Drake Johnson Gets 6th Year

Submitted by Primo on June 28th, 2017 at 3:36 PM

Per Sam Webb on Twitter, Johnson has received a 6th year of eligability for football as well as track.  I believe that Harbaugh has said that Johnson will not be back, but my reading of the quote is that he sort of qualified it by saying he didn't think he'd get the year.  Is there a scholarship available?





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But, I would imagine he will use it just for track. Has he even practiced with the team in over a year? He would be so far down the depth chart, at this point, that I can't imagine him getting any playing time.


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At some point, I always hope these kids - whether fringe players or stars - stop and pause and say, "is football really worth my long term health?" The kid has had how many ACL/knee injuries? At some point, there's more scar tissue than real tissue in there... 


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Given that grad transfers have been pursued, my guess is that there's a scholarship available for someone. Isn't the practice of the staff to allow fifth year guys to compete to "earn" an extra year spot on the team? Some guys are obviously needed, but a guy like Johnson may just be given a chance in practice and nothing more.

Which isn't to predict what will happen if that occurs. 

If a track scholarship is available to him, he may choose to pursue that for his sixth year since he would count against the scholarship totals for both teams even if it's track that's actually paying the grant-in-aid. 


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I don't think you can. I remember 20 years ago that Miami or Florida State tried to hide football players on Track Scholarships. And the NCAA changed the rules. That you are on a football scholarship first if you play 2 sports.

But if he stopped playing football, I have no idea how that would work if he only ran track.

rob f

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Drake was our best RB. He just wasn't given a chance by Hoke to prove it.

And now, after multiple injuries and an unfortunate encounter with a forklift, are his legs still capable of performing well enough to again earn playing time? Will Drake even get a chance to show us?


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it probably allows him to complete a Masters degree from Michigan. Hope to see him in a football game or track event next year.


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...how the scholarship numbers work out and if he has a spot waiting for him. And even if there is a spot, I don't know if he would see the field. However, I would love to see him come back and transition into a coaching career. If I remember correctly, he was helping Wheatley last year--while he was injured--with coaching on the field. As many of us know from his interviews, he has a great personality (funny and bright) and he speaks really well. I know coaching is much more than that, but history suggests he would work his tail off to excel at it. Furthermore, he could be a guiding voice in the locker room for a lot of the young guys that need it during these critical early years. Harbaugh loves having him around too. Maybe it's a little wishful thinking on my part, but I can't help feeling that he has a lot more football left in him, even if he never sees the field again.


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Good for him. Hopefully they find a spot for him. And honestly, I could see him earning some time in the backfield. He's shown he can be at least as productive as Isaac or Higdon, and if it saves a redshirt for a guy that's a bonus.