Will Carr to Texas??

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Seeing post on Facebook he is taking same pos at Texas?? I'd like to apologize to the Forum members that neg me, please forgive me I have insulted you with my intelligence......



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Aside from the nature of his current position and new position at UT, I recall that he was recruited out of the Dallas Metroplex area so, perhaps, he wanted to return "home" to Texas.

Good luck to him. I hope he learns a lot, gets good experience including with recruiting, and eventually returns to Ann Arbor.


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Bruce Feldman tweeted he was leaving last night...but it didnt appear for same position. Carr was a Grad Assistant at Michigan and i think he was moving to a Defensive Analyst position at Texas. Those are very different in hierarchy.

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Bando Calrissian

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If you enter as a PhD student, ordinarily you will get an MA "in passing" on the way to the PhD. A lot of people (me included, since I already had an MA from another institution) don't even bother getting it.

If you enter first as an MA student, complete the terminal MA program, and then go to start a PhD, often times you will get some requirements knocked off to save you time. At my institution, MA holders sometimes get an entire year's worth of requirements waived, though that isn't universal.

Funding is tied to a specific program, and in a lot of fields, MA students aren't funded at all. PhD students are ordinarily given some funding package that will stretch over a certain number of years. My program gave me 5 years, with a 6th year possible, but no guarantees after that (i.e., not really possible for 7th, and definitely not for 8th).


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It might depend a little bit on the discipline, but in most cases I'm aware of, it's no different since you will satisfy all requirements for the Masters in the process of earning the Ph.D.

Having a Ph.D and a Masters (in the same field) should be looked on as no more prestigious than having only the Ph.D.

But as others said below, I think 5-7 years is typical in a lot of fields, but in some (especially humanities), 7-10 is closer to the norm.

MMB 82

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(born 1936) is an American former graduate student in mathematics at Stanford University who murdered his former faculty advisor, Professor Karel de Leeuw, with a ball-peen hammer on August 18, 1978. Shortly after the murder, Streleski turned himself in to the authorities, claiming he felt the murder was justifiable homicide because de Leeuw had withheld departmental awards from him, demeaned Streleski in front of his peers, and refused his requests for financial support. Streleski was in his 19th year pursuing his doctorate in the mathematics department, alternating with low-paying jobs to support himself.



Bando Calrissian

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Depends on your discipline, but for some (like philosophy and other humanities programs) it's not terribly uncommon (also, depending on the school) for someone to take that long. It all depends on how quickly you can finish writing the dissertation. A lot of schools have requirements that unless there are some extenuating circumstances, you are expected finish within 10 years of entrance.

At my institution, we're basically cut off from normal university funding after the 6th year, but that doesn't stop people from stringing together fellowships and grants to linger 8 or 9 years.

I've heard of people at certain institutions with a reputation for letting people linger/dawdle taking 12-13 years, which is really just excessive.


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Also depends on the TYPE of support. The school will support them for some time. If the mentor had a long grant then they could have stayed on for extra years working on and paid for by that grant. You are supposed to have a thesis advisory committee to protect you from situations like that. You're encouraged to get your degree and move on to a different institution to broaden your horizons.

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I agree to a certain extent. The market for a post doc isn't too terrible. It's the next job that gets really competitive. But that also depends on a lot of factors. Coming from a science background- if you're hell bent on getting a job in industry or another niche market you may be waiting a while. Also if you have family or something limiting you geographically it can be tough.

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It's on his dime.  They pay tuition for 4, maybe 5 years.  That's why it's not common.

There was a guy in Oxford when I was there who after 10 years had not gotten past the first chapter of his disseration.


One of my classmates at Hopkins never finished his dissertation, and he knew his stuff.  Some people just can't make it over the hump.


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UT, based on an almost identical history to UM, is only a Harbaugh level hire away from finding itself once again.

For a few seconds, they surpassed ND as having the second most wins in major college ball, and like UM and ND, their all time winning pct remains one of the top three. I will not argue your facts as to competition for recruits, but being who they are, they are still the dream school I would imagine for any local born high schooler possessing a sense of football history, by doing nothing more than making a hire they are confident will win - and I am still pulling for Strong to be successful there - they will be back on the right track.

Always amazed at the number of viable D1 prospects in that state, it still amazes me one state can supply 80% of the players making up the rosters for all their major programs.

The coach down there that had a first year that caused me to place him as the best in that state is, of course, Herrmann. Not being certain, I will just say I believe their 5* commit in this class could be the first in the school's history.  Likely scenario, if Charlie doesn't pan out there is Herrmann will replace him at UT, making life tougher for all of cfb and absolutely unbearable for the other schools in TX.  Because TCU did well even when Brown was at his peak, I think they will suffer less than the other TX schools subsequent to the correct hire. Baylor benefitted greatly with the downturn in TX football but am not certain they can sustain it when the Horns return to traditionally expected and acceptable annual number of wins.

And as an aside. In addition to a history so similar to ours and its academic reputation, another thing that is so impressive about UT is their fan base. Often times finding myself in a section surrounded by a significant number of fans of the opposition, I cannot think of another fan base at their level in terms of their behavior. They make one feel comfortable, almost immediately, and seem to sincerely enjoy exchanging information of one another's team, history, interest in where you live, etc. I even had a couple, whenever headed for the concessions, always ask to see if there was anyting I needed. Truly impressive group.

And for those of you who think OSU and MSU have the most disturbing fan bases in cfb, incapable, by habit and I assume possessing a much lower than average I.Q compared to the majority of  fans of USC, they receive far too much respect, based on nothing more than being fans of USC. Without a doubt, they are among the worst I've ever had to bear. In the '03 RB, I was surrounded by the worst they had to offer. The insults started at least a half-hour prior to kickoff, ceased during our first drive that was a Braylon drop away from us taking an early 6 point lead, and when it culminated in our blocked FG attempt, it took all of about two seconds to resume. Already pissed due to Braylon's drop. listening to nothing but slams that were at least fifteen years oldand not coming close to accepted standards of the heckler, I thought to myself, "Listening to these idiots the entire game is not going to be fun. After about 15 minutes and contemplating it for at least 14 of those minutes, I was able to end it with nothing more than a well timed, " No disrect intended, Because I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy friendly teasing with fans of the opposing team. Hell, it's part of the game, and we're all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves. I am sure all of you have been around fans who simply don't have a clue on how to tease and keep it fun.  Damn, don't you just hate fans like that? They don't have a clue on how to poke fun and have fun at the same time. ." And then with what amounts to nothing but a complete lie, I might say something like, "You guys like to tease, but at least you know how to do it and have fun. I was worried for awhile, but having been around you for a few minutes, I knew this would be a good night.   I always try to keep it light to make sure no one becomes offended  Might start with something as innocuous as "Hell, take a look at your number 6 down there. You can't tell me you can look at him, with those huge friggin ears and not imagine a taxi coming down the street with both doors open. And then look at number 41, the guy with the shaven head. He's got one of the weirdest shaped heads I've ever seen. If he weren't wearing a USC uniform, I would think he was a student at the University of Mars. We got some goofy looking players as well. Look at number 65 over there. I ain't saying he's fat, but when they tell him to haul ass, he has to make two trips. Again, I ain't saying he's fat, but when he farts it takes 15 minutes to smell it." For those of  you who have never tried it, you can almost shut them down and all it takes is nothing more than to do a convincing job of making them believe they are somewhat clever. Drop a few one liners on them of the type you know they aren't remotely capable of coming up with. For some reason, the mere suggestion, made in a complimentary manner, to someone you are fully aware of not being able to even come close to do what you just complimented him on, causes them to become almost completely silent. You will be absolutely amazed at the effort they'll make to come up with something clever. Because you have done nothing more than make them think prior to talking(something probably asbsolutely new to them),and based on nothing more than fear they might say something not even close to what they now think you want to hear.This simple act causes them to concentrate, while at the same time being totally aware of their inability to do so, you can set back, relax and enjoy the game. Of course, at periodic intervals you will have to say something deemed as clever by them.( Damn, now that's a challenge lol). It doesn't even have to be original and it doesn't even  have to be funny. Something like watching a player trying to chase down a RB he has no chance of catching. You drop a line like, "I remember him when we were timing them in the forty. He was that guy that made the coach lay down the stop watch and pick up a calendar. I swear the team damn near lost it on that one."

Someone famous probably already said it in an eloquent manner, but I will just add it in the manner the majority of us probably speak in. "Knowing thine enemy while preventing him from doing same will, almost always, present an obstacle simply too large for him to overcome." I will admit if surrounded by your friends, it would be easy to use a different approach, but there is something almost inexpicably satisfying by doing nothing more than mind fucking them.


February 20th, 2016 at 4:05 PM ^

Charlie strong: You are at Michigan with Harbaugh?
Will Carr: I am.
Charlie Strong: That makes you better than whoever we have here. You're hired!