Mone Spotted in Large Leg Brace

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I just saw Mone getting into a car across from Schembechler Hall. He had a large brace from his mid thigh to mid calf - one that appears to stablize the knee while still permitting it to bend. He was limping noticeably. I'm no doctor, but it was obviously something. I feel terrible for him if his season is derailed twice in a row before even beginning.



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I still can't figure out when it happened. His last play was the Hill pick 6. He chased the play all the way to the endzone, congratulated Hill, and thr camera even caught him walking off the field after that. He was walking right towards the camera and wasn't limping or grimacing. Anyway, hopefully it's not too serious, though luck to get hurt your first game back after missing a whole year.

Hail Harbo

September 4th, 2016 at 4:02 PM ^

Are you saying that while he didn't start the day wearing a brace, he did wear the brace while playing?

If that's true, then perhaps the MRI is just percautionary and the brace is to allow the knee to heal for the next couple of weeks.  It certainly makes sense to pull him out with the game safely in hand, 28-0.

Leaders And Best

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He added the brace during the 1st defensive series of the 2nd qtr where Delano Hill returned an INT for a TD. He sat out the previous series (last series of the 1st qtr) where Michigan ran a bunch of 3-man fronts and subbed Godin in for him. There were only 2 plays where it looked like he may have gotten nicked up in the 1st qtr.

The optimistic view is that the team medical staff thought he could give it a go with a brace--probably not an ACL. Small chance it may have been missed on the field or he made the knee worse during the INT celebration (he got jumped on the back by another player). My guess is an MCL sprain.

Mercury Hayes

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Brace sounds like it is to stabilize the knee and the brace could also be forcing the limp. But if this was a season ending type thing what does the brace accomplish? Generally speaking you can walk on a torn up knee, and you aren't going to hurt it more walking around. If it is hurt but return is possible then the brace could be to prevent further damage similar to walking boots for ankle injuries. (Source: tore meniscus, and ACL before).


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Not necessarily true. You can lock a hinged knee brace in extension. And you actually want someone with an ACL tear to regain full motion prior to ACL reconstruction, typically a few weeks later.

And knee immobilizers are sometimes one size fits none, especially for a big dude like Mone, so a hinged brace would probably be better regardless.

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Dunno. I'm sure that the AD has more XXL braces for 300# than our group, but I've typically had better success using immobilizers to allow for weight bearing in ACL and quad tendon ruptures while triaging. Seen too many 18 yo female soccer players in oversized locking braces I guess.

Agree that locking hinged knees make more logistic sense if proper sizing is available and surgery is imminent.


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I was driving and briefly saw him stepping around outside of the car, and then entering the car. I was just on crutches myself for a few months, and would put them in the back/trunk before hopping/limping around to enter the front of the car. So it's possible he had already stowed them. It's clear he wasn't doing much weight bearing.

MI Expat NY

September 4th, 2016 at 3:10 PM ^

Doesn't mean it's a tear.  We knew there was obviously reason for concern when they said he'd have an MRI.  This basically identifies the knee as the problem area.  But it could be a simple strain/sprain.  

The Reeve

September 4th, 2016 at 3:12 PM ^

Not a clinical person...Am I wrong in viewing this as a good sign? He wouldn't be ambulatory with a brace the next morning if sugery was necessary; seems that he has an injury like a sprain that needs stabilization.

Goggles Paisano

September 4th, 2016 at 3:38 PM ^

Also, many people start rehabbing prior to having surgery.  Getting those muscles around the knee strong.  Heck I tore my ACL and functioned for 5 years before I had to have surgery.  By then the ACL deteriorated to nothing and my knee would just flop out of place if I rolled over in bed.  This was early 90's and I didn't have the top notch Dr.'s that these guys do.  



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Bummer. Poor kid, hope he can get healthy first and foremost. Ideally we have him for Wisco and MSU as those are the two near-term games where we need some big time nose tackle presence.

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Man, I hope this isn't serious. Mone is a huge piece of this line. We all saw what happened after Glasgow went down last year. Who is the back-up NT if Mone is out for an extended period? 


September 4th, 2016 at 3:45 PM ^

As someone who has torn their ACL I can say you are 100% incorrect. A hinged brace is exactly what a doctor would give you for a torn ACL to keep you stable but moving--motion is required for a torn ACL, you never want to immobilize it. Crutches would be for something non weight bearing like a broken bone or torn cartilage. This is definitely not good news, it's not necessarily bad news but it's totally inconclusive.

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September 4th, 2016 at 4:42 PM ^

You are wrong.

Acute ACL tears require immobilization (either a locked hinged knee brace or an immobilizer) to weight bear, because without an ACL, your tibia shifts anteriorly, changing your center of gravity.

Postop, you are in a locked hinged knee brace with progressive increased ROM as the anchors heal to prevent scarring and impaired ROM


September 5th, 2016 at 6:38 AM ^

Again, I can tell you that you are wrong as well. I was first given one of those large hip to ankle immobilizers by the clinic that I initially went to (it was a ski accident in the middle of nowhere and care was minimal) when I got back home a few days later and saw the surgeon he was furious that they put me in that and gave me a hinged brace that was fully unlocked. Those braces do not allow your tibia to shift.

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