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He's exactly the guy, the die-hards said, that Utah has to get.

A 6-foot-3, 220-pound safety/linebacker with wheels, savvy and ball skills, Sean Barton played with future Ute Filipo Mokofisi at Woods Cross, less than 20 minutes away from Rice-Eccles Stadium. He's the grandson of a U. language professor of 51 years. His family has had season tickets to Ute football and basketball "for as long as, literally, I can remember," said his father, Carl.

And in stepped Stanford's Lance Anderson to ruin everything.

The state of Utah has produced nine four-star prospects in the last three recruiting classes, as rated by Anderson has landed three of those: Barton, Bingham's Dalton Schultz and Pleasant Grove's Brandon Fanaika.

The Utes? Only two.

The Cardinal's defensive coordinator runs the nation's No. 5 defense, is seemingly liked by everybody who's ever met him, and is as much an obstacle to Utah's success as any one man.

"Sean's really interested in the education there, don't get me wrong," said Carl Barton. "But I don't think Sean would have chosen Stanford without Lance Anderson."

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December 10th, 2015 at 11:08 PM ^

Oregon TORCHES him year in and year out.

Edit: I shouldn't say "NOPE" because they did fare well against Cal, WSU and Arizona. ND put up 36 and lost, Oregon put up 38 and won. Oregon did torch him last year too.

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December 10th, 2015 at 10:51 PM ^

Who is Peppers' backup?

Or do we just go with a 4-3?





...IMO, that's the best lineup with Peppers out against a team that can't pass effectively.


December 10th, 2015 at 11:18 PM ^

They have a month to sort it out at least.  I thought Watson was going to be more of a pure corner per spring while Ty is the S type who could move over to that hybrid ...but certainly raw this year.  With the lack of pass attack UF has probably the 3 LB set makes more sense anyhow.

If it was any other year and we were coming off a string of double digit win seasons I wouldnt give a damn about this outcome in a non NY6 bowl, but with UM's lack of success for so long I'd really like to win this one to show croots we can beat a top 20 team not named Northwestevn (we lost to the top 3 teams we played) and we have the most impotent offense we could have been matched with so just shaking my head at decision making by Peppers.

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There's been scuttlebutt about Lance Anderson as a candidate for the BYU job. It seems weird he'd make a decision on a DC position without knowing what's going to happen at BYU.


December 10th, 2015 at 11:47 PM ^

I'm sure Pruitt just threw UM in the mix so Bama would pony up a little more cash. I don't get why coaches would want to go to Bama to run Saban's defense... I have a good friend whom is a Crimson Tide alum & former student equipment manager. One night he told me that Saban is so hands on with the defense that the average person wouldn't even know there was a DC on the staff during practices. Every call on game day is approved by Saban. You would think, an intense guy like Pruitt would want to go to a place where he would actually be the DC and not be Sabans bitch.

Very much hope Lance Anderson decides to join our staff or Randy Shannon has a change of heart. If we miss on Anderson I will start to worry a bit bc I am not a Mattison fan at all as his defenses are very soft in coverage & he uses a bend but don't break scheme that is incredibly frustrating (Gary Nova throws for 400+), (often allowed easy conversions on 3rd and 7+ bc of CB's playing so far off WR's), (always beat by the bubble / WR quick screen)

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And for anyone who thinks UM has any chance for Hardman... (Pruitt was with Hardman's mom at church by the way while her son was visiting UM)


Mecole Hardman, Jr. told SEC Country a couple of weeks ago that Alabama was in his top three alongside two unnamed schools, and on Thursday night, the Crimson Tide’s standing with him got better.

Hardman, the nation’s No. 1 athlete, has a great relationship with Jeremy Pruitt. According to’s Tim Watts, Pruitt will be the next defensive coordinator at Alabama. He coached at Alabama from 2007-2012 before taking the same position at Florida State and then UGA.  The 5-star prospect said his positive feelings toward the Crimson Tide just increased with the news of Pruitt returning to the Crimson Tide.

I’ve been feeling Alabama, anyway, but with him being there, that just made my feelings a whole lot better,” Hardman told SEC Country. “Coach Pruitt is a great coach and I’d love to play for him.” The defensive coordinator was actually in church with Hardman’s mother when the news of Richt being fired broke.

Another factor that may give Alabama an edge for the U.S. Army All-American; he has made it clear that he thinks the Crimson Tide holds an advantage in one key area.

Defensively wise, Alabama is the best fit for me because of the schemes they run,” Hardman said. “They play a lot of man. I think I fit that scheme perfectly.”


December 10th, 2015 at 11:49 PM ^

...Utah, Montana, Idaho, Dakotas, & Wyoming only once ever, 2 years ago.

Observations ~

  • Big human beings
  • Smart human beings
  • Nice human beings
  • Air = fresh
  • Water = clean
  • Land = vast
  • Nice Farms
  • Rodeo

...only thing missing was Ann Arbor.

Guess we gotta bring 'em here. 

Go Blue!

P.S. Can we make Wall (aka Wall Drug) a 'sister city' to Ann Arbor?  #FAFW


December 11th, 2015 at 12:16 AM ^

There's no decision to be made here. More money, lower cost of living, better program, better head coach, better facilities, better football atmosphere, better college town, etc. The only advantages Stanford has are the weather, more success in the past 6 years, and a better academic reputation (which is actually a liability in recruiting). Let's hope Anderson makes the rational choice.