What other Michigan forums have you posted on?

Submitted by BeatOSU52 on July 11th, 2017 at 12:40 PM

I am curious what other UofM message boards/forums you guys have posted on in the past, and maybe still do?  

I'll start.  I used to post on the espn.com UofM message board.  And I'm not talking about the MDen insider one that was around for a couple years with TVH posting in it, but espn.com used to way back in the day have message boards for every school and team.  They also had a forum for each conference and general one for each sport.   I remember espn message boards disbanded completely around 2011.  Kind of sad.  


I also used to post a little on mlive... yeah, it had its trolls that everyone points out (anyone remember azfootballfan?) , but it could be pretty entertaining at times and there were still some decent posters in the early and mid-2000s.    Probably many of you don't know, but all mlive forums went away about a year ago , and so now all there is is the comment section to articles.    It kind of sucks as it was a good platform for Michigan high school sports discussions and there's not really any of that anymore for the most part.  


Edit: and no, twitter doesn't count :).  But private facebook groups do.  Does anyone else post in the Michigan Football Recruiting HQ



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I generally enjoy that too, but I'm not a fun of the constant brigading and downvoting of people simply for having different opinions. On here you downvote for stupid comments, rudeness, and general asshole behavior. Over there, the minute you say something against, say MSU and their "issues" this spring and summer, all their fans come and throw a hissy fit.

Clarence Boddicker

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Okay...I'll play. I have the "Clarence Boddicker" name reserved on Rivals, though I rarely post there, and (I think) 247 but have never posted there. I've posted on TTB as...wait fot it...Clarence Boddicker, but not too often. I'm also a huge Yankee fan and post on a fan site called River Avenue Blues...also as Clarence Boddicker. I just love this persona.

Cali's Goin' Blue

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For me personally, this site is the only one I want to comment on. I follow a few other blogs/websites for other sports teams and the comment sections are usually filled by people with really bad takes, and many of the intelligent commenters spend half their time bashing these people. That happens on this blog occassionally, but usually in much funnier ways. 


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is one of the best gifs of all time.  Like, I cannot tell whether the "smoke-frost" device is the cause of the pain or supposed to be relieving it.  Without additional context, it just looks like a really brutal torture method.


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The Facebook recruiting HQ group for all of a week. Too many fair weather fans as well as irrational homers. Sticking with this blog (that I rarely comment on, I'm generally just a reader) and my circle of friends that give each other Michigan and Detroit sports updates/opinions.

Goggles Paisano

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I used to post a bit on MGoWolverine or something like that with Erik and CoachBT.  That was during the RR era and was probably how I found my way over here.  The discussion over there was kept mostly to football (lots of x's and o's).  Coach was always very insightful and he used to say the talent during the RR era was lacking and that we were not as athletic as UM's teams of the past.  I never wanted to believe him but he was usually spot on.  

Goggles Paisano

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I'm glad you liked it.  My brother who is 50 and a classic rock n roll geek put me on to these guys the other day.  He said there was this new band out of Frankenmuth that is really good and sounds like the Rock n Roll we grew up on.  The band is Greta Van Fleet and the song is Highway Tune.  These guys are barely old enough to drink and yet they sound like Zeppelin.  


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Agreed--some gems in there RE: insider football stuff on occasion.  Also they'll occasionally post really beautiful photos from national parks, and a few interesting OT topics.  


But overall it's way too poltical.  Particularly on the original/left wing board, it gets really, really personal.


The worst part on all of them (Victors Board mostly) is they are so self-referential.  At least 50% of the content is just flame wars between posters & gossipping/whining about who got banned or should get banned, etc.


Still, in the slow months, I'll post on here, lurk over at the Edge of the Internet (occasionally post on the conservative board), and also post on Rivals & Scout DBs.




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None, and just finally made an account here the other day, after reading for many years.  Most of the time if I end up on another Michigan site it is because it was linked to here.