What other Michigan forums have you posted on?

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I am curious what other UofM message boards/forums you guys have posted on in the past, and maybe still do?  

I'll start.  I used to post on the espn.com UofM message board.  And I'm not talking about the MDen insider one that was around for a couple years with TVH posting in it, but espn.com used to way back in the day have message boards for every school and team.  They also had a forum for each conference and general one for each sport.   I remember espn message boards disbanded completely around 2011.  Kind of sad.  


I also used to post a little on mlive... yeah, it had its trolls that everyone points out (anyone remember azfootballfan?) , but it could be pretty entertaining at times and there were still some decent posters in the early and mid-2000s.    Probably many of you don't know, but all mlive forums went away about a year ago , and so now all there is is the comment section to articles.    It kind of sucks as it was a good platform for Michigan high school sports discussions and there's not really any of that anymore for the most part.  


Edit: and no, twitter doesn't count :).  But private facebook groups do.  Does anyone else post in the Michigan Football Recruiting HQ



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GBMWolverine message board.  It is a little ingroupish but the analysis is often quite good and professional. I discovered both this board and GBMWolverine from a NY Times article about the best sports discussion blogs. I follow Touch the Banner but do not post on it. 

Craptain Crunch

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GBMW is the place. Is it as entertaining as MGOBlog? No. But, GBMW has the insight as true football coaches with decades of experience post there. Does this site have any poster of the caliber of CoachBT or Doc4Blu when it comes to coaching that post on a regular basis?


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I was on the Michigan Football HQ that is on FB for a short time. They only like irrational or overly homer-ish fans that fawned over the admins. They were ran by Billie Gordon whose claim to fame was a part in Eddie Murphy's Coming to America. They would ban anyone for  innocently asking about a mod action (i.e. "what happened to my post about me and my son attending our first game?") while allowing scammers with fake conditions dupe people out of free tickets, etc. When I responded to a post with, "Hopefully this doesn't get deleted", I got a firm scolding for "discussing admin/mod actions". I laughed and left. Not sure what Billie and his flunkies are trying to accomplish over there (ego stroke?) but don't bother, it isn't worth anyone's time. The content and community here is far better.


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There are two popular groups,  The Michigan Football HQ  and the Michigan Football Recruiting HQ.  I have heard many similar things to the one you describe about The Michigan Football HQ.      The Michigan Football Recruiting HQ is pretty good and our own Seth posts and there and even someone that writes for Scout.  


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On MLive, I remember a poster named "StJoeMFan" or something like that. Almost every morning he posted the St. Joseph, MI weather report and every morning the same handful of people responded to it. Seemed grumpy (and possibly senile) ....


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Yeah I remember StJoeFan.  He was quite an interesting guy and on there all day every day it seemed.  I got kind of used to him after a while.    Definitely was an old-school guy.   His sidekick that was always on there was named "WolverDog."  There was also the OSU troll name "WhatsYourDeal" who wasn't even that much of a Michigan hater but more just a complete weirdo in general.  Some of those posters post over here now I see by recognizing their usernames.  


Edit:  WolverDog actually posts here now that I think about it, assuming it's the same guy.  http://mgoblog.com/users/wolverdog

Wolverine In Iowa 68

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I remember White Shoes (who signed all his posts 'Shoes), an OSU semi-troll who went by AJ Hawk (who could be halfway decent sometimes), and a few others, but I quit about the time I moved to Iowa in 2010.


I don't even remember what my username was on there *lol*

UM Fan from Sydney

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Years ago, I'd frequent the M Zone, but no longer. I sometimes visit the Michigan Scout and 247 forums. This is the primary source for Michigan material, though, and it's not even close. I also used to love posting on the ESPN forums, but they got rid of those years back. Those were actually really fun.

oriental andrew

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Although I do peruse the board at TTB.

Otherwise, I'm more a Michigan blog follower (MnB, TTB, HTR, MVictors), although the golden age of blogs has passed us by (iBlogForCookies, Autumn Thunder, RBUAS, the MZone, When Carcajous Attack, Varsity Blue, Michigan Sports Center, Burgeoning Wolverine Star...)


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MLive 1999 - 2005ish as AndyGoBlue

Rivals.com 2002 - 2007 as Andy-go-blue

MGoBlog 2009 - present

If you were on rivals.com in 2005 and 2006, I wrote the Flashback Friday features, a detailed look at a past Michigan football victory every Friday to keep the football juices burning during the summer.

YouTube started around this time and I eventually discovered it and started my thing once I realized there was next to no Michigan football content on there. Some dude named Brian Cook kept linking my vids and when I finally decided to check this place out, I wanted to stay. It was perfect timing too because I needed to be among many people who felt my pain. It was year two of RichRod and things were NOT going well.


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Small world. I remember the days on MLive where you didn't even log in to comment. You just signed your screen name for every post or reply you made. They changed it in 2001 to where you had to log in with your screen name because people were impersonating and making offensive posts under your name.

Way too many buckeye fans invading the place that were obnoxious as hell...even during the John Cooper years where they had no legs to stand on.


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many years on Rivals, but grew increasingly annoyed with their mods. Most had been there a long time and just became rude and thought they knew everything and when you would fact check them most of the time they were wrong.  Finally left there about 1 1/2 years ago when I found this blog and love the fact it's free and they provide tons a great information.


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I used to post on the ESPN Michigan board from around 2005-2008 I think. Anyone remember that abcd character? He Was . . . . U-Nique . . . . .


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I occasionally peruse and post on TTB, during basketball season I'm regularly reading and sometimes posting on UMHoops, and for years I was a Rivals member until I finally decided to let my subscription lapse*.  I also read the WolverineNation or whatever they called the ESPN Michigan site, back when it first launched and was run by Tom VH and (I believe) Chantel Jennings.


*I don't know if it's still this way but previously you had to call in to Rivals to cancel your subscription, which I find annoying as hell.  Luckily for me the card I used for my previous renewal was cancelled (due to a potential security breach), so I just deleted the slew of "your billing information is out of date" emails and happily moved on with my life.



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Great for latest updates on fishing n hunting regs.... last fall there was a tailgating post for wild game recipes.... my contribution was roasted lion (nittany).... very salty.


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I look at TTB and 247. I used to go to Rivals and mlive. There were a lot of other blogs from years back I'd go to. Varsity Blue was one of my favorites back in the day. 


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r/CFB is about it. It's very refreshing being on that forum. Most have a brain and douches are not allowed. I love that MSU fans on r/CFB hate RCMB


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The original MZone!  

The author, Yost (NTY), was very funny.  

When the site got up to 1 million hits he said something to the effect of We're excited to get up to 1 million hits, or as Brian over at MGoBlog calls it . . ."Wednesday".

And nobody could troll Ohio State like the original MZone.




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posted there for 10+ years - but it's become an absolute ghost town.

Have migrated here for any interaction with U-M folk - I like visiting opposing boards (less insular vs. staying purely on your own).


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Most of my board activity prior to this site was hockey related - USCHO (although it's not specifically UM), and michiganhockey.net.  I also used to own umhockey.com, so I spent a decent amount of time on that site.

Also posted occasionally on Motownsports.com, which was primarily a Detroit Tigers site, but they did have a college sports section with some decent discussions.

I Love Lamp

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Is the only other site I generally visit. I have an account (still love lamp), but I rarely post over there. I sometimes post on sbnation Michigan related topics, usually giving shit to the couple of sparty asshats that make their usual bs comments.