Michigan has given every opponent so far its worst loss of the season

Submitted by SAMgO on October 24th, 2016 at 10:25 PM

Interesting accomplishment I noticed looking for transitive games on upcoming schedules - every single game Michigan has played so far has been the worst loss of the year for our opponents. This may be another statistic we have to play for the rest of the way out...

Hawaii - 60 point win, next biggest loss by 19 to Arizona

UCF - 37 point win, next biggest loss by 6 to Maryland

Colorado - 17 point win, next biggest (and only other) loss by 4 to USC

Penn State - 39 point win, next biggest (and only other) loss by 3 to Pitt

Wisconsin - 7 point regulation win, other loss in OT by 7 to OSU (giving us the regulation tiebreaker here)

Rutgers - 78 point win, next biggest loss by 58 to OSU

Illinois - 33 point win, next biggest loss by 25 to UNC

MSU lost by 24 to Wisconsin, so I'm sure we'll look to keep this streak alive in East Lansing (and we should be able to get there if we play as we have). Proxy war champs 2016, Go Blue!



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We are undefeated in both real record (7-0) and transitive record (16-0), meaning we have given every opponent their biggest loss. We are the only team in the country to do so this year.


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At this point in the season, all I want for for The Team to just win, baby. Margin is no longer important to me.

This week, that means it's time to smash MSU in EL.

Go Blue!


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I'm trying to think back
To preseason. But Jim harbaugh made mention in his own unique way about how special this particular team is going to be. Something about it being the second year and all of that. He really wasn't coach speaking. This guy knew that this team would be dominant. Now. Let's finish this season just as strong

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October 25th, 2016 at 12:29 AM ^

I remember reading that and being so awestruck.  I thought he was just amped and maybe got out too far over his skis.  But he knew what the fuck he was talking about.  This team is good enough to compete at the highest levels and they are getting better by the week.


Christ I never thought we would be this good this quick.  Thank God for Harbaugh.