Option scheme question

Submitted by wolverine1987 on April 18th, 2010 at 9:02 PM

Forgive the question, which may be apparent to the more scheme oriented among us. But is the option run, where the QB goes parallel to the LOS and has the option of running or pitching to the RB ala While/Slaton, a part of our current offense? Both Tate and Denard had problems with the read option last year and so the run option wasn't really a part of what we did consistently, at least to my view. But I assumed that as (particularly) Denard got more skilled in the offense, that we would see that this year. I don't recall seeing it in the spring game, So is that something we still have in the playbook, or have I not paid enough attention?



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that was being run yesterday. Tate made a stupid mistake of pitching the ball to Shaw when he should've just kept the ball and take it for a minimal gain/loss. Instead he pitched it to Shaw while the defender was in between Tate and Shaw. It caused a fumble that resulted about 10-15 yard loss. Instead of no gain or a couple of yards loss, it became a 10-15 yard loss.

Denard would be better in speed option than Tate because of his running ability, but the QB must be able to read and make correct decisions because a mistake will often end up with a disastrous result


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speed option. It's a triple option where Tate made a mistake. I can't remember if it resulted a turnover or a big loss of yardage.

By any rate, Tate tries to do too much which is why I think Denard or DG would be better suited to run it because they would make better decisions and they're less prone to try to do too much with the ball in their hands. It helps that both DG and Denard are superior runner than Tate.

Tate just needs to realize that he needs to play within himself, instead of trying to do too much. As much as I like his improvisation, it can be a bad thing, but at the same time, that's what makes him a good QB.


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Rich ran a speed option at WVU along with a triple option where the backs are on both sides of the QB, about a yard behind him. The QB can give the ball up the middle with one back or run it around as an option with the other back. I'm sure this will be in the offense soon enough, but Rich has said that he only has about 70% of the offense installed. This is likely in the other 30%.


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We ran the speed option first against Iowa last year I believe. It was the play that got the Daily in trouble and then made RR install more practice spying countermeasures. I believe it was the Daily (correct me if I'm wrong) that described the play in the practices leading up to the Iowa game.


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shouldn't have put out special plays out in the paper which is why RR got real mad. That's the main reason why practices are closed for the most part.

I know the Daily were excited to see special plays, but their inexperience shows because if you are supporting a local team, in that case it's Michigan, you shouldn't be telling the world on what they have been working on.


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Another reason you might not have seen it in the Spring Game is that RR and staff don't want to tip their hat. It's been said that they would "cut back" the playbook for the SG so as not to provide film for the upcoming season to opposing teams. And so it was; most of the plays were pretty straightforward minus a broken play here or there that caused some wow-factor from one of the QBs. So basically I'm saying we need to stop fretting about what we saw and didn't see on Saturday. There's still 6 months till the first game and I'm sure RR and staff have plenty up their sleeve for us then.


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Yeah. The play-calling was very vanilla and they're not going to show anything that wasn't used much last year or not at all.