UF Offensive Players in Big 10 Terms

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A quick look at UF's offensive players by stats if they played in the Big 10, as we are obviously more familiar with Midwest peeps.  It will be more difficult to define the very good defense - I see WD calling them Northwestern with better athletes... well that's called Ohio State's D which muffled us pretty damn badly.   i.e. Vernon Hargreaves = Jabrill Peppers minus 10 lbs.  aka Northwestern has no such player.  Same with Jonathan Bullard, etc.


But offensively it's a good matchup.  It's essentially Penn State.

Big 10 offense doppelganger: PSU

           PSU v UF

  • Total offense: 106 v 109
  • Pass offense: 82 v 78
  • Rush offense: 105 v 113
  • Scoring offense: 101 v 109



Treon Harris - 51.9% completion rate (WOOF!), 7.1 ypa, approx 2:1 TD to INT rate.  Total yds would be misleading because he didnt play the whole season.  Also ran for 189 yds.

Big 10 doppelganger:  2014 (not 2015) Mitch Leidner MN .. but less mobile.  51.5% completion rate, 7.6 ypa approx 1.5:1 TD to INT rate.  Also ran for ~400 yds.


RB    (note I am not comparing running style - just production)

Kelvin Taylor - 248 carries, 948 yds, 4.0 ave.

Big 10 doppelganger.  Devine Redding IND - 191 carries, 785 yds, 4.1 ave.  Since most of you don't suffer through Indiana games when not watching UM play them, you probably have not seen Devine run much... so the next closest doppelganger is someone very familiar to UM fans.  DeVeon Smith UM - 155 carries, 644 yds, 4.2 ave.



77 of 219 (35%) catches of all types (wr, rb, te) went to 2 players of the receiver type.  Now to be complete we have to mention a good # of those catches were passes thrown early in the year by a guy who wasn't a complete coin flip on "complete vs attempt" at QB so their stats were padded some by a legit QB as opposed to Harris.

A) Big play guy: Antonio Callaway (true fr, 5'11") - 30 rec, 603 yds, 20.1 (!!) ave.  

Big 10 doppelganger: shorter and not suspended Leonte Carroo RUT - 39 rec, 809 yds, 20.7 (!!) ave.

B) Possession guy:  Demarcus Robinson (jr, 6'1") - 47 rec, 505 yds, 10.7 ave.

Big 10 doppelganger: taller RJ Shelton MSU - 41 rec, 484 yds, 11.8 ave.



Jake McGee (sr) - 41 rec , 381 yds, 9.3 ave. (19% of all completed passes so often used player)

Big 10 doppelganger: Troy Fumagalli WIS (a team purported to still be in the B10) - 26 rec, 277 yds, 10.7 ave.



Difficult to tell an OL just from stats but Football Outsiders ranks Florida's OL 89th in the country; UM's is 72nd for comparison.  I believe this was an OL which was self blocking itself in 2014 if memory serves...



So in summary the FL offense showcases 1 real dangerman in wideout Antonio Callaway (Hi J. Lewis) who looks like a freshman star.   Surrounding said player is the equivalent of 2014 heave and pray Mitch Leidner, one of the lowest ypc Big 10 backs of 2015 (sorry DeVeon!), the 3rd best receiver for MSU, and a safety valve "decent" Wisconsin-ish TE who gets nearly 1 out  of every 5 passes thrown by a UF QB.  (Hi J. Bolden? err... hi Delano Hill)




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Just added total offense stats to the OP

UF and PSU are almost identical - wow. 

1 other fun fact as I peruse NCAA stats - UF has had 7 kicks blocked, dead last in FBS.  Strange.


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I watched a lot of IU football this fall, and Redding in terms of style doesn't seem that similar of a RB to Smith. Smith is bigger, slower, and moves the pile better, while Redding is quicker, especially to the edge. He's got some shifty to him, but he also usually goes down on contact. Neither is particularly good or bad at spotting the hole. They are serviceable B1G running backs, not all-conference types. It could be, stats-wise, that they get things done at an equivalent level, and perhaps that's basically what you're trying to do here.


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When Florida had Grier they were as good as team in the SEC, but Harris doesn't scare me. As long as we can contain the run, we got this. Tough defense as always (Hargreaves is a top 10 pick in the draft and A.Morrison is good)


This game may very well showcase the top two Defensive Backs in college football. Peppers & Hargreaves