemened at a point.  I was at a game there in 2012 and there were - literally - kids running around underneath.

Don't forget: they had a sinkhole form in the middle of the field last October!  Luckily for them, they didn't have a home game for another couple weeks.


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Really bad look for Purdue. When I saw a tweet during the game on Saturday stating they had to drive Speight in a fucking van to a nearby facility to get a simple X-Ray, I knew the standards in West Lafayette just weren't where they needed to be. What a shame. 


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I believe athletic contests in the state have to have an ambulance in waiting.

I'm not sure if an ambulance would fit in the tunnel, so they would be stretchered and taken off on one of the carts specifically us d to transport injured players. At a minimum, they would use this to get the player up the tunnel and out of the stadium. They'd probably use it to get them all the way to Schembechler.


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Yeah again total difference. The pink locker room is stupid but it’s not potentially putting anyone in harm’s way. No AC in a locker room in a sport where everyone has to wear tons of padding is dangerous.

Having no x-ray ability on site or improper equipment to administer medical care is dangerous.


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Covering up the pink has been going on since the Schembechler days. 

Bo would make the coaching staff cover every inch of pink with newspaper, wrapping paper and anything else they could get their hands on before the team ever stepped foot in there. 

I assume Moeller and Carr continued that but I don't remember them talking about it that much.  

Blue and Joe

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The pink locker room is good gamesmanship. It doesn't affect player safety and has no real impact on the game. Opposing teams make it a bigger deal than it really is. Like how Michigan covered it in posters last year. That was more of a distraction than leaving it pink. It's just a locker room. It only has power when you give it power.

Victor B

September 25th, 2017 at 5:27 PM ^

Exactly. Just how we turn off the hot water in the visitors locker at Michigan Stadium for certain opponents. Good type of gamesmanship. What happened at Purdue has nothing to do with gamesmanship. It's just lack of facilities. They didn't turn off the a/c, they never installed it. Now if the motive to not install it was to make the opponent suffer as opposed to a money/building issue then it's bush league. Have they responded?

State Street

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Purdue should be fined for the AC nonsense. No way is that an oversight. Of course they had no problem installing it in the home locker room. This shit has brought more embarrassment on the conference than Rutgers ever could.