Where Can I Watch The Game In [Insert Location]?

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In the past, moms have let these threads stand for a bit, and it's expanded the size of our group by a person or two each year. However, in the past I think I remembered to get these up before game week, so if it's too much board clutter, accept my apology and feel free to delete.

Anyway: we do indeed have a game watching group in Charlottesville, VA and it meets each week at LW's Livery Stable on the downtown mall. There is a facebook group where I post reminders that the group will be meeting, etc.

The Livery Stable's listed opening time is not until 5p on Saturdays, but if there is a noon or 3.30 game they always open for us.

We have a nice group where about 10 or so people consistently show up, and we've had up to 30+ for big games before.

Here is the link for the group page:


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POST MOD EDIT: Here is the link to the google map Michigan bar locator.  Our CVille Bar is up to date and on the map. Obviously can't speak to any others.




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A bit "special" circumstances here. Will be in Petoskey for the weekend, heading home (Ann Arbor) on Saturday. We have a 6 month old. Ideally we find somewhere quiet-ish to watch the game in Petoskey area before heading home afterwards. Not so interested in a loud place with a thousand TVs (BW3-ish). Any advice?


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UM vs Hawaii will be shown live at SOS @ The Sail, 6 Marina Blvd #01-18. ZIp 018965.

All games this season will be shown on replay at noon on sundays at that location unless the game is a night game, when they will be shown live sunday AM. 

SOS is brand new (the watch is still in soft open). Can get info here -> https://www.facebook.com/SOSrestaurants


Go Blue


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I've always wanted to extend an offer to local Columbus, Ohio mgobloggers. What stops me is the whole, "meeting people who you first me online" thing.

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I'm moving to HK in 2 weeks...anyone have any suggestions for watching UM football there? (I know, I know - it was dumb to take a new job there in fall).


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Meet up with us at the Brown Dog, everybody there knows where it is, just ask - friendliest folks on the planet. World-class Detroit and other style pizza's and beer. We look forward to seeing you!


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To get an enhanced sports package through my cable provider for the B1G 10 network.  I'm still hoping for an a-la-cart way in the future without being tied to a cable company? But this would cost a lot as well if it ever happens.

Lan Jiao

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Currently have a group of 4 of us watching the bigger M games in Guangzhou. Anyone interested in helping me teach an Aussie, a German, and a Syrian the intricacies of football, the awesomeness of M, and why that #5 guy is so good, get at me. BYOCoffee.


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When you say "The Game" in the title, I'm thinking OSU. I'll be in northern Italy for both the IU and OSU games. Any thoughts on where to watch would be appreciated.

I did use the Chrome browser to share my desktop, at home, last year. I watched the OSU game that way from southern Germany. It was a little clunky though.



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So, I'm deployed until early November and most likely cant stream live due to my flying schedule and whatnot - does WatchESPN and BTN2Go offer games to be replayed on demand afterwards by any chance?