Isaiah Livers named Mr. Basketball in Michigan

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on March 20th, 2017 at 1:32 PM

On top of the Gatorade POY award (mentioned below), Livers was just named Hal Schram Mr. Basketball award winner as the best player in Michigan by the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan.He beat out MSU recruit Xavier Tillman for the award

Player, school, points, first-place votes, second-place votes, third-place votes

1. Isaiah Livers, Kalamazoo Central, 2,811 points, 333, 313, 207

2. Xavier Tillman, Grand Rapids Christian, 2,739 points, 363, 249, 177

3. Jason Whitens, Powers North Central, 1,911 points, 236, 173, 212

4. Greg Elliott, Detroit East English Village, 1,672 points, 145, 241, 224

5. Amauri Hardy, North Farmington, 988 points, 85, 120, 203

6. Jamal Cain, Detroit Cornerstone, 787 points, 50, 116, 189…



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I'll never go to RCMB, but I am very pleased to see that the 1,000 free copies of Strunk & White's "The Elements Of Style" have not been for naught over there. You can definitely see the improvement through the use of "slappies" and "fuck" now being correctly placed after the ellipsis. 


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Izzo will take 5* talent teach him how to hack on defense, crash the boards, and play ugly basketball....but only after he scolds him for 3 years and tries to convince him to stay for a fourth.

Beilein will take a talent and help him blossom in to a versatile threat that can shoot and play beautiful flowing basketball.

Congrats to Livers, both on winning the awards and choosing a school where he can learn to play skilled basketball from a great teacher of the game.

Tillman will come in as a freshman and his shooting percentage will fall by the time he is a junior under Izzo - it's the Sparty way.  At least his muscles will be bigger and he will feel disrespekted by the time he goes to the draft.


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Izzo's method is to staple talented freshmen to the bench and browbeat them until they agree to stay for four years.  He has no clue how to coach a team where his three best players are freshman.


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The Whitens kid is from a town 30 miles away.  North Central is a small UP school that now has the longest winning streak in the country. Two consectutive Class D state championships and still in the running to get their third.  Good story behond that program, but Livers easily deserves the crown.

Pepto Bismol

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The funny thing is, the "Beilein can't recruit" people aren't saying he can't beat out the likes of Creighton and Detroit-Mercy and Boston College for guys like Livers.  They're upset that despite the success of the Burke/Stauskas teams, he never really threatened to get in the mix and sign national recruits.

Ironically, you overshadow the Livers commitment by saying you'd rather have Mo Bamba.  Well join the friggin' club, Steve!  And we most likely won't get him.  He'll end up at Duke or UK.  Beilein is a helluva nice guy, a brilliant coach and an assett to the university.  But he is not Jim Harbaugh.  He has no desire to jump in the snake pit and wrangle top recruits away from the blue bloods.  Like it or not. 

That's not saying he'll never land another highly touted recruit and it's certainly no indictment on Isaiah Livers.  And obviously, we don't need that level of recruit to win basketball games.  But this is precisely the wrong recruit to throw out an "I told you so".


Starting this post with "And Beilein can't recruit" misses the mark by a mile.