Michology 101

July 1st, 2016 at 5:28 PM ^

This is just how the NHL works, whether some people understand it or like it. The GMs sometimes give players more years than they deserve to offset giving the player more money per year. Sometimes that's the only way you can get a player to sign with your team.

This is a 6 year contract for a little over $30 million. Though it's kinda like a 4 year contract for that same amount of money, when you consider Nielsen's age.

If he still happens to be good in years 5 and 6, then that's just gravy. Though at least 4 more years of prime production is what the Red Wings are paying him all this money for.

I'm not saying I like the amount of years on Nielsen's contract, but I understand the process enough to not get too upset about it.