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Brian December 18th, 2008 at 12:48 PM

Ticket deal. Hey, kids, if you're wandering around without basketball tickets for early January the athletic department has a deal for you: buy a $10 general admission ticket to either the Wisconsin (Dec 31) or Illinois (Jan 4) game and get a free one to the Ohio State (Jan 17) game.

Get tickets. Go. Get tickets. Go. Deytikerjeeeh.

Wunder Boner. I present this as a gift to our friends at the RCMB. A certain hat in this commercial will make it a staple of WalMart Wolverine threads for years:

You can show your appreciation by losing next year's football game. Thanks in advance.

Torrenty. For those in search of the Duke game, MGoVideo has posted a torrent in DVD format.

Obsolete. I was about to mention this line in a Tom Deinhart article on coaching changes

Don't be shocked if Michigan makes a change at defensive coordinator.

…when someone IMed me saying that Shafer was outtta heeeeere. But there are a couple interesting notes in it anyway:

EMU wants to hire a coach by Christmas

Word is Eastern Michigan would like to hire a coach by Christmas. The names floating around are Notre Dame defensive coordinator Corwin Brown, Grand Valley State (Mich.) coach Chuck Martin, Iowa receivers coach Erik Campbell, New Orleans Saints tight ends coach Terry Malone, Michigan running backs coach Fred Jackson and Louisville defensive coordinator Ron English.

All have University of Michigan ties except Martin.

That's what you get when you bring Lloyd on as a consultant, I guess. EMU is a death job so I seriously doubt someone like Brown or English—young up-and-coming sorts—would put their necks on the line for three years of failure, but Campbell and Jackson may never get another shot at a head job. Losing Jackson might ding recruiting—his son, of course, is a 2010 commit.

Also there is this on ND:

Charlie Weis survived at Notre Dame, but his staff may be shaken up a bit. Among those who could be gone are offensive coordinator Mike Haywood, defensive line coach Jappy Oliver and offensive line coach John Latina. Strength and conditioning coach Ruben Mendoza also may be gone.

I can't believe Latina still has a job after the disaster of a 2007 season, let alone this year.

And this on Clemson's DC search:

Clemson's search for a defensive coordinator appears to be focused on former Tennessee defensive coordinator John Chavis and former Auburn defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads.

Chavis and Rhoads would be prominent names if Michigan decides to go outside the program for the DC hire.

About that, though. The Georgia Sports Blog notes that Rhoads has talked about the DC job at… Auburn!

Chizik would offer little insight to the makeup of his staff. The Birmingham News reported Monday he told Tuberville's coaches at a staff meeting Sunday night that they should seek jobs elsewhere. One source close to Chizik said, after that meeting, he talked to defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads and linebackers coach James Willis about staying.

The post linked above also mentions that if Willis does decide to bolt he would be a tempting target for another SEC team:

Did I mention that Auburn's linebacker coach James Willis is probably available to help some lucky SEC school's LB corps play much better?

If Hopson is the guy at DC, Michigan will be looking for a linebackers coach (or, I guess, a secondary coach—current DL coach Bruce Tall has coached the secondary, LBs, and the DL in his career). Willis has the onfield chops and was reputed to be one of Auburn's better recruiting assistants; he's got a lot of Southern ties that Rodriguez treasures.

Etc.: Evidently Minnesota's recruiting class is quite a bit better than the average Glen Mason effort; mea culpa.



December 18th, 2008 at 1:15 PM ^

I've never burned a TS_folder to a playable DVD. How do I do it? I have the folder on my computer, but can't get it to burn on a DVD that will work on my player.


December 18th, 2008 at 1:34 PM ^

The longer this goes with no announcement that Hopson is being promoted, doesn't the likelihood of him getting it diminish? It strikes me that if Hopson were the number one choice that we would have seen an announcement by now.


December 18th, 2008 at 2:18 PM ^

The only reason RR hasn't made the decision public yet is that Casteel doesn't want to formally announce he's leaving WVU until after their bowl game. Keep in mind that Casteel initially decided to come to Ann Arbor with RR, but then backed off. Now that he's seen one full season of the Stewart era, he'll drag his family here whether they like it or not. That will give some of the WVU fan base the excuse to drag their effigies of RR out of the basement and hang him once more.


December 18th, 2008 at 4:51 PM ^

every time one of those Sparty girls (females! not the hockey team) spoke of us Wolverine dudes' prowess with the wunder-boner. They should be thanking US!! [i'm so ashamed for stooping to blue humor]