OT: US Navy ship attacked twice this week

Submitted by StephenRKass on October 12th, 2016 at 10:38 PM

This week, for the first time in history, a US Navy Destroyer, DDG87, the Mason, was attacked with ballistic missiles. They were fired by Houthi rebels from a land-based site in Yemen. The first attack of two missiles took place around noon ET Sunday, the second attack with two more missiles took place today. I know that there was at least one hard kill (incoming attacking missile taken out with a countermeasure defensive missile from the Mason.) The ship continues under heightened alert as it patrols the Red Sea. The Pentagon has vowed retaliation, and this has been confirmed. There are two other ships in the area:  Destroyer USS Nitze and US Ponce, a ship that transports special forces.

This post is completely offtopic to the board . . . but is relevant to me because my daughter is an Aegis Computer Network Technician on this ship. Her job is to maintain and repair the network of computers controlling the Aegis Radar and Missile weapons system. That is precisely what protected the ship. My daughter wrote via FB, "We heard (the code for) "incoming missile attack, all hands stand by." She then added, "I just can't describe the feeling of knowing you could all possibly die in a matter of seconds."

Retaliation was planned prior to this morning's attack. With this second missile launch, a military response is virtually dictated from the US Navy. Follow the story, if of interest to you.

Now, back to our regularly programmed wife day and football posts.

EDIT:  latest news from Washington Post as of 11:15pm EST, Wed. Oct. 12:  Navy launches Tomahawk Missiles at Rebel Sites in Yemen after attacks on U.S. Ships.

According to the article 3 remote radar sites on the Yemen coast were hit by US missiles launched from the USS Nitze. This is close to real time:  the missiles were launched about 4am local time Thurs. morning (8pm EST Wed. night). It appears they were specifically not targeting any heavily populated area.

EDIT 2:  FTR, all information in this post came from public media sources (with the exception of my daughter's personal emotions when under attack.) Do a Google News Search on "USS Mason" to find dozens of news sources.



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Thoughts and prayers to your daughter, to you and your family. I cannot imagine being in your daugther's position or yours. I also want to thank you for shedding light on the situations like this. Its not often what we hear in the news but its very important.


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I couldn't imagine what social media does to the perspective entitled millennials these days.  I'm guessing my troops would hate me for cutting the cable if something like that went online.  Facebook?!  In a war zone?!  Shakes my head!  

When I was in, and this isn't a I had to walk uphill to school both ways in 6 feet of snow story, We didn't say shit.

It was honey, I got go, I cannot tell you where I'm going, I cannot tell you when I get back.  I'll be in Trashcanistan somewhere... and that could be all the way from Eastern Europe to the Far East.

Not trying to judge... just sayin.  

That's why they call it service and sacrifice afterall.


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It never ceases to amaze me how people make something into their own agenda. The OP posted, from what I can tell, almost all facts and no political opinion. What does he get in return? Thankfully, a lot of kindly worded messages. Not so thankfully? A bunch of people on both sides of the argument throwing around their opinion. This board is great for a lot of things, but it doesn't handle situations like this very well.

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Well excuse me for being annoyed when people say shit like our freedoms are being protected by bombing/obliterating someone halfway across the world when A) our levels of freedom right here at home are not the same. Still. Who's America deploying to defend those? Get out of denial. And B)that people can so easily write off speaking on a persistent domestic issue that affects millions of Americans, "an agenda." Must be nice to see the freedoms and rights of ppl trampled everyday, and have it not hit home. At home. Smh.


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Sorry to hear about your daughter's situation.  Hope all turns out OK.

The Obama administration has completely dropped the ball on dealings with Iran.  They have allowed America to be walked all over, and these shots at our fleet are futher Intimidation by Iran. 

Sending hostage money to Iran was a big fking mistake.

Shorty the Bea…

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For this slow-blossoming tire fire of a thread. It has seriously made my lunch hour.

May I request a post reporting the Rutgers-esque ban-hammer score? I'm sure I'm not the only curious party.


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Coming from a vet, thanks to all people who choose to defend the country. 

Lack of strength from leaders will invite bad actors to act. 


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EDIT 2: FTR, all information in this post came from public media sources

That really doesn't matter.

For example, those with clearances are not allowed to go to wikileaks. That's in the public domain right? Stuff there is still classified but since it's public, it's okay, right?

Nope... just because it's in the public domain for whatever reason doesn't make it okay.

Your intentions may be good and I'm sure you're proud of your daughter, but take the hint the people who have experience in the area.