Sponsor Note: Fly with the Second-Hardest Working Man on the Planet

Submitted by Seth on September 13th, 2017 at 11:38 AM


Just to avoid the argument, let’s say Jim Harbaugh is the hardest working man on the planet. Shortly into Harbaugh’s Michigan career we identified a challenger: Zach Eisendrath, whose job it would be to wrangle said Harbaugh into properly performing all of the perfunctory, non-football jobs required of him. On his first day of work Zach got Harbaugh vs. Cowherd—no free rides, sonny!unnamed

Today, Zach is working on the comparatively simple task of building a private jet empire. His new company Big Game Air puts together flight charters to get fans to the game and back in luxury. Big Game Air is a first-of-its-kind provider of luxury game day travel experiences for the ultimate sports fan, providing same-day round-trip travel accommodations on private jets. Zach on the first trip this weekend:

Great first trip – Jehu Chesson joined us fresh of the Chiefs win over the Patriots. Had a group of season ticket holders on our flight, including former player Paul Manning.


We also traveled to Columbus last week for their game vs. Oklahoma. But for Michigan – we have four remaining trips scheduled – Michigan State and Ohio State at home and Penn State and Wisconsin on the road. Marlin Jackson is joining us for the Michigan State game.


Our schedule per seat is out of Chicago right now, but if anyone is interested out of Ann Arbor/Detroit for road games or New York, we will also do planes from there as well. There is a wait list function they can sign up for those games from.


We co-brand the Valiant tailgate with John Wangler, so all of our clients get to go to that tailgate with all of the former players and the likes of Brandstatter, Jansen and Dierdorf.

Everybody got round-trip travel via private jet, complimentary in-flight drinks and snacks (including alcoholic beverages for adults over the age of 21) and ground transportation to and from the stadium. The trip also included a special pregame VIP Tailgate in the Champions East Lot just steps away from the tunnel at Michigan Stadium.

Big Game Air also provides FULL PRIVATE CHARTERS to Michigan football games for Michigan fans across the country. For more information or a full quote visit BigGameAir.com.



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Can you name any free site that does it less annoyingly than us? I mean, we need to make money to be able to do this for a living, and we turn down companies for editorial that we don't think can provide something of benefit to our readership. I know not everyone (including us) can afford this kind of thing, but not everybody who reads this site is buying a house or Bo Store gear or staying downtown or is even an alumni. And this particular advertiser was closer to Harbaugh than anybody save Sarah for 2 years. 


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I think you guys are least intrusive when it comes to advertising.  No annoying video ads that auto play on page load.  No banner ads between the OP and replies.  You pretty much keep all advertising either along the perimeter of the site or in a tastefully executed post format.  Job well done.  

Now I'll return to making snarky Big Baller Brand references.


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Every site I visit has ads. But I can't think of another site I visit that makes the ads part of the actual content as consistently as this site. To me it's offputting, but it sounds like most folks like your approach better than the standard way, say a news site does it with an ad or two embedded in the text and a handful of those horrible clickbait ads at the bottom. Maybe I just notice the ads here more because you do it differently than other folks. 

I do appreciate the lack of autoplay ads. I will say thanks for that. 


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I appreciate all the work you guys do with these ads to soften up the people to the idea of enormous tax hikes for the rich.

But I do think there could be more synergies. E.g., maybe you should get a discount on a ticket if you buy a $5,000 watch.


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Top of the board has to be the most expensive spot for advertisement on the site. I have now clicked on it 4 times and each time I wonder "is this the same thing from earlier?... Top of the board so lets see". 

Its more of an inconvenient annoyance (AKA not a big deal) so if its bringing in the big bucks I will train my mind to skip the top board post moving forward.