4.46 for Darboh.....4.47 for Chesson!!!

Submitted by MichiganMan14 on March 4th, 2017 at 10:56 AM
Great times for both receivers! Get paid young fellas. Braden ran great yesterday as well at nearly 5.0. Terrific start for our boys!!!!



March 4th, 2017 at 1:21 PM ^

We need some more O-line depth in recruiting, but the D-line is setup.  Harbaugh will out-develop QB's relative to Urban and anybody else in the conference.  We should become a regular in the college football playoff.  

But to be on par with Bama we need to step up our O-line recruiting so we can run the schemes Harbaugh wants.  We can add spread concepts and wrinkles, but Harbaugh wants to be able to control games up front, run downhill, and have play action and roll-outs to keep defenses off balance.

Picking up the highest rate center (Ruiz) and supposedly college ready Filiaga this year was a great start, but we didn't get the O-line numbers we were hoping for overall this year.  A lot of variance exists in O-line recruiting, so numbers and development matter as much if not more than stars.  I'm hoping Hall becomes a solid contributor and Stueber is indeeda sleeper as many are suggesting.

That said, it would be game over for Harb-offense if we can start pulling in 6-7 highly ranked O-lineman a year like Bama and Stanford have been doing.


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I recall, vividlly, explaining to the ND fans - it was in good fun - prior to and after the TX-USC matchup why I was picking TX. I explained USC's greatest player would touch the ball if it were kicked to him or due to a play being called where he was the RB or primary receiver. In a game where the rosters were quite even, imo, I told them TX would win because their best player would touch the ball on every offensive play. I really didn't put much more thought into it prior to making my bets that netted me a decent amount considering the size and total number of bets. 

After, they kept saying, "Yeah but if Reggie doesn't do" referring to his notable screw up. I simply retorted in a friendly manner, "TX had the same amount of opportunities to commit unforced, and even thoughtless turnovers, but on every offensive play, especially the final one, the ball was snapped to Vince Young." 


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Showing some talent, speed, strength etc.  It's fun having so many of our dudes to follow at the combine.  Hopefully, will be come more of a tradition going forward like back in the day!


Mr. Yost

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I'm stunned with Darboh. I thought he would've ran in the high 4.5s.

IMO, he absolutely will get drafted ahead of Chesson now.

The talent we had last year was crazy.


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Still very confused what happened to Chesson this year - hopefully it was injuries and lag time coming back from injury or something.  Darboh as others have said, surprising speed for sure.

Samuel ran a 4.31 wow.  John Ross 4.22 sick.  He could have won an island!

Ross, who had 81 receptions for 1,150 yards to go with 17 touchdowns this past season, did not win an island for his trouble since he was wearing Nike shoes for his run.

Adidas had offered an island to any prospect who broke Johnson's record while wearing the company's 2017 Adizero 5-Star 40 cleats and then agreed to endorse the company's shoes for the entire 2017-18 season.

Adidas' offer included the caveat that an island would be awarded "as soon as reasonably possible" or that the company could pay the prospect $1 million instead.

"I really can't swim that well," Ross said. "And I don't have a boat, so, you know, I had to run in Nikes."

Nike signed Ross shortly after his record sprint, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell.


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Dang!   I knew Darboh was quicker than most thought but 4.46 is impressive.   With his size, speed, hand and route running I see Amara going no later than the 3rd Round!

Chesson, IMO lost a step after that knee and is still working his way back....stilll 4.47 is an excellent time for a guy coming off a knee.  I see Jehu going in the 4th or 5th round.


March 4th, 2017 at 8:15 PM ^

Yeah. Most people don't run 4.2s and the guys that do have a very particular skillset that they use. Ross uses speed and quick feet to get open--he's going to get paid. 

What's remarkable about Darboh is that speed wasn't the basis of his game at all. Granted, it certainly helped make plays like his two huge northwest corner TDs (the run against Colorado, the bomb against Wisconsin) but he first emerged as a possession type receiver who can make some tricky catches and move the sticks. This is just a good addition to the package.

For comparison, Devin Funchess ran a 4.70. Edit: Just discovered that Steve Breaston also ran a 4.46.


March 4th, 2017 at 6:05 PM ^

If we aren't laughing at what he's doing, we're listening to what he's saying, and I clearly remember Harbaugh telling the entire fandom Jehu was the fastest wolverine last season. Hell, we also saw it, Made big announcement vs. BYU on opening play and incrementally as Jake and Jehu both became more comfortable as the season moved along. 

It was also obvious something was very wrong this season because Harbaugh coached(includes staff, of course) players don't regress and the separation we became accustomed to toward end of last season simply was not there the entire season. Whatever it is, I do hope he regains it because it will be worth a lot of money to him if he's able to do so. But great job Mr. Darboh. With that big body and hand seemingly as large as an outsized ping pong paddle, some team might be getting an unexpected surprise. Good job wolverines and continued good luck all. 

Lot of money out there guys. Would love to see the wolverines grab as much of it as possible. We know you worked your asses off for it while you were learning your profession here. 


March 5th, 2017 at 12:50 PM ^

I am looking at the combine results for our two WR (here are the links)



and wondering why we did not get more production from our passing game.  You add Butt and it is even more disturbing.  The QB play was not great, of course, but with this type of talent, I would think that our WR should have had far better production.  It appears that we had the best receiving group in all of college.  Was Jedd actually shown the door?