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Let us cleanse ourselves in a new thread, free of Indiana derp.



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and why they haven't won it like all 5-10 times this century:

Brandon Harris 4/13 80 6.2 0 1

vs Eastern Michigan. LSU always has awful QBs.


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geez looking aound so many teams are so up and down week to week.  Everyone says "this team is overrated" but then you look at the 5 teams behnd them and they shit the bed the prior week and looked unimpressive.

Last week it was GA, LSU and UCLA everyone was crowing about with best resumes - now they look like crap.

Not everyone can be overrated at once - there is just a lot of parity at the top and no super teams.

At this point I am just assuming Bama is #1 until they look like crap.  But every damn team in the top 10 has warts aplenty.  Damn shame we dont have a difference maker at QB - its a year to make hay.  

Avant's Hands

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Agreed. TT treated that game like their Super Bowl as revenge for last year. TCU took their best shot and won. And TT is no IU. Although Texas is terrible and Minnesota may not be that good.


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The Bama-UGA result was the least surprising surprise ever. We should've seen it coming that Bama doesn't go down, they get wounded and then keep plugging away. I'm going to assume they win it all. No one else has looked so good.

OSU, MSU, Ole Miss, UCLA, Notre Dame, Clemson, etc all have serious flaws

Utah looks good but I'm not sold on them being elite yet. TCU (as noted) barely beat Minnesota and TTU.


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All seems to be right with the college football world again..

OSU and MSU struggling...

ND getting handled on the road...

SEC teams proving they are overrated...

And Michigan with an elite defense.

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