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Submitted by turbo cool on July 10th, 2008 at 4:30 PM

* i originally meant to make this a diary but i am slowly learning this new mgoblog world. ps writing in a diary makes me feel really pretty


hear ye hear ye,


for all those who adhere to the following of Rosenberg, or probably more importantly, those who are of the typical michigan fan cloth and are extremely pessimistic and have serious doubts about Rich Rodriguez. I am here to tell you that not only are you idiots for doubting richrod so much (lets remember, he still hasn't coached a game for us) but are completely ridiculous for saying all this stupid bullshit about how he isn't a 'MICHIGAN MAN'!. what?!? i grew up in a2, wen't to all the mich games, graduated from michigan, personally KNEW Bo, and still don't understand what the hell being a 'michigan man' means. From what i've gathered, there is no precise formula to it but I do know it consists of winning a lot, and also not getting arrested. Bo set the bar high and Lloyd kept up his part. 


since i've got faith in richrod being capable of accomplishing both of those extremely arduous feats, he will be a 'michigan man'. BUT SERIOUSLY, such a large contingent of michigan fans and our shitty media have taken a quick disliking to rich rodriguez for no apparent reason. The real reason? Everyone surrounding this program is so fucking scared of change they'd rather stick to the days of being a consistent 9-3 team than taking the risk of changing the direction of our program to not just win a big ten title, but a national championship title. take your heads out of your asses, change can be good. hopefully with this lawsuit being over a lot of this smoke will go away but i assume it really won't fully be gone until richrod can prove he is a winner in ann arbor. 


as a lifelong fan of michigan and new follower to the richrod regime, i am behind him. don't just 'give him a chance' but actually support the guy. i fully believe richrod and our entire new staff are capable of winning us a national championship, something we all know Bo never achieved. Believe, Believe, Believe. RichRod will do great things for us, now give him a shot.


Blue in Seattle

July 10th, 2008 at 6:20 PM ^

It's part of our genetics to forget the bad things in the past.

Like Bo was paid a salary.

Another issue is the general ignorance of what a contract is supposed to do. It doesn't define morality, it defines a business transaction between two or more parties.  

I imaging the WVU negotiation with RR went as such, "RR you have to coach for us, and we'll give you this annual salary for x number of years. But if you leave early, which is likely since we're such a po'dunk school then you will pay of 4 Million to make us feel better, well and to compensate for all the 'in Rod we trust' t-shirts that we were going to sell."


From tracking Brian's research, there was an article that described how the University of Michigan put 2.5 Million in holding at a bank back in December or January. In addition they made sure this was public knowledge so WVU knew what the starting point of the negotiation was.And while even Brian concluded that Michigan didn't win anything in the negotiation, they actually did. Instead of paying $4 Million up front, they pay $2.5 Million, and then RR pays $500k starting in 2010 I believe if I'm remembering the Detroit News article correctly.As any lottery winner knows, there's more value in Money Now than Money later.I'm too lazy to dig up my Net Present Value calculation from accounting class, but based on Bill Martin's business experience I'm willing to skip my doubt that he didn't end up with something better than $4 Million NOW.While I don't know if the Coach Selection process is better or worse than Brian projects it, I'm pretty confident that Bill Martin crafted his contract with RR and the issues with the WVU contract with his eyes wide open.I wonder how the press would have responded if Bill Martin had chosen to outbid LSU for Les Miles. I don't think $4 Million up front was going to be enough, and I think Bill, whether on his sailboat or not, knew that he didn't want to get in a price battle with the SEC good old boys.Go back and find Mitch Albom's article on the Les Miles contract a day before the SEC Championship.As a Michigan Alum and a Man, (which would make me a Michigan Man I suppose) I feel a lot cleaner with Rich Rod, than anything to do with Les Miles.

Daniel L

July 11th, 2008 at 10:55 AM ^

I like your post, but you also pulled another common human thing.  You feel cleaner with Rich Rod than with Les Miles, but since this hypothesis (who would be cleaner at Michigan, Miles or RR) can never be tested, you're a default winner.  I'm sure this isn't your intent, but there is a lot of "think, feel, pretty confident, while I don't know" in your post.  As you start to defend something where you believe strongly in the outcome, but can't adequately define the steps, language becomes highly conditional and less secure.


Once a person moves away from facts they lose their footing because there is always someone that will "THINK" differently.   Please don't take this as an attack.  The post is excellent, and it becomes more effective when there isn't a dangling issue (Les Miles) for someone to latch onto and totally ignore the substantiveness of the rest of the post.  Basically, and I learned this the hard way, the only way to win an argument over a group of idiots is to make it idiot proof.

El Jeffe

July 11th, 2008 at 11:26 AM ^

Nice posts turbo and Seattle. I've also been surprised at the level of mistrust of RR in the media and on some comment boards by apparent UM fans. Part of me thinks it's anti-Appalachian bs from the A2 wine and cheese (and "down in front!") set. As an undergrad there in the late 80s/early 90s I definitely noticed that upturned nose at all things Ypsi-tucky. Let's be honest, RR has a southern-ish accent and uses folksy terminology (when he ain't cussin' like a sailor with Tourette's). His wife looks like Tammy Faye Bakker. He unleashed an apparently unmedicated Barwis on us. Lloyd Carr, on the other hand, fired up his troops by reciting Kipling and hosting poet-warriors like Russell Crowe. Herein lies the crux of the problem, I think. The options presented in the media are either "Honorable Lloyd and his Fossilized Band of Run-Run-Passers" or "Snake Oil Rich and the Inevitable NCAA Death Penalty for White Trash Scumbaggery." As with most black/white scenarios, this is a false choice. I for one am a second-generation "Michigan Man" (though I agree, I'm not sure what that means, precisely). I respected and admired Lloyd's integrity but fucking hated his fucking conservative fucking approach to football and his unwillingness to let scheme and misdirection help out execution. I am thrilled to have a true innovator and winner coach the team I love. I will be the first to call him out for integrity problems, but I honestly haven't seen anything worth worrying about yet. Fuck WVU and their lynch mob. Michigan is a better job, and RR jumped at the chance. Fuck Joe Tiller and his spastic colon. Michigan (under RR) was a better fit for Roundtree and he jumped at the chance. Fuck Rosenberg and the high horse he rode in on. Every coach tries to negotiate liquidated damages clauses down, including Beilein. And fuck A2 Camembert nibblers and their classist attitudes. Let's let the man coach for, like, one game before rendering a judgment, 'kay? Harrumph.

Ferris Loves Red

July 11th, 2008 at 12:50 PM ^

That was a very good post. I am also extremely sick of people already making excuses about next season's team. No matter what happens I will always stick by MICHIGAN as anyone who really calls themselves a MICHIGAN fan should do. Also, I am extremely excited to see what the team will look this fall and for every sports reporter in the area to eat their words.

The Barking Sp…

July 11th, 2008 at 1:27 PM ^

You wanna go back on that "don't get players arrested" thingy? I think Lloyd let that bar slip more than a little. Goota look at the whole picture. Lloyd was not a very good representative of Michigan outside the coccoon of sycophants who continuously stroll down memory lane and end up at the address of the 1997 team. I couldn't be happier that the fuck is gone. And it came at least three years too late.