Proper Apparel for Buying Football Tickets on Gameday in Enemy Territory

Submitted by k.o.k.Law on November 21st, 2016 at 6:48 PM

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In his Ticket Watch post, as a way to secure a lower price, Seth stated "especially if you can successfully hide your Michigan fandom." 

I went to the MSU game without a ticket, and, without any worry that I would find one at a reasonable price.

However, in order to avoid verbal assaults, price increases, or outright refusal to sell, by MSU fans, I wore this green and white shirt:
I saw a guy in his 60s holding one ticket, not exactly waiving it around, but it seemed to be for sale.  This was about half an hour before kickoff.
I stopped to stand next to him, and read the price out loud $120.00.
He said, well, it was 120, now it is down to 100.
I said I will give you $80 if you want to sell right now.
He said its a deal.
I said I would tell him what I was after the money for ticket exchange.
Upon completion of the transaction,  I told him I am a Michigan fan.
He steadfastly denied that, until I rolled up the green and white shirt to reveal:
He shouted "You scammed me!  You better not be loud, you are sitting next to me!"
I stated that I was at the game last year, and would have nothing to say until the final gun went off.
Now, when hustling for tickets in Buckeye country, my experience is that hunting clothes like this work well.
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Buckeye fans assume anyone decked out in hunter's orange is one of them.
Also, try to use one or two syllable words, grunts, and gestures.  
Anything more tends to confuse them.