Where Can I Watch The Game In [Insert Location]?

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In the past, moms have let these threads stand for a bit, and it's expanded the size of our group by a person or two each year. However, in the past I think I remembered to get these up before game week, so if it's too much board clutter, accept my apology and feel free to delete.

Anyway: we do indeed have a game watching group in Charlottesville, VA and it meets each week at LW's Livery Stable on the downtown mall. There is a facebook group where I post reminders that the group will be meeting, etc.

The Livery Stable's listed opening time is not until 5p on Saturdays, but if there is a noon or 3.30 game they always open for us.

We have a nice group where about 10 or so people consistently show up, and we've had up to 30+ for big games before.

Here is the link for the group page:


BUTTHURT EDIT: Previously the post was titled "Where do I watch the game in Charlottesville, VA," which is funny, because joke. Now I had to change the title to something lame because everyone is angry.

MOD EDIT - Reinstated the joke, but generalized to conform with an experiment we're going to try with making the first "Where Can I..." thread the all-purpose thread for such inquiries. See appropriate diary - LSA

POST MOD EDIT: Here is the link to the google map Michigan bar locator.  Our CVille Bar is up to date and on the map. Obviously can't speak to any others.




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Okay, new rule, if the town in question has a population less than Michigan Stadium on a game day you have to take an ad out in the local ledger asking this question, not on the mgoboard.

You are about 60,000 people short. So close!

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Thread title joke aside,

I thought this was different since I am not actually asking that question. I am advertising that there is, in fact, a game watching group in Cville.

Through the years, we've had people join us due to the fact they saw the post on mgoblog.

But if this makes everyone so angry, like I said, moms can just come delete it and make us all feel better.


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I specifically write in the post that there *is* a game watching group in Charlottesville, and we definitely do not meet at Wild Wing Cafe.

If you're in central VA and would like to have a beer and watch the game with a nice group of fans, feel free to stop by The Livery Stable on the downtown mall.


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Thanks for taking all the heat as I wanted to ask a similar question.

A drove of Michigan fans will be descending on Burlington/Essex, Vermont and were hoping to find a bar to watch the game prior to heading off to a wedding. Any suggestions?


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I'd be curious to know where people in Toledo/Sylvania, OH get together. I usually find a fairly decent contingent at Frogtown, but there's a lot of mixed company being right on the border and all.

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not sure who updates the map/list but Game Changers in Hermosa Beach, CA has been closed permanently for a while now. If only they could have lasted until the Harbaugh era, big profits.


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In a strange dose of serendipity, I'll be in Narnia on business on Saturday.

Don't get me started on the trouble I have with my closet.

Anyone know where I can stream the game? I should be near Archenland.


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I own a restaurant in Studio City and i would be happy to have people come by for Michigan games.

The 9 am Pacific/Noon Eastern games might be tough because i can't serve until 10 but we have 18 taps of craft beer (including Bell's and Founder's) and two large televisions.


Would be happy to get a group going.



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I know I'm not the only "Pittsburgher" posting here, but FYI, Fox & Hound in the old Northway Mall is no more; it's closed for good.  The new meetup place is Smallman Galley on 21st Street in the Strip District.


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Negaunee, just outside of Marquette, has Jackson's Pit. Great burgers and wings and awesome tap selection. Marquette has BDubs and some other obvious locations, but if you don't wanna fight college bros for a booth go West on 41 and do some bar hoppin in Negaunee pards!


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I'd this where we post the obscure countries we will be at during Michigan games? I was thinking of heading over to Yugoslavia sometime around the Penn St. game, but it really just depends on the weather. I heard they have good cheese there.